Blue Fire Dragon In Dragonvale

How to Breed a Blue Fire Dragon in DragonVale

The Blue Fire Dragon is a rare and valuable dragon in DragonVale. Getting this alluring dragon in your park takes some special breeding combinations and techniques. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about successfully breeding Blue Fire Dragons.

Overview of the Blue Fire Dragon

The Blue Fire Dragon was introduced in September 2012 in the early days of DragonVale. This dragon is characterized by its beautiful blue fire skin and horns. Here are some key facts about the Blue Fire Dragon:

  • Breeding Group: Epic
  • Breeding Time: 30 hours
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Elements: Fire, Dark
  • Earning Rates at Level 1:
    • Per minute: 12
    • Per hour: 720
    • Per day: 17,280
  • Earning Rates at Level 20:
    • Per minute: 18
    • Per hour: 1,080
    • Per day: 25,920

This rare dragon is popular for its high earning potential and because it isrequired for breeding other rare dragons like the Blue Moon Dragon. Its blue fire skin gives it a distinctive look compared to other Fire dragons.

Breeding Combos for Blue Fire Dragon

The Blue Fire Dragon originally could only be acquired using two other Epic dragons. Over time, more combinations were added to make this dragon easier to breed. Here are the best combos:

Using Two Epic Dragons

Combo Breeding Odds
Smoke Dragon + Equinox Dragon 1%
Frostfire Dragon + Equinox Dragon 1%

Breeding two high-level Epic dragons together provides a very small 1% chance of getting a Blue Fire Dragon egg. Having upgraded breeding caves can slightly improve odds.

Using a Fire Dragon + Dark Dragon

Combo Breeding Odds
Fire Dragon + Dark Dragon 3%
Fire Dragon + Blue Moon Dragon 5%

Combining Fire and Dark elements, such as a Fire Dragon with a Dark Dragon or Blue Moon Dragon has better odds at 3-5%.

Using a Fire Dragon + Specific Dragon

Combo Breeding Odds
Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon 3%
Fire Dragon + Nightbloom Dragon 3%
Fire Dragon + Bog Dragon 3%

Pairing a Fire Dragon with the event-exclusive Soccer Dragon or limited Nightbloom and Bog Dragons also has a small chance of getting a Blue Fire Dragon.

Using a Solar Eclipse Dragon

Combo Breeding Odds
Solar Eclipse Dragon 5%
Solar Eclipse Dragon + Fire Dragon 10%

The Solar Eclipse Dragon alone has a 5% chance of breeding a Blue Fire Dragon. Combining it with a Fire Dragon boosts odds to 10%, making this one of the best combos.

Tips for Breeding Blue Fire Dragon

Blue Fire Dragon In Dragonvale

Here are some tips and strategies to improve your chances of successfully breeding the Blue Fire Dragon:

  • Use upgraded breeding caves – Evolve your breeding cave and use an Epic Breeding Island for better odds.
  • Utilize events and combos – Try for this dragon during events with compatible dragons or use combo dragons like Solar Eclipse.
  • Level up parent dragons – Ensure parent dragons are at least level 15 to improve breeding success rate.
  • Have patience – Keep trying combinations consistently, as it can take many tries to breed this rare dragon.
  • Use multiples – Breed multiple combos simultaneously to try for more Blue Fire eggs.
  • Buy eggs in events – Sometimes eggs can be purchased directly during certain events to save time.

With the right breeding pair and some perseverance, you can add this dazzling Blue Fire Dragon to your park!

Blue Fire Dragon Habitats

The Blue Fire Dragon is a larger Epic dragon, so placing it in the right upgraded habitat is key:

Habitat Space Details
Epic Breeding Island 10 Holds dragons temporarily
Epic Habitat 30 Available at level 17
Epic Bounteous Habitat 35 Upgraded epic habitat
Gemstone Habitat 50 For earning epic dragons
Omnitat Unlimited For all dragon elements

Aim for the Epic or Gemstone Habitats once available at higher levels. The Omnitat offers unlimited space but is very expensive.

Earning Rates for Blue Fire Dragon

Here is a breakdown of the Blue Fire Dragon’s earning rates at each level:

Level Earning Rate Per Minute Earning Rate Per Hour Earning Rate Per Day
1 12 720 17,280
2 12 720 17,280
3 12 720 17,280
4 12 720 17,280
5 13 780 18,720
6 13 780 18,720
7 13 780 18,720
8 13 780 18,720
9 14 840 20,160
10 14 840 20,160
11 14 840 20,160
12 14 840 20,160
13 15 900 21,600
14 15 900 21,600
15 15 900 21,600
16 16 960 23,040
17 16 960 23,040
18 17 1,020 24,480
19 17 1,020 24,480
20 18 1,080 25,920

As you can see, leveling up your Blue Fire Dragon significantly improves its earning potential, making it a valuable dragon for generating gold.

