A Comprehensive Guide to Gemstone Dragons in Dragonvale

A Comprehensive Guide to Gemstone Dragons in Dragonvale

Dragonvale is a popular mobile game where players can breed and raise hundreds of different dragons in their own magical parks. One of the most coveted types of dragons is the gemstone dragons, which come in a variety of shimmering colors representing different precious gems. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about these elusive elemental dragons.

Overview of Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone dragons are rare hybrid dragons that can be bred by combining dragons of the same element with a gemstone dragon of that element. For example, breeding an Amethyst dragon with a Metal dragon will result in a Metal gemstone dragon.

There are gemstone dragons for each of the main elements in Dragonvale:

  • Metal – Silver
  • Earth – Peridot
  • Cold – Sapphire
  • Water – Pearl
  • Lightning – Topaz
  • Air – Emerald
  • Plant – Amber
  • Fire – Ruby

Gemstone dragons have a crystalline appearance with colors resembling their gemstone name. Their elemental breath also matches their gemstone type.

Here are some key facts about gemstone dragons:

  • Very low chance of breeding (1% or less)
  • Long breeding and incubation times (30+ hours)
  • High earning rates ($25/minute at max level)
  • Unique crystalline design
  • Animated gemstone texture
  • Special gemstone-themed habitats

Obtaining Gemstone Dragons

Gemstone dragons are exceptionally difficult to acquire in Dragonvale. There are only two methods to obtain them:


The primary way to get a gemstone dragon is by breeding two dragons of the same element and getting very lucky. However, the chance of breeding a gemstone dragon is extremely low, around 1% in most cases.

For example, breeding two plant dragons has a small chance of resulting in an Amber dragon. But it may take many, many tries before achieving this rare breed.

Gemstone Dragon Breeding Combo 1 Breeding Combo 2
Silver Metal + Metal Silver + Metal
Peridot Earth + Earth Peridot + Earth
Sapphire Cold + Cold Sapphire + Cold
Pearl Water + Water Pearl + Water
Topaz Lightning + Lightning Topaz + Lightning
Emerald Air + Air Emerald + Air
Amber Plant + Plant Amber + Plant
Ruby Fire + Fire Ruby + Fire

Here are the possible breeding combinations for each gemstone dragon:

  • Silver: Metal + Metal
  • Peridot: Earth + Earth
  • Sapphire: Cold + Cold
  • Pearl: Water + Water
  • Topaz: Lightning + Lightning
  • Emerald: Air + Air
  • Amber: Plant + Plant
  • Ruby: Fire + Fire

In addition to two pure elemental dragons, you can also breed gemstone dragons by pairing a gemstone dragon with another dragon of the same element.

For example: Amber Dragon + Plant Dragon = Small chance of Amber Dragon


Very occasionally, Dragonvale will run special limited-time breeding events that increase the chances of getting a gemstone dragon, usually to around 5%. This provides a much better opportunity for obtaining these rare breeds.

But these breeding events are often months apart from each other, so it requires patience waiting for the next chance.


For players who want instant access, gemstone dragons can be purchased directly with gems. However, they are extremely expensive:

  • Silver Dragon – 2,500 Gems
  • Peridot Dragon – 2,200 Gems
  • Sapphire Dragon – 2,400 Gems
  • Pearl Dragon – 2,100 Gems
  • Topaz Dragon – 2,300 Gems
  • Emerald Dragon – 2,000 Gems
  • Amber Dragon – 2,100 Gems
  • Ruby Dragon – 2,500 Gems

Considering most players have only a few hundred gems at any given time, and gathering more takes patience, buying a gemstone dragon requires a huge gem investment. But for die-hard Dragonvale collectors, it may be the only option.

Habitats for Gemstone Dragons

Dragon Habitat Cost Egg/Incubation Time Earning Rate
Silver 250 Gems 30 Hours $25/Minute
Peridot 250 Gems 32 Hours $25/Minute
Sapphire 250 Gems 28 Hours $25/Minute
Pearl 250 Gems 31 Hours $25/Minute
Topaz 250 Gems 29 Hours $25/Minute
Emerald 250 Gems 35 Hours $25/Minute
Amber 250 Gems 33 Hours $25/Minute
Ruby 250 Gems 34 Hours $25/Minute

After obtaining a gemstone dragon, you need to house it in a suitable habitat. Gemstone dragons can only be placed in their own specific gemstone habitats:

  • Silver Dragon – Silver Habitat
  • Peridot Dragon – Peridot Habitat
  • Sapphire Dragon – Sapphire Habitat
  • Pearl Dragon – Pearl Habitat
  • Topaz Dragon – Topaz Habitat
  • Emerald Dragon – Emerald Habitat
  • Amber Dragon – Amber Habitat
  • Ruby Dragon – Ruby Habitat

These unique habitats provide an elemental look matching the dragon placed inside.

Like the dragons themselves, gemstone habitats are very expensive. Each costs a minimum of 250 gems to purchase. They also have a long build time of 2 days.

You can speed up construction using gems. But since they hold only one dragon apiece, you may need multiple habitats for your collection.

Important Tips for Gemstone Dragons

Here are some key tips to help you successfully acquire and care for your gemstone dragons:

  • Maximize breeding chances – Only breed when dragons are at the optimum level 10 or higher for the best results.
  • Upgrade breeding cave – Evolve your breeding cave to increase breeding success rates.
  • Utilize breeding events – Don’t miss limited breeding events that boost your odds.
  • Be patient – With only a 1% chance normally, it takes immense patience.
  • Matching elements – Only paired dragons of the SAME element can breed gemstone dragons.
  • Earn gems – You’ll need lots of gems to buy gems or speed up breeding. Play games and complete goals.
  • Buy habitats early – Don’t wait until after acquiring the dragon. Habitats also take time to build.

With the proper strategy, persistence, and a little luck, you’ll be able to add these dazzling gemstone dragons to your park!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gemstone Dragons

Here are answers to some of the most common questions players have about acquiring and caring for gemstone dragons:

Can you breed a gemstone dragon at any time?

No, there is normally only a 1% chance. Your best chance is during special limited breeding events that temporarily increase breeding odds to around 5%.

Do I need a certain level dragon to breed gemstone dragons?

Yes, dragons must be at least level 10 to have a chance of breeding gemstone dragons. Level 15 is ideal.

Do gemstone dragons earn more money?

Yes! At max level 20, gemstone dragons earn $25 coins per minute, making them very profitable!

Do all element gemstone dragons exist?

So far only the 8 main elements have gemstone varieties. Other unique dragons likeRainbow or Snowflake do not have gemstone versions.

Can gemstone dragons breed with regular dragons?

No, gemstone dragons can only breed with dragons of the same element. And the chances of getting another gemstone are still very low.

Should I speed up breeding with gems?

Only if you have gems to spare. Breeding still only has a 1% success rate even if sped up. Better to save gems for retrying over time.

What’s the incubation time for gemstone eggs?

All gemstone dragons have a very long incubation time of 30 hours or longer before hatching.

Can gemstone habitats hold regular element dragons?

No, gemstone habitats are exclusively for housing the gemstone dragon matching that element. Other dragons cannot be placed in them.

With the tips provided above, you’ll be on your way to mastering these radiant gemstone dragons and adding them to your Dragonvale park! Good luck breeding!

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