Leonine Dragon In Dragonvale

The Complete Guide to Leonine Dragons in Dragonvale

The Leonine Dragon is one of the rarest and most challenging breeds to obtain in Dragonvale. With a fierce lion appearance and solar flames, this unusual hybrid dragon combines fire, light, and earth elements.

This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about Leonine Dragons including breeding combinations, habitats, tips and strategies, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Overview and Facts on the Leonine Dragon

The Leonine Dragon made its debut during the Beast of the Mountain event in 2021. Here are some key facts about this unique breed:

  • Requires a triple fire, light, and earth elemental combination
  • Has a very low chance of breeding, around 1% or less
  • Features a bright golden lion motif with a lush mane
  • Releases animated solar plasma flames when defending
  • Makes loud roaring sounds occasionally
  • Has long incubation times over 30 hours
  • Can only reside in certain large habitats

As a limited dragon, Leonine is only available to breed and obtain during certain times of the year, making it very elusive. Its hybrid nature and three required elements also makes breeding difficult.

But the Leonine’s regal lion appearance makes it a worthy addition for any rare dragon collector.

How to Breed the Leonine Dragon

Leonine Dragons can only be acquired through breeding during limited windows. To breed Leonine, you’ll need dragons with a combined fire, earth, and light element at minimum.

Leonine Dragon Breeding Guide

Try these breeding pair combinations for a chance at the Leonine Dragon:

Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Chance of Leonine
Sun Quake 1%
Heat Sonic 1%
Ash Moss 1%
Lichen Sol 1%
Ridgeback Dahlia 1%

Primary Breeding Options

The most direct combinations are:

  • Fire Dragon + Light Dragon + Earth Dragon
  • Fire/Light Hybrid + Earth Dragon
  • Fire/Earth Hybrid + Light Dragon
  • Light/Earth Hybrid + Fire Dragon

For example:

  • Sun Dragon + Earth Dragon = Small chance of Leonine Dragon
  • Heat Dragon + Lightning Dragon = Small chance of Leonine Dragon

Because three elements are required, the breeding odds are extremely low even during breeding events. Expect to try many times before success.

Tips for Leonine Dragon Breeding

Follow these tips to improve your rare Leonine breeding chances:

  • Breed only during limited windows when available
  • Use dragons that are at least level 11
  • Upgrade your breeding caves if possible
  • Retry often – don’t get discouraged!
  • Only use fire, earth, light dragons in your pairs
  • Target the shortest breed times for faster results

With persistence and luck, you’ll eventually welcome a Leonine hatchling into your park!

Leonine Dragon In Dragonvale

How to Obtain the Leonine Dragon

Aside from breeding Leonine dragons yourself, there are a couple other options to obtain this elusive hybrid:

Buy the Dragon

You can instantly purchase the Leonine Dragon by spending 2,000 gems. Buying lets you skip the breeding hassle, but can be very costly in gems.

Receive as a Reward

On rare occasions, Dragonvale gives out free Leonine Dragons to all players for a limited time. Keep an eye out during events for potential free gifts.

Trading with Friends

Trading allows you to swap dragons with friends. If they have extra Leonine Dragons from past events, you can trade without breeding your own.

Habitats and Placement for Leonine Dragons

Leonine Dragons are one of the largest breeds in the game. As a result, they can only comfortably reside in a select few giant habitats:

Overgrown Island

This huge island environment is the ideal spot for your Leonine Dragon with plenty of open space.

  • Costs 75,000,000 coins
  • Provides space for four dragons
  • 60 hours build time

Gargantuan Island

Another acceptable habitat for Leonine Dragons if you have no spare Overgrown Islands.

  • Costs 50,000,000 coins
  • Provides space for two dragons
  • 48 hours build time

Try to place your Leonine Dragon as soon as you obtain it, since the breeding/reward windows are short. Overgrown Islands suit their lush style best.

Key Leonine Dragon Statistics

Here are useful breeding stats and facts for the majestic Leonine Dragon:

Breeding Odds 1%
Incubation Time 30 hours
Likes Fire, earth, sun
Habitats Overgrown, Gargantuan
Buy Cost 2,000 Gems
Treats Fire, Earth
Availability Limited events

Tips and Strategies for Leonine Dragons

Here are some useful tips to help care for your Leonine Dragon:

  • Treat it with fire and earth for maximum happiness
  • Level it up fully to increase coin generation
  • Surround with Plant and Fire Dragons in Overgrown Islands
  • Breed more during limited windows to collect
  • Retry for twin Leonine Dragons if possible
  • Show off the dragon to friends who also play
  • Take advantage of dragon sales during events
  • Watch for gifts and rewards during breeding events
  • Upgrade the Overgrown Island for more space over time

Soon your elusive Leonine Dragons will be thriving happily in their natural sunny habitat!

Interesting Facts About Leonine Dragons

Here are some intriguing facts about the rare Leonine Dragon breed:

  • Based on mythological manticores and chimeras
  • Features colors of the solar corona: yellow, gold, orange
  • Roars are borrowed from real lion sound effects
  • One of the larger sized dragons in the game
  • Has a very low breeding rate compared to other limited dragons
  • Was teased for over a year before finally being released
  • Is a triple hybrid – very rare for Dragonvale dragons
  • Frequently requested to make a return by players

Fun trivia like this provides more insight into this mystical creature!

FAQs About the Leonine Dragon

Many players often have questions about breeding and collecting the unusual Leonine Dragon. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What three dragons make the Leonine Dragon?

You need fire, earth, and lightning dragons in any combination to potentially breed Leonine.

Can you use hybrids to breed a Leonine?

Yes, hybrids that combine those three elements also have a small chance of resulting in a Leonine.

Why is it so difficult to breed Leonine Dragons?

The three element combination has very low odds. Expect to try many times before getting lucky.

Do all breeding attempts have the same success rate?

No, shorter breed times have slightly better odds. But there are no guarantees.

Can Leonine Dragons breed with other elements?

No, Leonine Dragons can not currently breed with other dragons at all in the game.

How often do breeding events occur?

Breeding events for limited dragons like Leonine occur a few times a year, often coinciding with holidays.

What treats do Leonine Dragons like?

Leonine Dragons enjoy both fire and earth treats. Feeding them boosts their happiness.

Let me know if you have any other Leonine Dragon questions!

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