Poison Dragon in DragonVale

The Complete Guide to the Poison Dragon in DragonVale

The Poison Dragon is one of the most iconic dragons in DragonVale, known for its ominous dark colors and deadly abilities. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Poison Dragon, including its history, breeding combinations, habitats, earning rates, strengths, weaknesses, rarity, and more.

An Introduction to the Poison Dragon

The Poison Dragon was one of the original dragons introduced at DragonVale’s launch in September 2011. It is classified as a dark-element dragon, indicated by its purple icon. Poison Dragons inhabit Dark habitats on the islands.

According to DragonVale lore provided on the official Wiki page, the Poison Dragon earns its name from its toxic bite and breath. Its venom can rot flesh and corrode metal in seconds. The DragonVale wizards carefully train young Poison Dragons to control their deadly powers and only use them for defense when threatened.

While intimidating in nature, the Poison Dragon plays an important role in protecting the islands and caves of DragonVale. Its brooding dark figure and glowing green eyes discourage would-be intruders from approaching. The Poison Dragon’s very presence emanates danger – a warning for outsiders to stay away.

Unique Physical Features and Attributes

The Poison Dragon has a sleek, dark-scaled body ranging from deep purple to jet black. Spikes protrude from its head and along its back down through the tail. Glowing green eyes and neon green accents on its wings, horns and spikes give it an otherworldly look.

When threatened, the Poison Dragon can release deadly neurotoxic venom from its fangs. Only a few small drops of its venom can paralyze a fully-grown Viking if biting to defend itself.

The DragonVale wizards work closely with each Poison Dragon to control the release of their venom. With practice, the dragons learn to conserve their venom and unleash purposeful non-lethal attacks on command.

A Poison Dragon’s breath weapon is just as hazardous as its bite. It exhales clouds of corrosive green gas capable of corroding metal and disintegrating flesh on contact. This acid breath can melt through stone walls and reduce enemy weapons to bubbling slag.

Yet when not threatened, the Poison Dragon is calm and docile around handlers and fellow dragons. Its intimidating powers are wisely unleashed only as a last resort for protection. With careful training, the Poison Dragon’s deadly attributes become assets at DragonVale.

Breeding the Poison Dragon

The Poison Dragon was originally only obtainable by purchasing it for 125 gems. After the breeding system launched in October 2012, the Poison Dragon became breedable.

Here are the possible combinations to breed a Poison Dragon, according to rarity:

Dragons Rarity
Nectar + Mud Most Common
Pepper + Evergreen More Common
Poison + Blue Fire Common
Poison + Quake Rare
Blue Fire + Quake Rare
Poison + Poison Epic Breeding Island Only

The DragonVale Breeding Sandbox is a helpful tool to test your breeding combinations and see the possible outcomes.

Having an upgraded Breeding Cave/Island and leaving dragons in overnight increases the breeding success rate. The average incubation time for a Poison Dragon egg is 14 hours.

Habitats for Housing Poison Dragons

Poison Dragon in DragonVale

The Poison Dragon is a dark dragon, meaning it can be placed in Dark-element habitats. Here are the Dark habitats Poison Dragons can reside in:

  • Dark Habitat: Houses 1 dragon, maximum level 10
  • Dark Cold Habitat: Houses 1 dragon, maximum level 11
  • Dark Warm Habitat: Houses 1 dragon, maximum level 11
  • Epic Breeding Island: Houses 3 dragons, helps breeding
  • Epic Cave Island: Houses 4 dragons, helps breeding rares
  • Epic Dark Habitat: Houses 3 dragons, maximum level 15
  • Epic Dark Cold Habitat: Houses 3 dragons, maximum level 16
  • Epic Dark Warm Habitat: Houses 3 dragons, maximum level 16
  • Omnitat: Houses 2 dragons of any element, maximum level 10

Focus on upgrading your Dark Habitats to level 4 first to fit more Poison Dragons. Prioritize the Epic Dark Habitat since it holds the most dragons.

Earning Rates and Boosts

The base rate for a Poison Dragon at level 1 is 1 gold coin/minute. At level 10, the max earning rate is 5 gold/min.

You can boost earnings by upgrading the Poison Dragon’s habitat, buying a boost relic, or acquiring a Dragon with earning boosts.

