Crackle Dragon Dragonvale

Crackle Dragon Breeding Guide for DragonVale

The Crackle Dragon is one of the most sought-after dragons in DragonVale due to its cool design and explosive breeding combinations. This rare limited dragon was initially released during the A Thawsome Spring event in April 2023 and made a comeback in October 2023 for the Dragons Week event.

Breeding the Crackle Dragon can be tricky but this complete breeding and incubation guide will walk you through exactly how to get this impressive dragon for your park.

Overview of the Crackle Dragon

Crackle Dragon

Before we dive into the breeding details, let’s first take a quick look at some key facts about this epic dragon:

  • Elements: Crackle (Hidden)
  • Breeding Hints: Stoneshell + Minchi
  • Incubation Time: 23 hours
  • Earning Rates: Up to 676 coins per minute at level 20
  • Buy Price: 1,960 gems
  • Sell Price: 1,500,000 coins
  • Egg Pedestal Price: Not available, Epic Pedestal used

The Crackle Dragon has a very distinctive visual design with a gray stony shell covering its body and fiery wings. When it reaches higher levels, it can earn solid income for your park at over 650 coins per minute.

Getting your hands on this rare dragon requires using specific combo dragons that can be tricky to acquire as well. Read on for full details!

How to Breed the Crackle Dragon

The Crackle Dragon must be bred by combining two specific dragons – the Stoneshell Dragon and Minchi Dragon. The order does not matter, but you need one of each in the breeding cave.

Stoneshell Dragon

The Stoneshell Dragon is a rare limited dragon that must be bred using a Moss Dragon and a Lichen Dragon. This combination gives you approximately a 2% chance of breeding a Stoneshell egg.

The Lichen Dragon is also a limited dragon that can be purchased for 225 gems during its availability windows. If you missed out on getting a Lichen, you’ll need to wait until it comes back to breed the dependencies for the Crackle Dragon.

Once you have a Stoneshell Dragon, you can use it to breed for the Crackle.

Minchi Dragon

The Minchi Dragon is a little easier to obtain than the Stoneshell. It can be bred using dragons with the earth, cold and plant elements.

Some top combinations for reliably breeding Minchi include:

  • Sprout Dragon + Cold Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon + Alpine Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon + Cold Dragon

Again, the order of the breeding pair doesn’t matter. Put any earth, cold and plant dragons together and you’ll have a good chance of getting a Minchi Dragon after a few tries.

Breeding the Crackle Dragon

Now that you have your Stoneshell and Minchi Dragons ready, you can start attempting to breed your Crackle Dragon!

Put your Stoneshell and Minchi into the breeding cave and wait for the long incubation time. This combination gives you about a 5% chance per attempt to breed the Crackle Dragon directly.

If you don’t have immediate success, don’t get discouraged! Keep trying different combinations of your Stoneshell and MinchiDragons – it may take many tries but eventually you’ll be rewarded with the distinct Crackle Dragon egg.

Crackle Dragon Incubation Time

Once you successfully breed a Crackle Dragon egg, you’ll need to place it into an upgraded nursery habitat to incubate.

The incubation time for a Crackle egg is 23 hours. Make sure you have an open nursery ready to go before the breeding finishes.

During the incubation period, consider using gems to speed up the timer if you want the dragon to hatch faster.

Earning Rates for the Crackle Dragon

The Crackle Dragon earns solid income in your park at max level. Here is a quick lookup table for the coin earnings per minute as this dragon levels up:

Level Coins per Minute
1 55
2 87
3 120
4 153
5 185
6 218
7 251
8 284
9 316
10 349
11 382
12 415
13 447
14 480
15 513
16 545
17 578
18 611
19 644
20 676

At max level 20, you can earn over 650 coins per minute, making the Crackle Dragon a great investment for generating income.

Make sure to use boosts during key times like double days to maximize the profit from this high value dragon.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you successfully breed and hatch the rare Crackle Dragon:

  • Upgrade Breeding Caves – Use an Epic Breeding Island to increase your chances. The higher the level, the better rates you’ll have.
  • Retry with Different Dragons – Don’t get stuck using the same two dragons. Try any combinations of Stoneshell and Minchi.
  • Buy/Sell Dragons – Use the market to buy or sell your extra dragons as needed to get the required parents.
  • Wait for Bring Em’ Back – If you’re missing limited dragons, wait for a Bring Em’ Back event to purchase or breed them.
  • Utilize Rift Breeding – The Rift gives you extra breeding chances and past limited dragons are available.

With smart use of these tips and perseverance through the long breeding and incubation times, you’ll eventually be rewarded with the awesome Crackle Dragon for your park!

Acquiring the Crackle Dragon FAQs

Let’s review some frequently asked questions about getting the Crackle Dragon:

Is the Crackle Dragon limited?

Yes, the Crackle Dragon is a limited epic dragon that is only available to breed during special events and promotions. It was initially introduced in April 2023 and has had one comeback event so far.

Can I get the Crackle Dragon from an egg of mystery?

No, you cannot get a Crackle Dragon directly from any type of mystery egg. It must be bred using the specific Stoneshell and Minchi combination.

What happens if I miss the breeding event?

If you miss the limited window to breed a Crackle Dragon, unfortunately you’ll need to wait until the next special Bring Em’ Back event where it is available again. This only happens a couple times a year.

Can I use other dragons instead of Stoneshell and Minchi?

No, there are no other dragon combinations capable of breeding the Crackle Dragon. You must use one Stoneshell and one Minchi dragon in your breeding cave.

If it fails, should I switch the order of parents?

Yes, make sure to switch which dragon is in spot 1 vs spot 2 in your breeding cave. The order can impact your success rates.

Final Review

Here’s a quick final overview of key points for successfully acquiring Crackle Dragons:

  • Combo Needed: Stoneshell Dragon + Minchi Dragon
  • Rarity: Limited Epic
  • Incubation Time: 23 hours
  • Retrying: Use the Rift for extra chances
  • Ideal Habitat: Large nursery to maximize earnings

Follow this complete breeding and incubation guide to master the tricky process of getting Crackle Dragons in your park!

The awesome design and solid earning potential make going through the long breeding process well worth the effort.

Good luck filling your park with these amazing Crackle Dragons and enjoying their explosive animations!

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