Eldritch Dragon In Dragonvale

The Ultimate Guide to the Eldritch Dragon in DragonVale

The Eldritch Dragon is one of the rarest and most powerful dragons in DragonVale. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about this ghostly dragon including breeding, habitats, earning rates, combinations, evolutions, tactics and more.

Overview and History of the Eldritch Dragon

The Eldritch Dragon was first introduced in DragonVale during the limited Halloween Event in October 2013. This dragon can only be obtained by breeding during special events or using specific combinations that have very low odds.

Here are some key facts about this rare dragon:

  • Breeding Group: Epic
  • Available: Limited/Special Events
  • Breeding Time: 30 hours
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Elements: Ghost, Dark
  • Earning Rates at Level 1:
    • Per minute: 12
    • Per hour: 720
    • Per day: 17,280
  • Earning Rates at Level 20:
    • Per minute: 18
    • Per hour: 1,080
    • Per day: 25,920

This ominous dragon has a ghostly body and skeletal features akin to a dracolich, an undead dragon from fantasy lore. Its abilities to become invisible and stealthily attack make it a formidable opponent.

The Eldritch Dragon has gone through some design changes since its initial release. Here is a timeline of its different looks over the years:

Year Eldritch Dragon Design
2013 Ghostly green body, tattered wings
2014 More skeletal look, ribs visible
2015 Grayer body color, horns added
2016 Current bluish glow, intricate bones

As you can see, the Eldritch Dragon has evolved to become more skeletal and ornate over time while keeping its undead, otherworldly aesthetic.

How to Breed the Eldritch Dragon

Breeding an Eldritch Dragon is challenging since it is only available at certain times. However, it can be bred using specific combinations of dragons:

During Halloween Event

The Eldritch Dragon was originally only breedable during the annual Halloween Event by combining two limited dragons. This was the only way to get this dragon for a long time.

Combo Breeding Odds
Ghoul Dragon + Ghost Dragon 1%
Blue Fire Dragon + Bone Dragon 3%

Using these specific pairs during the Halloween event gives a small chance of breeding an Eldritch Dragon. The Blue Fire and Bone combo has slightly better odds.

Outside of Event

After the Eldritch Dragon was added to the permanent dragon roster, a few combos can breed it outside of the Halloween event at very low odds:

Combo Breeding Odds
Blue Fire Dragon + Ghost Dragon 0.5%
Double Rainbow Dragon 0.3%

Getting an Eldritch Dragon outside of the event requires a lot of luck and patience. Having an Epic Breeding Island can improve breeding odds slightly.

Overall, your best chance is still obtaining this dragon during the Halloween Event week by using the limited combos. But some devoted players have managed to breed Eldritch Dragons year-round with the right combination and timing.

Eldritch Dragon Habitats

The creepy Eldritch Dragon can only reside in a few specific Halloween-themed habitats:

Habitat Space Details
Omnitat Unlimited Expensive, for all dragon elements
Ghost Habitat 50 Specifically for Ghost dragons
Dark Habitat 50 For Dark element dragons
Eldritch Habitat 50 Limited habitat, only available sometimes
Eldritch Penthouse 5 Upgraded Eldritch habitat with more income

The ideal choices are the Ghost, Dark, and limited Eldritch habitats since they match the Eldritch Dragon’s Ghost and Dark elements.

While the Omnitat can house any dragon, it is very expensive and has high level requirements. The Epic Breeding Island can also temporarily hold the Eldritch Dragon but does not generate gold.

Make sure to pick a habitat with enough room for this large dragon. The limited Eldritch Habitat and Penthouse give the biggest income boost.