Here are the approximate earning rates for Poison Dragons at different levels:

  • Level 1: 1 gold/min (no boosts)
  • Level 5: 2 gold/min (no boosts)
  • Level 10: 5 gold/min (no boosts)
  • Level 10: 12 gold/min (max boosts)
  • Level 20: 25 gold/min (max boosts)

Earning boosts allow you to exponentially increase gold revenue from your Poison Dragons. Focus on boosts once they reach at least level 10.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Battle

The Poison Dragon has high health but lower attack damage compared to other dragons. It also suffers from a slow attack recharge rate.

However, the Poison Dragon makes up for these weaknesses with its deadly Venom ability. In battle, it has a 50% chance of inflicting the Venom status effect on opponents each turn. This drains 20% of the target’s health every turn until it faints.

Here is an overview of the Poison Dragon’s key stats and abilities:


  • High health allows it to absorb damage
  • Venom deals damage over time while avoiding attacks
  • Strong against plant and earth opponents


  • Low attack requires using many basic attacks
  • Slow recharge reduces DPS (damage per second)
  • Weak against metal opponents

Overall, the Poison Dragon is an excellent support dragon that wears down opponents with poison instead of brute force attacks. Pair it with heavy hitters to combine DoT effects and burst damage.

Evolution and Final Form

The Poison Dragon has one final evolution form – the Archangel Dragon.

The Archangel Dragon takes 84 hours to evolve from a level 15 Poison Dragon. It retains the Poison type but gains the light element as well, changing its icon to a purple/yellow Yin Yang symbol.

This evolution represents the Poison Dragon achieving balance between its light and dark natures. The Archangel Dragon has much stronger stats than its Poison predecessor.

Rarity and Value

The Poison Dragon was originally classified as an Ultra Rare dragon at the game’s launch. After being made breedable in October 2012, its rarity changed to Common.

Here is an overview of factors impacting the Poison Dragon’s value:

  • Breeding Difficulty: Easy since the combo is widely available
  • Habitat Cost: Moderate at 250,000 gold
  • Earning Rate: Moderate at 5 gold/minute max
  • Battle Usefulness: Situational for the Venom ability
  • DragonVale Lore Importance: Iconic original dragon

Its Common rarity makes the Poison Dragon easy to acquire. However, its cultural significance as one of the first 12 dragons gives it lasting value.

Fun Facts About the Poison Dragon

Here are some additional interesting facts about the Poison Dragon in DragonVale:

  • The Poison Dragon’s original design had more of a skeletal appearance before revisions.
  • Its glowing green eyes are a reference to radioactive sludge, continuing the toxicity theme.
  • The Poison Dragon’s fangs are constantly regrowing and coated in venom. The old fangs crumble away as dust.
  • It is the only dragon with a permanent neon green glow on certain body parts.
  • The Poison Dragon emits a constant hissing noise as it exhales small amounts of vapor.
  • Its eggs are dark purple with pulsing neon green splotches resembling radioactive waste.
  • The Poison Dragon thrives in darker cold environments offering plenty of shade and seclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the iconic Poison Dragon:

What elements combine to most easily breed a Poison Dragon?

The Nectar Dragon and Mud Dragon have the highest chance of breeding a Poison Dragon egg.

What level does the Poison Dragon earn the most gold per minute?

The Poison Dragon’s maximum earning rate is 5 gold/minute at level 10. Further leveling up does not increase earnings.

Should I use a Poison Dragon for battle or earning gold?

Poison Dragons are better for inflicting Venom status effects in PvP battles rather than as dedicated gold farmers.

Is the Poison Dragon worth keeping after initially breeding it?

Yes, the Poison Dragon has high sentimental value as one of the original 12 dragons introduced in DragonVale.

Does the Poison Dragon require a Dark Habitat?

As a Dark-element dragon, the Poison Dragon can only reside in Dark or Epic Dragon Habitats.


The Poison Dragon’s iconic sinister appearance and deadly abilities have solidified its standing as one of the most recognizable dragons in DragonVale. Its distinctive design encapsulates the darkness element. While challenging to handle safely, the Poison Dragon plays an important ecological role on the islands when properly trained. Refer to this guide for all essential information on how to obtain, care for, and empower your own Poison Dragons!

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