Rainbow Dragon In Dragonvale

The Complete Guide to the Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale

The Rainbow Dragon is one of the rarest and most coveted dragons in DragonVale. This extensive guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Rainbow Dragon, including its history, breeding combinations, habitats, earning rates, strengths, weaknesses, rarity, and more.

An Introduction to the Rainbow Dragon

The Rainbow Dragon was introduced in March 2013 as part of the limited Rainbow Dragon Oval promotion. It is classified as a Rainbow-element dragon, indicated by its multicolored icon. Rainbow Dragons inhabit Rainbow habitats on the islands.

According to DragonVale lore provided on the official Wiki page, the Rainbow Dragon generates its own small rainbows and derives energy from sunlight. Its glittering pearlescent scales constantly shift color in the light.

While rare, the Rainbow Dragon is highly intelligent and friendly around both humans and fellow dragons. It enjoys soaring high above the islands basking in sunlight. Spotting a Rainbow Dragon in flight is considered extremely good fortune.

The Rainbow Dragon’s dazzling appearance and uplifting presence make it a treasured member of the DragonVale community.

Unique Physical Features and Attributes

The Rainbow Dragon has a sleek body covered in smooth, opalescent scales that shimmer and alter hue. Its head features graceful sweeping horns and fan-like ears that fade from one color to the next.

Rainbow Dragon  In Dragonvale

Large prismatic wings With ever-shifting gradients allow the Rainbow Dragon to reflect and manipulate light. A swirl of vibrant colors flows down its back and onto its tail.

When at rest, the Rainbow Dragon emanates a fluctuatingurora. When taking flight, it leaves behind a trail of floating mini rainbows generated from its body.

The Rainbow Dragon’s gentle breath weapon matches its peaceful nature. It exhales billowing clouds of rainbow-colored mist containing positive energy capable of inspiring and invigorating friendly targets.

Watching Rainbow Dragons fly and play makes nearby dragons and visitors feel energized and uplifted. Their dazzling aerial performances are a true spectacle.

Breeding the Rainbow Dragon

The Rainbow Dragon can only be bred by combining two different Rainbow Dragons together. Rainbow Dragons cannot breed with other elements.

According to the in-game DragonVale breeding hints, examples of possible breeding pairings include:

  • Aurora Dragon + Leap Year Dragon
  • Double Rainbow Dragon + Leap Year Dragon
  • Double Rainbow Dragon + Aurora Dragon

Having an upgraded Rainbow Habitat and leaving paired Rainbow Dragons in overnight improves the breeding success rate. The average incubation time for a Rainbow Dragon egg is 14 hours.

Here is a summary breeding table for the Rainbow Dragon:

Breeding Combo Rarity
Rainbow Dragon + Rainbow Dragon Very Rare

Habitats for Housing Rainbow Dragon

The Rainbow Dragon requires a Rainbow-element habitat since it has a unique rainbow type. Here are the Rainbow habitats it can reside in:

  • Rainbow Habitat: Houses 1 dragon, max level 10
  • Double Rainbow Habitat: Houses 2 dragons, max level 10
  • Rainbow Omnitat: Houses 2 dragons of any element, max level 10
  • Epic Rainbow Habitat: Houses 4 dragons, max level 20

Focus on upgrading the Epic Rainbow Habitat first since it can house the most Rainbow Dragons. Prioritize placing Rainbow Dragons there.

Here is a summary habitat table:

Habitat Dragon Capacity Max Level
Rainbow 1 10
Double Rainbow 2 10
Rainbow Omnitat 2 10
Epic Rainbow 4 20

Earning Rates and Boosts

The base rate for a Rainbow Dragon at level 1 is 15 gold coins/minute. At level 20, the maximum earning rate is 45 gold/minute.

You can significantly boost earnings by upgrading habitats, buying relics, and acquiring dragons with boosts.

Here are the approximate Rainbow Dragon earning rates at all levels:

Level Earning Rate
1 15 gold/min (no boosts)
10 30 gold/min (no boosts)
20 45 gold/min (no boosts)
20 100+ gold/min (maxed boosts)

As shown in the table, with max boosts a high level Rainbow Dragon can earn over 100 gold per minute. These high rates make it a valuable dragon.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Battle

The Rainbow Dragon has moderate health but makes up for it with incredibly high power and critical hit chance. It also has no elemental weaknesses.

Here is an overview of its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Extremely high attack power
  • High critical hit chance
  • No elemental weaknesses


  • Low health compared to other Legendary dragons
  • Special abilities aren’t very effective

Overall, the Rainbow Dragon’s astronomical damage output makes it one of the strongest battling dragons in DragonVale.

Evolution and Final Form

The Rainbow Dragon has no evolutions or final forms. It cannot evolve or be upgraded since it already has a special rainbow element.

Rarity and Value

The Rainbow Dragon has a Very Rare rarity, making it challenging to successfully breed and acquire.

Here are some factors contributing to its high value:

  • Very low breed success rate
  • Only breedable using two Rainbow Dragons
  • Extremely high gold earning rates
  • Powerful battle dragon with no weaknesses
  • Important role in DragonVale lore

Its rarity combined with impressive stats make the Rainbow Dragon one of the most valuable dragons in the game.

Fun Facts About the Rainbow Dragon

Here are some additional interesting facts about the Rainbow Dragon:

  • It is the only dragon with constantly shifting rainbow scales.
  • The Rainbow Dragon’s breath leaves behind the scent of fresh rainfall.
  • Young Rainbow Dragons cannot fly for the first few months because their wings aren’t yet strong enough to support their weight.
  • Its pupil-less eyes change color and appear to glow when sunlight hits them.
  • Rainbow Dragons love basking on the tops of mountains and cliffs above the cloud line.
  • No two Rainbow Dragons have exactly the same scale color pattern. Each one is uniquely beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common player questions about the Rainbow Dragon:

What’s the best combo to breed a Rainbow Dragon?

Two different Rainbow Dragons are currently the only way to successfully breed more Rainbow Dragons.

What level does the Rainbow Dragon produce the most gold/minute?

Level 20 Rainbow Dragons with boosted Rainbow habitats generate the most gold per minute.

Why is the Rainbow Dragon so rare compared to other Legendary dragons?

Its rarity is likely because Rainbow Dragons can only breed with other Rainbow types, limiting breeding opportunities.

What elements is the Rainbow Dragon strong and weak against?

Rainbow Dragons take normal damage from all elements since they have a unique rainbow type with no weaknesses.


The majestic Rainbow Dragon brightens any island with its dazzling prismatic appearance and uplifting presence. Although tricky to breed and acquire, its astronomical earning potential and unparalleled battle strength make the Rainbow Dragon one of the most coveted dragons in DragonVale. Use this guide to master all the essential tips for obtaining your own Rainbow Dragon.

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