The Rarest Dragons in DragonVale: A Guide to the Most Coveted Breeds

The Rarest Dragons in DragonVale: A Guide to the Most Coveted Breeds

DragonVale is a popular mobile game app where players can breed and collect rare species of dragons. With over 700 dragons available, some breeds stand out as extremely difficult to acquire due to limited breeding times or intricate combos needed.

Owning the rarest DragonVale dragons earns serious bragging rights thanks to the luck and dedication required to breed them. Players often compete to collect the coveted limited dragons on DragonVale forums and communities online.

In this guide, we will cover the absolute rarest and most prized dragon species in the game. We’ll explore what makes these breeds so challenging to get plus tips to up your chances of finally breeding that elusive dragon.

Let’s go over the top 10 most exceptionally rare dragons in DragonVale!

1. Corrupticorn Dragon

The dark and sinister-looking Corrupticorn dragon is arguably the #1 rarest and hardest dragon to acquire in DragonVale.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Only available during one weekend per year around Halloween
  • Requires breeding two rare dragons – a double rainbow and a corrupticorn dragon
  • Very low chance of success even with the optimal combo
  • Only opportunity is for a couple days annually

How to Get It:

  • Only breedable by breeding a double rainbow and corrupticorn dragon during the limited Halloween event
  • Use an Epic Breeding Island to increase odds slightly
  • Keep trying every breeding cooldown for the whole weekend

The corrupticorn has only been available since October 2020 but has already become a white whale dragon for dedicated players. If you manage to breed one of these ultra-rare dragons, hold onto it tight!

2. Party Dragon

The party dragon lives up to its name with colorful confetti-like wings and a festive party hat. But partying up this dragon yourself is a tall order.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Only can attempt during New Years event (Dec 31 – Jan 2)
  • Requires using a wish and two specific dragons – Muse and a rift trait Firework dragon
  • Very brief yearly breeding window makes it easy to miss

How to Get It:

  • Use a wish at the end of December to wish for “Happy New Year!”
  • Breed Muse and Firework dragons
  • Try many times over the weekend event
  • Huge luck factor involved

This tough combo and tiny breeding window means only a handful of players successfully ring in the new year with a party dragon each time around.

3. Gold Olympus Dragon

This glittering dragon encapsulates the golden glory of victory. But harvesting enough Olympic medals to breed it takes luck and skill.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Only obtainable during the Olympic period every 2 years
  • Must collect gold Olympic medals by completing Olympus Colosseum events
  • Takes large medal counts unlikely to accumulate quickly
  • Short two week Olympic season makes collecting enough medals tough

How to Get It:

  • Compete in the Colosseum events during each Olympics
  • Earn Olympic gold medals for top tier performances
  • Save up medals until you have 400-500+
  • Breed two dragons using 400-500 gold medals

Saving so many scarce medals before the Olympics event expires makes breeding the regal gold Olympus dragon a privilege just for the DragonVale elite.

4. Bereavement Dragon

No one looks forward to bereavement or grieving. But this rare dragon’s yin-yang themed wings and Zen colors certainly give it a peaceful, contemplative look.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Only available for a limited time once a year
  • Players must experience the loss of one of their own dragons to trigger getting a Bereavement dragon egg
  • The egg given only has a small chance of breeding this dragon
  • Most players hope to never qualify for this dragon

How to Get It:

  • Lose a dragon in your park, either by selling/transferring it or allowing it to die
  • Complete the resulting in-game Bereavement Island quests
  • Receive the special Bereavement egg and cradle
  • Attempt to breed the Bereavement dragon from the egg; may take many tries

While no player wants to lose a beloved dragon, working through the bereavement process is the only path to a chance at this rare dragon each October.

5. Bloom Dragon

Representing renewal and spring, the bloom dragon fittingly can only be bred for a short time around the spring equinox.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Strictly only breedable for one week annually
  • Requires using the limited equinox dragon in combos
  • Low breeding rate even using optimal combo
  • Short 5-7 day breed availability makes it easy to miss

How to Get It:

  • Buy or breed an Equinox dragon before March 20
  • When the Spring Bloom event begins, breed Equinox with a butterfly dragon
  • Repeat breed until the event ends to maximize odds
  • Huge luck factor involved

With ideal conditions and luck, you just may coax a glorious bloom dragon into your park during this fleeting early spring event.