Tips and Tactics for the Eldritch Dragon

Eldritch Dragon  In Dragonvale

Here are some tips and strategies to make the most of your Eldritch Dragon:

  • Use it for breeding – Keep your Eldritch Dragon in the Breeding Cave/Epic Island for a chance to breed more of this rare dragon.
  • Level it up – Level up your Eldritch Dragon to at least level 10 to get access to the Cavern habitat for more space. Higher levels (up to 20) also boost the earning rate.
  • Empower it – Empower your Eldritch Dragon to make it more formidable in battle when clearing obstacles. This boosts its strength.
  • Generate Ymir leaves – Eldritch Dragons have a chance of harvesting Ymir leaves, which are very valuable for purchasing upgrades and treats.
  • Equip it with shards/shards – Use shards and shards to give your Eldritch Dragon various boosts like increased earning rate and battle skills.
  • Place it in the Colosseum – The Colosseum can further improve the Eldritch Dragon’s earnings and give it a spooky arena to battle in.

With the right strategy, you can maximize the potential of this powerful dragon in your park.

Evolution Requirements

The Eldritch Dragon has three evolution stages. Evolving it requires using special Evolution Crystals that are created by incubating and collecting Eldritch Dragon Eggs:

Evolution Stage # of Eggs Required Evolution Crystal
Eldritch Dragon N/A N/A
Corporeal Eldritch Dragon 10 Eldritch Sundial
Ghostly Eldritch Dragon 30 Eldritch Amulet

Evolving the Eldritch Dragon boosts its earning rates and gives it a more powerful appearance.

The final evolution is the Ghostly Eldritch Dragon, which has ornate bones and a bright green aura. It is one of the most formidable ghost dragons in the game.

History and Lore Behind the Eldritch Dragon

The inspiration for the Eldritch Dragon comes from Lovecraftian lore about ancient powerful deities and creatures. Some key connections:

  • The name β€œEldritch” comes from the Lovecraftian term meaning strange, sinister, or ghostly.
  • Its skeletal appearance and ghostly body reference undead creatures like liches and dracoliches from fantasy stories.
  • Its ominous supernatural powers connect to Lovecraftian themes of ancient evils and dark magic.
  • Its glowing green coloration and affinity with the supernatural world reference the spooky ambiance of the Cthulhu mythos.

The Eldritch Dragon embraces its horror inspirations in both its design and descriptions in the game. Its ancient, otherworldly nature makes it one of the most sinister dragons found in the DragonVale universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Eldritch Dragon:

What is the best combo for breeding Eldritch outside of events?

The Blue Fire and Ghost Dragon combo has the best odds (0.5%) for breeding Eldritch when the Halloween event is not active.

What level habitat is needed for the Eldritch Dragon?

The Eldritch Dragon requires at least a level 13 habitat. The Ghost and Dark habitats become available at level 13.

How long does it take to breed an Eldritch Dragon?

Breeding an Eldritch Dragon takes 30 hours, and incubating the egg takes another 30 hours. So it takes 1 day and 12 hours total.

What elements does the Eldritch Dragon have?

The Eldritch Dragon has a rare combo of Ghost and Dark elements. This makes it a standout Epic dragon.

Is the Eldritch Dragon worth keeping?

Yes, it has very high earning rates, special abilities, and rare breeding combinations. Its limited availability also makes it valuable to keep.

What is the max earning rate per day for Eldritch?

At level 20, the maximum earning rate per day for an Eldritch Dragon is 25,920, making it one of the top earning Epic dragons.

How rare is the Eldritch Dragon compared to others?

As a limited dragon, the Eldritch Dragon is much rarer than most of the permanent Epic dragons available in DragonVale.

What is the Eldritch Dragon’s weakness in battle?

Metal element dragons are super effective against the Eldritch Dragon. Light and Earth dragons also have an advantage.

Can you use wish to get the Eldritch Dragon?

Unfortunately, the Eldritch Dragon is not available through wishes outside of special events. Wishes only work for non-limited dragons.

With its challenging breeding combinations, rewarding earning rates, and bewitching aesthetics, the Eldritch Dragon is one of the most sought-after limited dragons in DragonVale. Use this ultimate guide to master this otherworldly dragon!

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