Using the Blue Fire Dragon for Breeding

The Blue Fire Dragon is very useful for breeding other rare dragons, including:

  • Blue Moon Dragon – Fire and Moon elements
  • Moon Dragon – Cool and Moon elements
  • Sun Dragon – Fire and Light elements
  • Daydream Dragon – Fire, Light, and Moon elements
  • Dusk Dragon – Fire, Dark, and Moon elements

Having at least one Blue Fire Dragon for breeding is essential due to these unique combo possibilities.

Here are some breeding tips using the Blue Fire Dragon:

  • Pair it with Moon Dragons – This is key for breeding Blue Moon and Moon Dragons
  • Combine it with Sun Dragons – For better Sun Dragon breeding odds
  • Add Light Dragons – To breed Daydream and Dusk Dragons
  • Have it at a high level – Level 15+ Blue Fire Dragons breed better
  • Give it Epic habitats – This improves the breeding success rate

So in addition to its own value, the Blue Fire Dragon can help you acquire many other dragons for your collection.

Evolving the Blue Fire Dragon

The Blue Fire Dragon can evolve into more advanced forms over time:

Evolution Stage Evolution Item
Blue Fire Dragon N/A
Empyrean Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Pedestal (5)
Spectral Blue Fire Dragon Blue Fire Monument (10)

Evolving the Blue Fire Dragon requires obtaining special Evolution Items over time by collecting and incubating Blue Fire Eggs. Each evolution boosts the earning rate further.

The Spectral Blue Fire Dragon is the final evolution with a ghostly blue fire design. Having this rare evolved form of the dragon in your park is a great achievement!

Fun Facts About the Blue Fire Dragon

Here are some fun facts about this blazing blue dragon:

  • The Blue Fire Dragon’s flames turn green when bred with a plant dragon.
  • Its body temperature is over 900°F – hot enough to melt metal!
  • Early concept art showed the Blue Fire Dragon with more volcanic rock-like skin.
  • The Blue Fire Dragon produces a singing sound when bonding with its handler.
  • Folk legends say the Blue Fire Dragon’s flames have healing properties.
  • It sleeps in lava pools to help regulate its internal temperature.
  • Baby Blue Fire Dragons have darker blue and purple shades before reaching maturity.
  • The Blue Fire Dragon’s favorite food is silverfish, which it roasts with its blue fire breath.

With its gorgeous design, versatile breeding combinations, and high earning potential, the majestic Blue Fire Dragon is one of the most valuable Epic dragons you can have in DragonVale! Follow this guide to finally breed your own today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about breeding the Blue Fire Dragon:

What is the best combo to breed Blue Fire Dragon?

The Solar Eclipse and Fire Dragon combo has the highest odds at 10% chance of breeding a Blue Fire Dragon.

What is the easiest way to get a Blue Fire Dragon?

Trying to breed it during Bring ‘Em Back or other limited-time events using event-exclusive dragons gives the best chance.

Is the Blue Fire Dragon hard to breed?

Yes, the Blue Fire Dragon has low breeding odds of 1-5% for most combos. Having patience and upgraded breeding caves help.

Can you buy a Blue Fire Dragon?

Sometimes they are available for purchase during certain in-game events. But outside of events they must be bred.

What level do you unlock the Blue Fire Dragon?

The Blue Fire Dragon is available from level 1 since it is an Epic primary dragon. But you need level 7+ habitats to house it.

What dragons can I breed with a Blue Fire Dragon?

The Blue Fire Dragon is useful for breeding Blue Moon, Moon, Sun, Daydream, and Dusk Dragons when paired with compatible mates.

How long does it take to breed a Blue Fire Dragon?

Breeding takes 30 hours, and incubation takes another 30 hours. So it takes 2 days to get a Blue Fire egg.

Is the Blue Fire Dragon worth keeping?

Absolutely! This valuable dragon has strong earning rates, breeding capabilities, and stunning aesthetics.

What is the max income per day for a Blue Fire Dragon?

A level 20 Blue Fire Dragon can produce a maximum of 25,920 gold per day. Its high earnings make it very worthwhile.

Can you still get the Blue Fire Dragon?

Yes, the Blue Fire Dragon is a permanent Epic dragon that can be acquired year-round through breeding, though odds are low outside of special events.

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