Mud Dragon in DragonVale

The Complete Guide to Breeding Mud Dragon in DragonVale

The Mud Dragon is a fun, playful dragon covered in thick mud and clay. Thanks to its Earth element, this dragon can be difficult to successfully breed and acquire in DragonVale.

This comprehensive breeding guide will teach players proven strategies for obtaining Mud Dragon eggs, including ideal pairings, techniques, and tips.

Follow these breeding instructions to finally add the Mud Dragon to your DragonVale islands and reap the rewards of its high gold earnings.

An Introduction to the Mud Dragon

The Mud Dragon was one of the limited edition dragons introduced in 2012 shortly after DragonVale’s launch. It is classified as a pure Earth element dragon.

According to official in-game lore, Mud Dragons love nothing more than rolling and playing in thick, soupy mud. Their muddy hides protect them from predators.

Despite their goofy behavior, Mud Dragons are highly adaptable and thrive in many environments in DragonVale. Their chill attitudes and funny antics make them entertaining to watch.

While tricky to breed, successfully incubating a Mud Dragon egg provides a cool new dragon with solid gold earning rates.

Breeding Overview and Factors

Here are key factors that influence Mud Dragon breeding success:

  • Basic Element: Earth
  • Rarity Tier: Limited Epic
  • Primary Breeding Combos: Earth + Earth
  • Incubation Time: 14 hours
  • Enhanced Breeding Structure: Epic Breeding Island

Mud Dragons cannot reliably breed with hybrid dragons. Focus on combining pure Earth dragons instead.

Leaving dragons breeding overnight and using an Epic Breeding Island considerably improves your odds.

Top Mud Dragon Breeding Combos

These specific breeding pairs have the highest odds of producing Mud Dragon eggs:

Most reliable combos:

  • Earth Dragon + Earth Dragon
  • Alpine Dragon + Earth Dragon
  • Sandstorm Dragon + Earth Dragon

Advanced combos:

  • Sandstorm Dragon + Alpine Dragon
  • Earth Dragon + Quake Dragon
  • Mud Dragon + Earth Dragon

Use the in-game DragonVale Breeding Sandbox tool to experiment with combinations and percentages.

Here is a summary breeding combo table:

Dragons Rarity
Earth + Earth Most reliable
Alpine + Earth Most reliable
Sandstorm + Earth Most reliable
Sandstorm + Alpine Advanced
Earth + Quake Advanced
Mud + Earth Advanced

Step-by-Step Breeding Instructions

Follow these step-by-step breeding guidelines to have the highest success breeding a Mud Dragon:

Step 1 – Prep Two Earth Dragons

Start by prepping a breeding pair of dragons that contain the Earth element. Ideally both will be pure Earth types.

Step 2 – Upgrade a Habitat

Make sure your Earth dragons are housed in an upgraded Earth habitat (level 4 minimum). This boosts their breeding odds.

Step 3 – Use the Epic Breeding Island

Move your Earth dragon pair to the Epic Breeding Island for the attempt. This special island improves rare dragon breeding rates.

Step 4 – Initiate Breeding

Select both Earth dragons and start the breeding. Confirm the anticipated incubation time is 14 hours, indicating a possible Mud Dragon.

Step 5 – Be Patient

Be prepared to make multiple attempts before a successful Mud Dragon breed. Patience and persistence pay off.

Step 6 – Rinse and Repeat

If the breeding fails, rinse and repeat the steps until you at last produce a coveted Mud Dragon egg!

Essential Breeding Tips and Tricks

Mud Dragon in DragonVale

Apply these proven breeding tips to boost your chances of incubating a Mud Dragon egg:

Use opposite genders

Male and female dragons breed better results.

Buy or breed backup pairs

Have secondary pairs ready if your first set fails.

Level up your dragons

Higher level dragons breed better. Get your pair to at least level 10.

Have patience

It may take many tries, so persistence is key.

Use rare combo helpers

Adding a Mud Dragon itself or other rare dragons like Quake can help. But the results are still random.

Try during Bring Em Back

Mud Dragon odds improve during this limited timeframe.

Upgrade breeding cave

Epic Breeding Island works best for any rare dragon breeding quest.

DragonVale Breeding Sandbox

The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox simulator lets you easily test breed combos and see percentage odds.

This useful web tool lets you experiment with different pairings and learn the best mixtures.

Checking the percentages will give you realistic expectations before you spend time breeding in the game.

Ideal Habitats for the Mud Dragon

Once you successfully breed a Mud Dragon, you need to place it in a suitable habitat.

As an Earth dragon, Mud Dragons can live in the following habitats:

  • Earth Habitat (max level 7)
  • Omnitat Habitat (max level 10)
  • Epic Earth Habitat (max level 10)

Prioritize leveling up your Epic Earth Habitat first since it has the highest dragon capacity.

Aim to eventually house your high earning Mud Dragons there.

Here’s a quick habitat reference table:

Habitat Capacity Max Level
Earth 2 7
Omnitat 2 10
Epic Earth 4 10

Uses and Value of the Mud Dragon

Here’s an overview of key uses and value provided by the rare Mud Dragon:

Gold Farming

The Mud Dragon has a max earning rate of 15 gold/min, making it an excellent gold farmer.


Mud Dragons can breed some interesting rare hybrids like Scorpion and Cactus dragons.


It brings amusing antics and bubbly mud visuals to your islands.


Its status as a limited epic makes it a cool prize for your collection.

FAQs About Breeding Mud Dragons

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about breeding Mud Dragons:

What’s the best combo to get a Mud Dragon?

Two Earth dragons, or one Earth and one Sandstorm have the best odds.

Does it matter what level my breeding dragons are?

Yes, higher levels like 10 or above improve breeding success rates.

Is the Epic Breeding Island required to breed this dragon?

No, but it dramatically helps by boosting chances for rare dragons.

How long does it take for Mud Dragon eggs to incubate?

Mud Dragon eggs take approximately 14 hours to incubate once bred.

Do I need to upgrade Earth habitats before breeding?

Upgrading to level 4 minimum is recommended to improve breeding pair compatibility.

How rare is the Mud Dragon compared to others?

The Mud Dragon has a Limited Epic rarity, making it challenging to receive Mud Dragon eggs.


Although tricky to breed, the Mud Dragon’s goofy charm, hidden rarity, and solid gold earning potential make obtaining this Earth dragon worth the effort.

Use this complete breeding guide to master the proven pairing strategies and steps that result in Mud Dragon eggs.

With the right dragons, techniques, and tools, you too can finally add the amusing Mud Dragon to your DragonVale collection!

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