How to Breed the Sun Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Sun Dragon in DragonVale

The Sun Dragon is one of the most sought after dragons in DragonVale. This fiery dragon lives up to its name with its bright yellow colors and blazing hot sun beams. Breeding the Sun Dragon takes some effort, but it is possible if you follow the right steps. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting your own Sun Dragon, from basic breeding info to tips and tricks.

An Introduction to DragonVale Breeding

Before we dive into the specifics of breeding the Sun Dragon, let’s review some key facts about breeding in DragonVale:

  • Each dragon has one or more possible egg combinations that can result in that dragon. The Sun Dragon has three potential combinations.
  • Dragons must be level 4 or higher to breed.
  • Breeding takes place in the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island.
  • The breeding time for a Sun Dragon egg is 14 hours.
  • Some dragons, like the Sun Dragon, are “hybrid dragons”, meaning they can only be acquired through breeding, not through purchasing eggs.
  • There is always a degree of chance in breeding. Even if you use the right combos, there is no guarantee the Sun Dragon will result. Patience and perseverance is key!

Now that we’ve covered some basic breeding facts, let’s look specifically at how to get the Sun Dragon.

The Sun Dragon Element Combinations

The Sun Dragon is a rare hybrid dragon with three potential breeding combinations. The elements needed are Fire, Lightning, and Plant. Here are the three combos that can result in a Sun Dragon:

  • Fire and Lightning
  • Fire and Plant
  • Lightning and Plant

As you can see, Fire is common to all three. This fiery element is key when trying for this blazing hot dragon.

Some good dragon pairs to use include:

  • Fire and Sonic (Lightning)
  • Fire and Poison (Plant)
  • Fire and Evergreen (Plant)
  • Sonic and Poison
  • Sonic and Evergreen

The most important factor is having at least one dragon with the Fire element and one with either Lightning or Plant. Focus on pairing dragons that cover those elements for the best Sun Dragon breeding odds.

Tips for Breeding the Sun Dragon

How to Breed the Sun Dragon in DragonVale

Breeding the Sun Dragon takes luck and perseverance. Here are some tips to boost your chances:

Use high level dragons – Use dragons that are at least level 15 or higher if possible. Higher level dragons have better breeding odds compared to lower level ones.

Upgrade your breeding spaces – Upgrade your Breeding Cave and Epic Breeding Island to upgrade your breeding odds. This costs gems but is well worth it.

Wait for special events – Sometimes DragonVale will host special breeding events that temporarily increase breeding chances for certain rare dragons like the Sun Dragon. Watch for these limited windows!

Use the Epic Breeding Island – While you can breed the Sun Dragon in the regular Breeding Cave, the Epic Breeding Island offers better breeding odds for rare dragons. Use this upgraded space if you have it.

Retry unsuccessful breedings – Don’t give up if you don’t get the Sun Dragon on the first try! Keep trying the recommended combos.

Clear out failed breeds quickly – Don’t let unwanted breeds take up space. Clear out eggs from failed attempts right away to open up breeding spaces again.

Utilize breeds that take less time – Some breed times are shorter than others. Use dragons with 6-12 hour breed times so you can fit more breed attempts into the day.

Follow these tips and be diligent and you will eventually achieve your goal of breeding a fiery Sun Dragon!

What to Expect from the Sun Dragon

Once you’ve successfully bred your Sun Dragon, here’s a look at what you can expect from this solar legendary:

Appearance – The Sun Dragon is aptly named with its bright sun-like colors. It has a golden yellow body, mane, and wings. Its underbelly is orange and it has bright yellow horns and claws. Sunbeam-like yellow streaks surround it.

Habitat – This fiery dragon can be placed in any primary elemental habitat. Recommended spots are the Fire, Lightning, or Plant habitats.

Breeding & Earning Rates – The Sun Dragon earns 45 gold/min and takes 14 hours to breed. These are quite high rates since this is a rare hybrid dragon.

Elements – The Sun Dragon has three primary elements: Fire, Lightning, and Plant. Having triple elements means it will earn more gold during events for those elements.

Special Abilities – The Sun Dragon can shoot long-range fireballs from its mouth, harness electricity to become overcharged, and use photosynthesis to absorb sunlight for energy.

With vibrant colors, high earning potential, and rare triple elements, the Sun Dragon is a coveted keeper in DragonVale. Now that you know how to successfully breed this solar legend, you can add this blazing beauty to your park!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sun Dragon

Many DragonVale players have questions when trying to breed the elusive Sun Dragon. Here are answers to some of the most common Sun Dragon FAQs.

How long does it take to breed the Sun Dragon?

The Sun Dragon breeding time is 14 hours. This long time indicates it is one of the rarer hybrid legendaries. Be prepared to wait the full 14 hours for a chance at a Sun Dragon egg.

Can I buy a Sun Dragon instead of breed it?

No, the Sun Dragon cannot be purchased like primary element dragons. It is only available through breeding. You’ll need to acquire the requisite dragons and breed them using the Fire, Lightning, Plant element combo in order to have a chance at getting a Sun Dragon.

Which combo is best for breeding the Sun Dragon?

The three breeding combos containing Fire + Lightning, Fire + Plant, and Lightning + Plant all have an equal chance of breeding a Sun Dragon. There is no one “best” combo, so feel free to use any of those three pairings. Higher level dragons will up your breeding odds.

If I don’t get a Sun Dragon at first, should I keep trying?

Absolutely! Even using the best combos, there is still randomness in breeding. Keep retrying the recommended combos. With perseverance, you should eventually be rewarded with a Sun Dragon egg.

Is there any way to guarantee getting the Sun Dragon?

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to breed this rare dragon. Due to the random nature of DragonVale breeding, there is always a degree of chance at play. Your best bet is upgrading your breeding spaces, using the recommended combos, and having patience through repeated tries.

Can I breed the Sun Dragon with other hybrids like a Blue Fire?

You must use dragons with the requisite Fire, Lightning, and Plant elements to have a chance at breeding a Sun Dragon. Hybrids like Blue Fire do not contain those elements, so cannot breed a Sun Dragon. Stick to primary element dragons in your breeding combo.

So there you have it – everything you need to successfully breed the rare and brilliant Sun Dragon! With the right dragon combos and some perseverance, you’ll soon illuminate your island with this fiery legend. Keep these tips in mind and get ready to harness the sun with your very own blazing Sun Dragon in DragonVale!

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