Moon Dragon Dragonvale

Moon Dragon Breeding and Incubation Guide for DragonVale

The enchanting Moon Dragon is one of the most mystical dragons you can add to your collection in DragonVale. This lunar-themed dragon has a striking visual design and provides excellent coin earnings once fully leveled up.

Breeding Moon Dragons requires using specific dragon combinations that contain cold, light, and moon elements. This extensive breeding guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully acquire Moon Dragons for your park.

We’ll cover breeding combos, incubation times, earning rates, and tips to boost your chances of getting this mesmerizing legendary dragon. Let’s get started!

Overview of the Moon Dragon

Here are the key details about this celestial dragon that you need to know before breeding:

  • Elements: Cold, Light, and Moon (legendary)
  • Breeding Hints: Cold + Light, Cold + Moon, Light + Moon
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Earning Rates: Up to 1,040 coins per minute
  • Buy Price: 3,500 gems
  • Sell Price: 2,000,000 coins
  • Egg Pedestal Price: 2,500 gems

The Moon Dragon has a striking white and blue color scheme with stars speckled across its wings and underbelly. Once fully leveled in your park, it can earn over 1,000 coins per minute, making it an excellent investment.

Moon Dragon Dragonvale

Now let’s dive into the specific combinations needed to breed this legendary lunar dragon for your collection!

Breeding Combos for Moon Dragons

The key to breeding Moon Dragons is understanding which dragons contain the cold, light, and moon elements needed. Here are the top dragon pairings that can result in a Moon Dragon:

Cold + Light Combo

  • Snow + Moon – This is one of the most reliable pairings for Moon Dragon breeding. The snow dragon contributes cold and the moon contributes light.
  • Snow + Sun – Again snow for cold plus sun for light.
  • Blizzard + Moon – A blizzard dragon is a great alternative cold source.
  • Blizzard + Dawn – The dawn dragon contains the light element.
  • Icecube + Laser – Two common dragons containing cold and light.

Cold + Moon Combo

  • Snow + Lunar – The lunar dragon adds the rare moon element into the mix.
  • Cold + Stardust – Stardust also contains the moon element.
  • Blizzard + Moon – A moon dragon pairs great with the blizzard’s cold.

Light + Moon Combo

  • Laser + Lunar – Combining lasers light with lunar’s moon element.
  • Sun + Moon – Sun and moon complement each other perfectly.
  • Dawn + Stardust – Dawn + stardust create an effective pairing.

The order of the dragons does not matter – just ensure you have one dragon that contributes cold, one with light, and one with the moon element in any combination. With a little luck, you’ll hatch a beautiful Moon Dragon!

Moon Dragon Incubation Time and Habitat

Once you successfully breed a Moon Dragon, you’ll need to incubate the egg in a upgraded nursery habitat.

The incubation time for a Moon Dragon egg is a lengthy 30 hours.

Make sure you have an open nursery ready to go before the breeding finishes. Consider using gems to speed up the timer if you want the dragon to hatch faster.

When the incubation finishes, move your baby Moon Dragon into a giant sized habitat to house it. This celestial dragon will grow quickly!

Coin Earning Rates for Moon Dragons

The Moon Dragon provides excellent coin generation rates to boost your park income. Here is a breakdown of the max earning rates per minute as this dragon levels up:

Level Coins per Minute
1 46
2 92
3 138
4 184
5 230
6 276
7 322
8 368
9 414
10 460
11 506
12 552
13 598
14 644
15 690
16 736
17 782
18 828
19 874
20 920

At level 20, the Moon Dragon can produce over 1,000 coins per minute – an extremely profitable dragon for your park!

Make sure to use boosts and optimize your habitat placement to maximize earnings. The Moon Dragon’s high generation rates make obtaining this dragon well worth the long breeding and incubation times.

Tips and Tricks for Breeding Moon Dragons

Use the following tips and strategies to improve your chances of successfully breeding elusive Moon Dragons:

  • Upgrade to Epic Breeding Island – This will provide the fastest breeding times to help traverse the RNG.
  • Max out your Nurseries – Make sure you have habitats available for incubating without having to sell.
  • Retry with Different Combos – Don’t just use the same pair, experiment with different combinations.
  • Buy Dragons from Friends – Use gems to purchase any dragons you may be missing.
  • Sell Duplicate Dragons – This will save habitat space for incubating your target dragon.
  • Wait for Bring Em’ Back Events – Past limited dragons become available again temporarily.
  • Utilize Rift Breeding – The Rift gives you extra breeding chances every day.
  • Have Patience! – With good combo coverage, you’ll hatch a Moon Dragon eventually.

Using all of these tips and tricks together with the top breeding pairs listed above will significantly increase your odds of finally getting the beautiful Moon Dragon!

Frequently Asked Questions about Moon Dragon Breeding

Let’s review some common questions that come up when trying to breed this celestial dragon:

What are the best dragons to use for breeding Moon?

The top pairs are any combination of cold, light, and moon dragons – Snow & Moon, Blizzard & Dawn, Sun & Lunar etc.

Do I need a specific habitat to breed a Moon Dragon?

No, you can use any upgraded breeding cave. However, maxing out the Epic Breeding Island is recommended.

Is the Moon Dragon a limited dragon?

No, the Moon Dragon is a permanent legendary dragon that can be bred at any time.

Can I substitute other cold or light dragons?

Yes, you have flexibility in using any cold, light, and moon dragons in your combinations.

If it fails, should I switch which dragon is in spot 1?

Yes, change the order and switch which is in spot 1 vs spot 2 to see if it increases your odds.

How long is the breeding time for a Moon Dragon?

The breeding time ranges from 30-48 hours depending on your upgraded breeding caves.

What level habitat should I use?

A giant sized habitat is recommended to house the Moon Dragon as it grows.

Final Review of Key Breeding Tips

Let’s review the key tips to remember for successfully breeding Moon Dragons:

  • Viabe Combos: Any combination of Cold + Light + Moon dragons
  • Best Pairs: Snow & Moon, Sun & Lunar, Laser & Stardust, etc.
  • Rarity: Permanent Legendary
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Earning Potential: Over 1,000 coins per minute
  • Habitat Size: Giant

Follow this complete Moon Dragon breeding guide containing detailed combinations, incubation info, tips for success and more to achieve your goal of adding this mystical dragon to your DragonVale park!

The long breeding and incubation times are well worth the reward of having your own elegant Moon Dragon once it reaches adulthood. Keep trying different combos and your perseverance will pay off. Good luck!

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