Pearl Dragon Guide: Tips, Habitats, and Breeding - DragonVale

Pearl Dragon Guide: Tips, Habitats, and Breeding – DragonVale

The dazzling Pearl Dragon glistens like a precious jewel in DragonVale parks. Its opalescent scales shimmer with rainbow hues that shift color in the light. Breeding and caring for this rare gemstone-themed dragon provides a beautiful reward.

This comprehensive Pearl Dragon guide covers everything about this ornamental dragon from preferred habitats and breeding times to earning rates for treats, cash, and gems. Read on for tips and tricks to nurture a thriving luminous Pearl Dragon in your magical islands!

Overview and History

The radiant Pearl Dragon first debuted in 2013 as part of the Gemstone-themed dragon’s collection featuring precious jewel breeds. Its official name plays on both its pearly white coloration and the real-world pearl gem association.

Pearl Dragons delighted players with their rainbow sheen and prominent horns resembling cut gemstones. Their release also introduced the sparkling Gemstone Island and habitat suited to these jewel-inspired breeds.

These dazzling creatures remain one of the game’s most beloved decorative breeds for lighting up parks with their shining gleam.

Appearance and Animation

Pearl Dragon Guide: Tips, Habitats, and Breeding - DragonVale

The Pearl Dragon emanates an eye-catching glow with its light coloration and rainbow accents on its body and two head horns. Its main scales sport a pearly white iridescence that shifts between silver, pink, blue, and green undertones in different light angles for a hypnotic quality.

Darker grey markings adorn its chest and wings. A crown of small horns, perfect for showing off the Pearl Dragon’s prized gemstone aesthetic, encircles their head. Max-level Pearl Dragons also sprout majestic wings.

The Pearl Dragon has a graceful swimming animation when placed near water. It playfully dips into the waves showing off its shining colors with fluid motions.


As a rare gemstone breed, the main recommended habitat for Pearl Dragons is the Gemstone Island and habitat.

This sparkling island environment suits shiny jewel-themed dragons with glittering animations. Its giant centerpiece Gemstone Tree sprouts gems that dragons can playfully climb and lounge on.

However, Pearl Dragons can dwell comfortably in most other Light, Lightning, or Air elemental habitats as well including:

  • Fountain of Youth
  • Meridiem Habitat
  • Dawn Habitat

They fare well in giant castles or ornamental habitats that highlight their decorative role versus battling or harvesting.

Breeding the Pearl Dragon

Breeding Pearl Dragons requires careful timing and planning. As an Epic-rarity dragon, they can only be bred by specifically pairing two other dragons during special windows.

Here is an overview of key breeding details:

  • Epic Breed Only – Pearl Dragons cannot reliably breed with basic dragons.
  • Limited Availability – The game periodically allows breeding for a few days every few months.
  • Best Combo – Snow and Double Rainbow dragons have the best odds.
  • Epic Breeding Island – Dramatically boosts Pearl Dragon’s chance over regular islands.
  • Long Fail Times – Fails average 16+ hours wasting precious breeding time.

Due to sparse availability, players must act fast when the Pearl Dragon can breed. Keep the Epic Breeding Island and Cave open and stocked with level 15 Snow and Double Rainbow dragons for the best luck during the short windows.

Have gems saved up to speed up multiple breeding attempts to successfully hatch this challenging dragon. Otherwise, patiently wait months for the next opportunity.

Earning Rates

The dazzling Pearl Dragon passively generates solid earnings to offset the effort of originally breeding this rare Epic dragon.

Here is how much the Pearl Dragon contributes per minute to treat, dragon cash, and gem harvest totals:

  • Treats: 1
  • Dragon Cash: 2
  • Gems: 0.05

These competitive rates, especially for such a visually impressive dragon, make the Pearl Dragon valuable for passive income that adds up.

A level 20 Pearl Dragon in the Gemstone Island or similarly boosted habitat contributes:

  • Treats: 60 per hour, 1,440 per day
  • Dragon Cash: 120 per hour, 2880 per day
  • Gems: 3 per hour, 72 per day

Harvesting boosts from upgraded habitats increases these totals even further.

Tips and Tricks

Beyond the breeding and habitat insights above, utilize these key tips for making the most of Pearl Dragons:

  • Wait for Bring Em’ Back – Special events reintroduce past event dragons like Pearl for easier breeding.
  • Emphasize Traits – Focus leveling on Luminous or Ornamental traits to play up its visual role.
  • Customize Appearance – Give it a precious metal or crystal-themed costume to highlight its gem roots.
  • Match Pearl Habitat – Use the Pearl habitat which generates gems faster.
  • Surround with Light Dragons – Contrast against other light-element dragons to stand out.

With its dazzling rainbow glow, prominent jewel horns, and swimming animations the Pearl Dragon brings eye-catching ornamental flair. This extensive guide shared key insights on habitats, breeding, earning rates, and appearance for this shining Gemstone breed so you can incubate a coveted Pearl Dragon in your park!

Let me know if you have any other questions about this radiant jewel-toned breed as you nurture your own to gleam brightly!

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