How to Get the Jackpot Dragon in DragonVale

How to Get the Jackpot Dragon in DragonVale

The Jackpot dragon is one of the most coveted rare dragons in DragonVale. This glittering, golden dragon is a real prize, helping you amass coins in your park. But how do you breed the elusive Jackpot dragon?

In this comprehensive breeding and habitat guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get your own Jackpot dragon, including:

  • Jackpot Dragon Overview
  • Breeding Requirements and Combos
  • Egg and Incubation Times
  • Habitat Requirements
  • Earning Coins
  • Tips and Tricks

Let’s dig into how to hit the dragon jackpot!

An Overview of the Jackpot Dragon

The Jackpot dragon lives up to its name – it brings good fortune and riches to your park! Here are some quick facts about this rare and rewarding breed:

  • Available only by breeding, not in the market.
  • Modeled after a golden lion, with shimmering metallic scales.
  • Earns the most coins per minute of any dragon.
  • One of the highest in-game cash earnings rates.
  • Limited availability – can only breed when available.
  • No elements, so cannot be used for breeding any other dragons.

The Jackpot dragon is aptly named – it showers your park in valuable coins to expand your dragon collection! Let’s look at how to successfully breed this golden goose dragon.

How to Breed the Jackpot Dragon

How to Breed the Jackpot Dragon

Breeding the Jackpot dragon is no easy feat – its breeding requirements are quite restrictive. Here is what you need to know:

  • Only available at specific times – The Jackpot dragon is limited release. It can only be bred during special events when made available by the game. Watch for announcements!
  • Requires a monument – To even attempt breeding, you must have the Fortuna’s Fountain monument placed in your park. This special structure unlocks the power to breed Jackpot.
  • Specific combo required – The breeding combo is always the same: you must breed using a Crystal dragon and a Leap Year dragon, both at least level 11.
  • Low success rate – Even with the right combo, your odds of getting a Jackpot egg are still low. So expect to try many times.

The restrictive combo and low odds make Jackpot one of the hardest dragons to acquire in the game. But the payout is worth it! Next, let’s look at incubation times once you do get that coveted egg.

Jackpot Dragon Egg and Incubation Information

If you’re fortunate enough to breed a Jackpot dragon egg, here is what to expect for incubation:

  • Egg type: Gold
  • Incubation time: 30 hours
  • Possible incubators: Island, Cave, Epic Breeding Island
  • Incubation cost: 200 gems or 68,000 coins

The long 30 hour incubation time is standard for most limited dragons. Make sure you have an open habitat before the egg is ready to hatch!

Now let’s look at the habitat requirements once you’ve hatched your dragon.

Habitat Requirements for the Jackpot Dragon

This glittering golden dragon needs a worthy habitat once hatched:

  • Habitat choice: Gold (or Epic Breeding Island)
  • Habitat capacity: 2 dragons
  • Habitat cost: 500 gems
  • Habitat size: 2×2

The Gold Habitat is a natural fit thematically for housing this golden, gem-covered dragon. Make sure to clear a space before your Jackpot egg incubation completes!

How the Jackpot Dragon Earns Coins

The main appeal of the Jackpot dragon is producing a payload of gold for your park. Here’s a breakdown of how it generates income:

  • Earning rate: 5000 coins per minute
  • Max capacity: 500,000 max coins
  • Earning total: 500,000 coins in 100 minutes
  • Earning schedule: 1 minute active, 4 minutes idle

No other dragon earns gold as quickly! With boosts and leveling up, the Jackpot dragon’s output grows even higher over time.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Breeding Jackpot

Breeding the Jackpot dragon presents a real challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your odds of success:

  • Upgrade your breeding cave/island and use Epic Breeding Island for best results.
  • Level up your Crystal and Leap Year dragons as high as possible (at least 11).
  • Clear all other dragons off your islands when breeding for Jackpot.
  • Activate any available boosts to enhance your breeding odds.
  • Be ready to try many times – low success rate means patience is key.
  • Watch for limited availability announcements and have dragons/habitat ready.

With the right tactics and some luck, you can hit the jackpot with this ultra-rare, ultra-profitable dragon!

Jackpot Dragon FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions about the coveted Jackpot dragon:

Can you get the Jackpot dragon any time?

No. The Jackpot dragon is only available by breeding during special limited-time events announced in the game.

What’s the breeding combo?

Crystal and Leap Year, both at level 11 or higher. The combo never changes.

How long for incubation?

30 hours, requires an upgraded island, cave, or the Epic Breeding Island.

Can it earn double rainbows?

No. The Jackpot dragon does not have any elements so it cannot be used for breeding rainbow dragons.

Does it earn more money over time?

Yes! Leveling up the Jackpot dragon boosts its already sky-high gold earning rate.

Key Takeaways on Breeding Jackpot Dragons

Here are the key tips to remember on obtaining this lucrative limited dragon:

  • Only breedable when available during special events
  • Requires Fortuna’s Fountain, Crystal & Leap Year dragons
  • Low success rate means trying repeatedly
  • 30 hour incubation time in a Gold or Epic habitat
  • Unparalleled coin generation rate

With the strategies in this guide, you can hit the jackpot with your own glittering gold dragon!


The Jackpot is one of DragonVale’s most exclusive and profitable limited dragons. With the right monument, breeding pair, and plenty of patience for its long incubation, you can breed your own fortunate Jackpot dragon. Just be ready when availability windows open so you don’t miss out!

We hope our complete breeding and habitat guide gives you everything you need to successfully add this golden dragon to your collection. Keep an eye out for your chance to win the jackpot!

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