Metal Dragon In Dragonvale

The Complete Guide to Metal Dragons in Dragonvale

The shimmering Metal Dragon is one of the most striking and sought after elemental dragons in Dragonvale. As the embodiment of the metallic element, this dragon can be challenging to breed and acquire.

This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know about Metal Dragons – from breeding and habitats, to tips and strategies for these mechanized beasts.

Overview of Metal Dragons

The Metal Dragon is a pure elemental metal breed in Dragonvale with a distinctive mechanical appearance. Here’s an overview of its key traits:

  • First introduced in October 2012
  • Represents the elemental metal type
  • Silver futuristic look with hammered steel texture
  • Glowing yellow eyes and metal-plated head/legs
  • Animated gears on wings move while walking
  • Made grinding/mechanical sounds
  • Breathes molten gold when defending
  • Quite rare compared to other pure elements
  • One of the most profitable dragons for earning coins

The Metal Dragon can be a valuable addition for earning income in your park. But it’s notoriously difficult to breed compared to other elements.

How to Breed Metal Dragons

Metal Dragons can only be acquired by breeding two dragons that collectively contain the metal element. However, results are random and the chances are low.

Metal Dragon Breeding Guide

Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Chance of Metal Dragon
Metal Metal 5%
Chrome Iron 4%
Steel Metal 5%
Magnetic Iron 3%
Rust Chrome 2%

Pure Metal Dragon Breeding

The best way to potentially breed a pure Metal Dragon is to breed two dragons that are solely metal element.

For example:

  • Metal Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Chrome Dragon + Iron Dragon
  • Steel Dragon + Metal Dragon

This gives you the best odds for a pure metal breed result. However the percentage chance is still only around 5% or less.

Hybrid Metal Dragon Breeding

Another option is to breed dragons that contain metal as one of two elements. This can yield hybrid metal breeds such as Iron or Chrome Dragon.


  • Earth Dragon + Metal Dragon = Chance of Chrome Dragon
  • Fire Dragon + Metal Dragon = Chance of Iron Dragon

The chances of breeding hybrids tends to be slightly higher at around 10-12%. But results are still uncertain.

Tips for Breeding Metal Dragons

To boost your odds of successfully breeding a Metal Dragon, here are some handy tips:

  • Use dragons that are at least level 10
  • Evolve your Breeding Cave for better rates
  • Retry breeding attempts during Breeding Events
  • Only use dragons with the metal element
  • Be patient – it may take many tries over time!

With the right technique, your perseverance will eventually pay off with a shiny new Metal Dragon!

Obtaining Metal Dragons

Metal Dragon
 In Dragonvale

Aside from breeding Metal Dragons yourself, there are a couple other ways you can obtain them:

Buy the Dragon Outright

For impatient dragon masters, you can buy a Metal Dragon instantly using gems. It will cost you 2,500 gems in the daily deals shop. That’s no small sum, but guarantees you the Metal breed easily.

Trading with Friends

Through the relatively new dragon trading system, you can trade with friends who may have spare Metal Dragons. Trading allows you to get dragons without traditional breeding.

Limited Time Gifts

On rare occasions, Dragonvale will gift all players special dragons for free for a limited time. This has included the Metal Dragon. Keep watch for gift giveaways!

Metal Dragon Habitats and Placement

One you finally acquire your Metal Dragon, you’ll need to ensure you have an appropriate habitat available to place it within your park.

The Metal Dragon can only reside within the following two habitat options:

Metal Habitat

This special habitat can only house the Metal Dragon. It provides an industrial look with molten metal pools, smoke stacks, and slag metal elements.

  • Costs 250 gems
  • Provides capacity for one dragon
  • Has a 48 hour build time


The large Omnitat habitats can house any dragon type, including the Metal Dragon.

  • Costs 75,000,000 coins
  • Provides capacity for four dragons
  • Has a 60 hour build time

Ideally, place your Metal in the matching Metal Habitat. But Omnitats work if you have no other space available at the moment.

Tips and Strategies for Metal Dragons

Here are some tips to help you care for your Metal Dragon and use it effectively:

  • House in the Metal Habitat to complete the mechanical look
  • Treat it with metal to maximize dragon happiness
  • Level up to Elder stage for increased coin generation
  • Surround with other metallic dragons like Iron or Chrome
  • Use it to breed more Metal Dragons over time
  • Have multiple Metal Habitats to build up a collection
  • Add decorations like the Ferris Metal Wheel for fun
  • Replace less profitable dragons with Metal Dragons
  • Show it off to friends who also play Dragonvale!

Interesting Facts About Metal Dragons

The unique Metal Dragon has some fascinating details that dragon masters will find interesting:

  • Based on mythical hydras and Medieval alchemy
  • Features an oxidized copper color scheme
  • Often described as a robot dragon with its mechanical look
  • One of the few dragons to make distinctive machine sounds
  • Highest maximum coins per minute generation in the game
  • Very popular among players for its futuristic metal design
  • Frequently requested to make a return by players if unavailable

Fun trivia like this makes collecting the Metal Dragon even more worthwhile!

Key Statistics for Metal Dragons

Here are some key statistics and facts for breeding, incubating, and housing Metal Dragons:

Breeding Odds 5% – Pure Metal Combos
Incubation Time 30 hours
Habitats Metal, Omnitat
Buy Cost 2,500 Gems
Treats Metal
Max Coins/Minute 50
Likes Chrome, steel, iron

FAQs About Metal Dragons

Many players often have questions about acquiring and caring for Metal Dragons. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What two dragons can breed a Metal Dragon?

Two pure metal dragons like Steel and Chrome have the best odds. But hybrids with metal as one element also have a small chance.

Do I need to upgrade my breeding cave?

Upgrading to higher levels will improve your breeding odds slightly. But it still comes down to luck.

Is the incubation time for a Metal egg shorter?

No, Metal Dragons take just as long as other elements, with incubation around 30 hours.

Can a Metal Dragon breed with dragons of other elements?

Yes, pairing with other elements allows breeding of hybrid metal dragons. But the odds are lower.

Do Metal Dragons collect more gold per minute?

At max elder level, Metal Dragons collect the most coins per minute of any dragon in the game!

What treats do Metal Dragons like?

Unsurprisingly, Metal Dragons prefer treats matching their element – metal treats make them happiest!

Can Metal Dragons only be placed in their own habitat?

Metal Dragons can also reside in Omnitat habitats, but look best suited in their native Metal Habitat.

Let me know if you have any other Metal Dragon questions!

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you master Metal Dragons in Dragonvale! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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