Lapis Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Rare Lapis Dragon in DragonVale


DragonVale is a popular dragon-breeding mobile game where players can collect and breed various dragons. One of the rarest and most sought-after dragons in the game is the Lapis Dragon. This majestic dragon has a max level of 20 and earns players 425 gold per minute at the max level. With shimmering scales that resemble precious lapis lazuli gemstones, the Lapis Dragon is a true sight to behold.

But how exactly do you breed this rare dragon? In this comprehensive breeding guide, we will cover the following:

  • Overview of the Lapis Dragon
  • Breeding combinations to get a Lapis Dragon
  • Tips and tricks to increase breeding success
  • Estimated wait times for breeding and incubation
  • Habitats the Lapis Dragon can live in
  • Earning rates for the Lapis Dragon

Using the breeding combinations and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to add this brilliant blue beauty to your park in no time! Let’s dive in and learn how to breed the lapis dragon in DragonVale.

Overview of the Lapis Dragon

How to Breed the Rare Lapis Dragon in DragonVale

Here’s an overview of the key traits and stats for the rare Lapis Dragon:

  • Element: Cold & Metal
  • Breeding Time: 20 hours
  • Incubation Time: 20 hours
  • Habitats: Omnitat, Cold & Metal
  • Earning Rates:
  • Level 1 – 30 gold/min
  • Level 10 – 220 gold/min
  • Level 20 – 425 gold/min (max)
  • Dragon Book Description: This dragon derives its name from the way its scales evoke visions of the vibrant blue lapis gemstone. While its scales may appear to simply be different shades of blue, closer inspection reveals veins of gleaming metal running through them.

As you can see, this is one special dragon that will earn you a good amount of gold per minute at higher levels. Now let’s go over the breeding combinations.

Breeding Combinations for a Lapis Dragon

The Lapis Dragon is classified as a hybrid rare dragon, meaning it requires using two dragons that cover the cold and metal elements between them. Here are the best dragon pairings to try for breeding a Lapis egg:

Best Dragon Combinations

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Odds

The key is to have one dragon that contributes the cold element and one that brings the metal element. This gives you the best shot at breeding a Lapis Dragon.

As you can see, the breeding odds start relatively low but using the right pair ups them slightly. Having extra breeding caves can allow you to try multiple combinations at once to increase success.

Now let’s go over some tips to further boost your chances when breeding.

Tips to Increase Breeding Success

Here are some key tips to improve your chances of breeding a Lapis dragon:

  • Use higher level dragons – Try to use dragons that are at least level 10. Higher dragon levels increase breeding success rates.
  • Take advantage of events – Some in-game events can temporarily increase breeding odds for certain dragon types. Watch for these limited opportunities.
  • Upgrade breeding caves – Spend gems to upgrade your breeding caves for faster breeding times. This allows you to try more pairings in less time.
  • Retry often – Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries. Keep pairing dragons and trying again if the first attempts fail. Persistence pays off.
  • Clear out caves – Make sure breeding caves are empty before placing pairs so eggs have space to appear right away.

Follow these tips and you can maximize your chances of finally getting that coveted Lapis Dragon!

Estimated Breeding and Incubation Times

Now that you know what dragons to use, approximately how long will it take? Here are the estimated breeding and incubation times:

  • Breeding Time: 20 hours
  • Incubation Time: 20 hours

So you’re looking at around 40 hours total from initially pairing dragons to when the egg is ready to hatch.

Upgrading your breeding caves and nursery (incubating area) can help reduce these times slightly. Be patient and keep trying different combinations until that prized Lapis egg appears!

Where to House Your Lapis Dragon

Once hatched, where do you put your new Lapis Dragon? As a cold and metal-type dragon, these are habitats it can live in:

  • Omnitat (best option as it can house any dragon)
  • Cold Habitat
  • Metal Habitat

Aim to house it in the Omnitat if you have that available since it will take up the least space. Plus, the Omnitat boosts earning rates which is great for increasing your hourly gold income.

Review of Lapis Dragon Earning Rates

Speaking of gold income, here’s a quick review of the gold per minute earning rates for the Lapis Dragon as it levels up:

LevelEarning Rate
1220 gold/min
10220 gold / min
20425 gold/min (max)

Getting your Lapis Dragon to at least level 15 will maximize your passive gold production. Focus on earning experience points through treats, clearing obstacles, and other actions.


The captivating Lapis Dragon is well worth the effort to breed with its beautiful design and high earning potential. Use the cold and metal combinations suggested in this guide to have the best shot at getting this rare dragon in your park. With a stunning color scheme reminiscent of valuable lapis gemstones, it will be the crown jewel of your collection!

Follow the breeding and incubation time estimates as you work towards that coveted Lapis egg. Stay diligent by retrying combinations during breeding events and cave upgrades. Before you know it, you’ll welcome one of these majestic blue beauties into your park.

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