Zombie Dragon In Dragonvale

The Complete Guide to the Zombie Dragon in Dragonvale

The Zombie Dragon is among the most challenging dragons to breed and collect in Dragonvale. This dark, undead dragon was introduced during a limited Halloween event and requires particular combinations to have a chance of acquiring it.

In this complete guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about breeding, obtaining, and caring for this elusive undead dragon in your park.

Overview and Facts About the Zombie Dragon

The Zombie Dragon is a limited rare dragon that can only be acquired during special Halloween-themed events in Dragonvale. Here are some key facts about this undead breed:

  • Available only during Halloween events, usually through breeding
  • Requires a combination of three elements – plant, cold and earth
  • Extremely low chance of breeding successfully
  • Spooky dark green colors with stitches and scars
  • Glowing purple eyes and skeletal features
  • Animated decomposing texture on its body
  • Eerie fog and ambient sounds from its habitat
  • Limited availability throughout the year

The Zombie Dragon is highly sought after by Dragonvale collectors due to its scarcity and creepy design. But breeding this undead dragon requires luck, patience, and using the right combinations during the short Halloween windows.

Breeding the Zombie Dragon

Zombie Dragon
 In Dragonvale

The Zombie Dragon has one of the most difficult breeding combinations in the game, requiring a three-element pair with cold, plant and earth. Here are the possible pairings:

  • Plant + Cold + Earth dragons
  • Plant/Cold hybrid + Earth dragon
  • Plant/Earth hybrid + Cold dragon
  • Cold/Earth hybrid + Plant dragon

Zombie Dragon Breeding Combinations

Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Dragon 3 Chance of Zombie Dragon
Sprout Alpine Malachite 1%
Evergreen Lichen Moss 1%
Tree Lichen Alpine 1%
Flower Moss Frostfire 1%
Rustic Evergreen Snowflake 1%


  • Sprout Dragon + Alpine Dragon = small chance of Zombie Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon + Lichen Dragon = small chance of Zombie Dragon

Because of the three elements required, the odds of actually breeding a Zombie Dragon are extremely low, around 1% during Halloween events. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed after many tries – this dragon is meant to be very elusive!

Here are some tips to boost your Zombie Dragon breeding chances:

  • Only breed during limited Halloween events when available
  • Use dragons that are at least level 11 or higher
  • Have an upgraded Breeding Cave
  • Use only dragons with the exact cold, plant, and earth elements
  • Be very patient and do not give up!

With the right technique and a little bit of luck, you may just resurrect this undead dragon in your park!

Obtaining the Zombie Dragon

Aside from breeding, there are a couple of other ways you can obtain the Zombie Dragon:

Purchase the Dragon

For 1,200 gems, you can purchase the Zombie Dragon directly without any breeding. This is obviously very expensive, but is an instant option if you have enough gems or want to spend real money on the game.

As the dragon is only available for brief periods though, you’ll have to wait until the next Halloween event rolls around to purchase it this way.

Receive as a Gift

On very rare occasions, Dragonvale will gift all players a Zombie Dragon for free! This has only happened once before around Halloween, and is not guaranteed to happen again.

But it provides a chance for everyone to get this limited dragon outside of normal methods. Be sure to play actively around Halloween for a chance at this gift.

Trading with Friends

Dragon trading was introduced in the game in 2020. If you have friends who have spare Zombie Dragons from past events, you can now trade other rare dragons for a Zombie.

Trading enables you to get dragons you may have missed without breeding them directly.

Habitats and Placement for Zombie Dragons

After scoring that rare Zombie Dragon breed, you’ll need a fitting habitat to house the undead beast. The Zombie Dragon can only be placed in two habitat types:

  • Haunted Habitat – Purchased with gems during Halloween for 750 gems
  • Gargantuan Island – Large island habitat unlocked at level 28

The Haunted Habitat is the signature home for Zombie Dragons. It has an eerie nighttime environment and twisted autumn trees.

If you don’t have a spare Haunted Habitat, Gargantuan Islands can serve as an alternative. But make sure to place your Zombie there before the Halloween event ends!

Zombie Dragon Stats and Information

Information Details
Breeding Odds 1%
Buy Cost 1,200 Gems
Habitats Haunted, Gargantuan Island
Incubation Time 30 hours
Treats Dark Plant
Earning Rate $20/minute max
Level to Breed 11 minimum
Availability Halloween Event
Elements Cold, Earth, Plant
Diet Insects
Likes Haunted habitats, werewolves

Tips and Strategies for Your Zombie Dragon

Here are some tips to help you care for your Zombie Dragon and use it effectively in game:

  • Treat it with a Dark plant to maximize happy time
  • Level it up fully to Elder stage for increased earnings
  • House it in the Haunted Habitat to complete the theme
  • Match with other limited dragons in the habitat like Werewolf
  • Build up a collection of Zombie Dragons over the years
  • Use it to breed more during Halloween events
  • Show off the dragon to friends who play
  • Take advantage of sales on habitats during Halloween
  • Spend candy currency from events on Zombie habitats/eggs

With patience and the right techniques, your Zombie Dragon will thrive for years to come, terrifying your park every Halloween!

Common Questions About the Zombie Dragon

Many players have questions about how to obtain and care for their Zombie Dragons. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is the Zombie Dragon available year round?

No, the Zombie Dragon is only available for a limited time during the Dragonvale Halloween event each year.

What two dragons make a Zombie Dragon?

Zombie requires three elements – cold, plant, and earth. No two dragons can create this combination alone.

Can Zombie be bred with only plant and cold dragons?

No, an earth element dragon is also essential, so plant + cold alone will not work.

Do I need a certain level dragon to breed Zombie?

Your breeding dragons should be at least level 11, and higher is better. Lower levels have reduced breeding odds.

Can you use a Cold/Earth hybrid + Plant Dragon?

Yes, that specific combination is one of the possible pairings that can potentially breed a Zombie Dragon.

If I fail, will my breeding time be refunded?

Unfortunately no, you do not get a refund on breeding time, even if it fails to produce the desired Zombie Dragon.

What treats do Zombie Dragons prefer?

Zombie Dragons uniquely prefer Dark plant treats above all others, which will substantially increase their happiness.

Can the Zombie Dragon be placed in any habitat?

No, the Zombie Dragon can only reside in the limited Haunted Habitat, or alternatively, a Gargantuan Island.

Let me know if you have any other Zombie Dragon questions!

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