Glass Dragon of Dragonvale

The Magnificent Glass Dragon of Dragonvale: A Complete Guide

The radiant Glass Dragon is a highly sought-after rare breed in Dragonvale worlds. This crystalline creature is challenging to acquire, but deeply rewarding for any dedicated dragonkeeper.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover all the secrets of the evasive Glass Dragon, including:

✓ Background and Origin

✓ Appearance and Abilities

✓ Habitats and Preferences

✓ Breeding Tips and Requirements

✓ Earning and Upgrade Costs

✓ Special Qualities and Animation

✓ Ideal Dragonvale Parks

So prepare your dragon habitats, stock up on magical gems, and get ready to welcome an ornate glass wonder!

Background and Origin

The Glass Dragon descends from ancient lineages bred deep within cinder-strewn mountain tops, where the extreme heat and pressure forge their distinctive transparent bodies.

  • Here are some key facts about the origins of the Glass Dragon:
  • Born and raised near volcanoes, lava flows, and hot springs
  • Descended from Dragons that bathed in or drank from heated geysers
  • Formed by intense mountain conditions – heat, minerals, metals
  • Translucent skin and glass-like scale composition evolved over centuries
  • Remained isolated and relatively rare due to remote breeding grounds

Many early Dragonkeepers were entranced by stories of the sparkling Glass Dragons but were unable to find and capture the reclusive beasts. As remote Dragonworlds became less isolated, however, skilled trainers were eventually able to befriend these special mountain Dragons and integrate them into parks.

Appearance and Abilities

Glass Dragon of Dragonvale

The Glass Dragon is aptly named – it exhibits a sleek body composed almost entirely from glass-like mineral scales. Its mesmerizing transparent skin reveals its inner pulsing glow and swirling vital organs.

  • Here are some key traits of the Glass Dragon’s appearance:
  • Translucent glass-mineral scales cover the body
  • Inner glow emits from within translucent skin
  • Colors range from palest sky blue to emerald green
  • Delicate wings are also glass-like with veining
  • Inner swirling light patterns hypnotic when animated
  • jagged spinal plates run down the neck and back
  • Eyes shine like cut gemstones with inner light

The vibrant visibility of the Glass Dragon’s inner bodily systems and functions is its signature trait. The swirling glow and light pulsations almost resemble a living lava lamp!

As expected, the Glass Dragon’s abilities stem from its hot glassy composition:

  • Withstand very high temperatures
  • Immune to most Fire Dragons‘ heat and flames
  • Reflect bright light through its scales
  • Refract light into miniature rainbows
  • Glows from within, fully animated and moving
  • Glass-based attack and defense skills

The Glass Dragon is therefore one of the most eye-catching breeds for your park, with colors and lights swirling and dancing inside its glassy body.

Habitats and Preferences

Providing the ideal environment for your Glass Dragon encourages it to thrive and breed. Here are some habitat specifications:

Habitat Quality Description
Temperature Hot zones from 80-150°F, the higher the better
Environment Desert, mountain, volcanic preferred
Security Glass sculpture shelters and smooth rocks
Diet Gemstones, quartz crystals, silica, glass
Lighting Bright sunlight to refract off scales
  • Details on Habitat Preferences:
  • Thrives in hot, dry Mountain or Volcano zones
  • Dislikes cold environments like Alpine or Tundra
  • Requires radiant Sun or Lightning element exposure
  • Shelters should provide a cooled glass enclosure
  • Precious gemstones, crystals, glass, and mirrors entice nesting

By mimicking its natural mineral-rich habitat, you can make your Glass Dragon feel right at home!

Breeding Tips and Requirements

Breeding Glass Dragons is very rare and challenging – but tremendously lucrative!

  • Here are key pointers for breeding Glass Dragons:
  • Extremely long breed times – 4 days to completion!
  • Need to upgrade Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island
  • Highest chance by pairing 2 Glass Dragons together
  • Also can breed with a Dodo Dragon or a Mirror Dragon
  • May take many many tries to finally succeed
  • Patience and persistence pays off in the end!
  • In summary, these are the Basic Breeding Requirements:
  • Upgrade to Epic Breeding Island for best results
  • Have 2 Glass Dragons (already a challenge!)
  • Also works with Dodo Dragon or Mirror Dragon
  • 4 days breed time must fully complete
  • Keep trying – low % odds but possible!

The long efforts to breed this rare Dragon demonstrate why Glass Dragons are so highly prized and admired in your park!

Earning and Upgrade Costs

While challenging to attain, the Glass Dragon more than compensates with excellent gold-per-minute generation rates and high sale values. Let’s review the financial implications:

Earning Rates

  • Glass Dragons max out at Level 20
  • The max gold per minute rate is 5,000 coins
  • That high income takes **2 days and 3 hours **to reach

So in exchange for nailing the tricky breeding requirements, you’re rewarded with a handsome 5k gross gold every minute!

Upgrade Costs

We’ve summarized the upgrade costs by level here:

Level Upgrade Cost Time Elapsed
2 1,000 0 secs
3 2,400 30 mins
4 6,000 2 hrs
5 12,000 4 hrs
6 17,500 8 hrs
7 25,000 1 day
8 35,000 1 day 5 hrs
9 50,000 1 day 13 hrs
10 75,000 2 days 3 hrs
11 100,000 2 days 15 hrs
12 140,000 4 days 3 hrs
13 200,000 4 days 15 hrs
14 275,000 6 days
15 375,000 7 days 12 hrs
16 500,000 9 days 11 hrs
17 750,000 12 days 6 hrs
18 1,000,000 15 days 11 hrs
19 1,250,000 1 mnth 1 day
20 1,500,000 1 mnth 4

Reaching the maximum level of 20 requires weeks of dedicated upkeep and over 1.5 million gold – but the big 5k payout is well worth the investment!

Special Qualities and Animation

The exceptional animation of the Glass Dragon’s internal organs and fluids brings this breed to life:

  • Inner glow pulses with breathing rhythms
  • Lights flow following movement patterns
  • Multi-colored fluids swirl inside glass body
  • Rainbow refractions dash along wings
  • Claws extend shiny translucent spikes
  • Overall mesmerizing living lava lamp effect!

The Glass Dragon also has some special perks compared to other types:

✓ Immune to many Fire-based attacks
✓ Reflects weapons and spells off shiny scales
✓ Emits tinkling glass sound effects
✓ Sparkling glass shard particle effects
✓ Hall of Mirrors filter when animated
✓ Special Glass Habitats boost outcomes

Watching your Glass Dragon dive, soar, eat, sleep, and play truly justifies all the hard work to attain this legendary breed!

Ideal Dragonvale Parks

The prismatic colors and refracting light shows from the Glass Dragon create amazing focal points for certain Park designs.

  • Recommended Park Themes:
  • Glass Sculpture Gardens
  • Mirror Mazes and Halls
  • Laser + Fog Fantasy Lands
  • Disco Dance Floors
  • Mythic Mountain / Volcano Regions
  • Crystal Caverns / Gem Quarries
  • Light Prisms and Rainbow Lands

Creative dragonkeepers build incredible environments to highlight their shimmering Glass Dragons within. Really dedicate your park layout to flaunting these signature creatures!

By understanding all the qualities of the Glass Dragon, you can better achieve breeding and park integration success. We hope our comprehensive guide unlocked the mysteries around maintaining one of these glittering rarities in your Dragonvale worlds! May your dragon habitats soon fill with glowing glassy guardians.

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