6. Blue Moon Dragon

The name fits this moonlight-themed dragon beautifully. But breeding it is as rare as seeing a real blue moon occur astronomically.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Can only breed for 3-4 days every few years when a blue moon event occurs
  • Requires some very specific combo dragons – Moon, Ghost, and Blue Fire
  • Low breeding odds even with the ideal combo
  • Extremely brief and infrequent breeding opportunities

How to Get It:

  • Have Moon, Ghost, and Blue Fire dragons ready
  • Be on the lookout for a special in-game blue moon announcement
  • Attempt the specific 3-dragon combo under the brief window
  • Only have a few days before the event expires so breed often

Catching this lunar event at the right dragon breeding readiness takes luck. But pulling off this celestial combo during the mercilessly short window will let you finally gaze upon an ethereal blue moon dragon.

7. Leap Year Dragon

With radiant rainbow wings, this aptly named dragon represents the extra day occurring only every 4 years on February 29th.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Can only breed on February 29, once every 4 years!
  • Requires having a double leap year dragon to attempt breeding
  • Tiny 24 hour breeding window makes it ultra easy to miss
  • Only successfully breedable if you already have one from a previous leap year

How to Get It:

  • Ensure you already have a double leap year dragon
  • Be ready on February 29 when the event starts
  • Use the double leap year dragon to attempt breeding
  • Precision timing and preparation is essential

Waiting 4 long years between chances plus the precision it takes to capitalize on this brief window makes leap year dragons a true privilege among DragonVale collectors.

8. Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Dragon In Dragonvale

These dazzling dragons live up to their name with shining scales tinted in all colors of the rainbow. But rainbows themselves are rare, let alone rainbow dragons.

Why It’s Rare:

  • One of the lowest breeding rates in the game
  • Requires optimal combo of double rainbows or a rainbow and a leap year dragon
  • Even ideal combos only provide around a 5% success rate
  • Most breeding attempts result in less rare monolith dragons

How to Get It:

  • Use a double rainbow combo for slightly better odds
  • Be persistent through low odds and monolith fails
  • Keep trying on an Epic Breeding Island
  • This dragon tests breeding skill and patience

Pursuing the rainbow dragon teaches breeders to endure frustration and stay dedicated through daunting odds. But glimpsing that first rainbow shine will make it all worthwhile.

9. Lichen Dragon

With its peaceful earth tone wings and antlers, the lichen dragon blends into nature. But blending the dragons needed to breed it is quite difficult.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Very specific combo required: Moss and Cactus dragons
  • Only available during the fall season
  • Roughly 5-day breeding window in November
  • Low breeding rate even during the ideal breeding times

How to Get It:

  • Have moss and cactus dragons ready for autumn
  • Watch for in-game notifications when lichen can breed
  • Attempt the moss and cactus combo during the fall window
  • Use an Epic Breeding Island to boost odds

With perfect seasonal timing and a bit of natural luck, your moss and cactus dragons can come together to create this down-to-earth rarity.

10. Double Leap Year Dragon

It’s only fitting that the double leap year has its own incredibly rare celebratory dragon, with radiant scales and not one but two pairs of wings.

Why It’s Rare:

  • Can only be bred once every 8 years on February 29!
  • Requires two very specific limited dragons – a leap year and a party dragon
  • Only 24 hours every 8 years to attempt this breed
  • Having the combo dragons ready for the tiny window is monumentally difficult

How to Get It:

  • Have a leap year dragon and party dragon both ready in your nursery before the date
  • Be available on February 29 to attempt this time-sensitive breeding
  • Only a 24 hour window to breed before waiting another 8 years!

The stars truly must align perfectly to have a shot at this blazing dragon that fittingly comes around just once in a blue moon!

Tips for Breeding Rare Dragons

Catching these remarkably rare DragonVale breeding opportunities takes knowledge,resources and a bit of luck. Here are tips to up your chances of finally getting that coveted dragon into your park:

  • Check DragonVale forums and web guides to know when limited dragons become available
  • Plan combo dragons ahead of time and level them up fully
  • Have extra magic on hand to speed up breeding cooldowns when needed
  • Use the Epic Breeding Island for better rare dragon rates
  • Retry breeding combos immediately after each failure
  • Stay persistent through low odds – success will come eventually!
  • Take advantage of bring ‘em back limited time encores
  • Trade dragons with friends to help each other out

With dedication, savvy breeding methods and a little patience, the incredibly rewarding feeling of finally hatching one of these rare beauties will make it all worthwhile!

While the dragons may be fantasy, the community and fun provided by DragonVale is quite real. We hope you enjoyed this overview of the game’s most coveted and prestigious breeds. Let us know which awesomely rare dragons you’ve had the fortune to breed in the comments!

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