Lightning Dragon In Dragonvale

The Definitive Guide to the Lightning Dragon in DragonVale

The Lightning Dragon is an electrifying legendary dragon capable of massive destruction with its storm-charged abilities. This comprehensive guide provides everything DragonVale players need to know about obtaining and caring for these rare Lightning Dragons.

Learn about this dragonÔÇÖs origins, breeding combinations, preferred habitats, earning rates, battle strengths and weaknesses, rarity tier, special traits, and more using this definitive resource.

An Introduction to the Lightning Dragon

The Lightning Dragon was introduced in October 2012 as one of the limited edition Epic Dragons available during specific events. It is classified as a pure Electricity-element dragon.

Lightning Dragons have bright yellow scales and crackling spikes and horns that constantly emit sparks. According to in-game lore, they generate never-ending thunderstorms around themselves and enjoy chaotic weather.

When threatened, these dragons can unleash torrential lightning strikes and thunderclaps capable of vaporizing solid rock. Yet they can also tone down their abilities to create gentle electrical light shows.

Lightning Dragons are bold, temperamental, and require space to fly freely. But with trust, they develop strong bonds with their trainers. Their spirited natures and powerful electric abilities make them invaluable members of DragonVale.

Physical Features and Attributes

The Lightning Dragon has a lean build with smooth yellow scales covering most of its body. Its underbelly is a pale cream color.

Spiky yellow horns sprout from its head, surrounded by a mane of feathery growths. The dragonÔÇÖs wings are mottled yellow and orange in color.

Lightning Dragon In Dragonvale

All of the Lightning DragonÔÇÖs prominent spikes and horns constantly generate electrical arcing and sparks. Tiny lightning bolts flicker across its body, especially when agitated.

When airborne, the Lightning Dragon draws surrounding storm clouds and wind to itself. Thunder rumbles wherever it flies, and clouds darken overhead.

By focusing electricity internally, the dragon can unleash devastating lightning attacks from its mouth on command. It can also generate electromagnetic pulses to disable electronic devices.

Despite their chaotic tendencies, Lightning Dragons enjoy playfully releasing stored electricity to create mesmerizing light shows in the sky above DragonVale islands.

Breeding Lightning Dragons

The Lightning Dragon can be bred by combining electricity dragons together. Here are the best pairings ranked by rarity:

  • Most Common: Storm Dragon + Mountain Dragon
  • More Common: Storm Dragon + Mist Dragon
  • Rare: Storm Dragon + Storm Dragon

Using the upgraded Epic Breeding Island and leaving dragons paired overnight boosts chances. The Lightning Dragon incubation time is approximately 14 hours.

This table summarizes the breeding combinations:

Dragons Rarity
Storm + Mountain Most Common
Storm + Mist More Common
Storm + Storm Rare

Testing combinations in the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox helps strategize for rare dragons.

Habitats for Lightning Dragons

The Lightning Dragon is an Electricity dragon, meaning it requires a matching Electricity habitat. Here are the options:

  • Electricity Habitat: Houses 1 dragon, max level 7
  • Epic Electricity Habitat: Houses 4 dragons, max level 10
  • Omnitat Habitat: Houses 2 dragons of any element, max level 10

Focus on upgrading the Epic Electricity Habitat first since it has the highest dragon capacity.

Habitat Dragon Capacity Max Level
Electricity 1 7
Epic Electricity 4 10
Omnitat 2 10

Earning Rates and Boosts

The base earning rate for the Lightning Dragon at level 1 is 8 gold/minute. At level 10, the maximum earning rate is 15 gold/min.

You can significantly increase earnings by:

  • Upgrading habitats to max level
  • Purchasing boost relics
  • Pairing with high earning dragons

Here are the estimated earnings for leveled up Lightning Dragons:

Level Earning Rate
1 8 gold/min (base)
10 15 gold/min (base)
10 50+ gold/min (max boosts)

Focus on boosts once your Lightning Dragon reaches level 10 for exponentially increased earnings. Max out its habitat exponentially increase earnings by applying boosts once your Lightning Dragon reaches level 10.

Battle Strengths and Weaknesses

The Lightning Dragon excels at dealing sustained electric damage over time but has low health.


  • High constant electric damage
  • Strong against water, plant, and metal enemies
  • Can inflict paralysis to disable foes


  • Low health makes it fragile
  • Vulnerable to earth attacks
  • Slow energy regeneration

Overall, the Lightning Dragon functions best supporting other dragons by paralyzing enemies and sustaining electric damage each round.


The Lightning Dragon can evolve into the Storm Dragon once it reaches level 15.

Evolving takes approximately 84 hours of real-world time. The Storm Dragon has enhanced electricity powers and new weather control abilities.

Rarity and Value

The Lightning Dragon has a Rare rarity, making it moderately challenging to acquire. Its value comes from:

  • Useful electric battle abilities
  • High gold earning rates
  • Cool lightning visual effects
  • Can evolve into the Storm Dragon

Its coolness and battle strengths boost the appeal of owning the Lightning Dragon.

Fun Lightning Dragon Facts

Here are some interesting trivia facts about the legendary Lightning Dragon:

  • It sleeps best during intense thunderstorms. The crashing lightning soothes it.
  • When content, the dragon releases harmless static charges into the air.
  • If angry, the Lightning Dragon can magnetize its scales to repel attackers.
  • Newborn hatchlings already can discharge mild jolts for defense.
  • Its drool contains bio-electricity which it uses to stun small prey.
  • Lightning Dragons love chasing and consuming energy balls created by Waverider Dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common player questions about the Lightning Dragon:

WhatÔÇÖs the easiest combo to breed Lightning?

The Storm and Mountain Dragon pairing has the best chance of breeding this rare dragon.

What level does the Lightning Dragon earn the most gold/minute?

The maximum earning rate peaks at level 10, with further leveling not increasing revenue.

Is the Lightning Dragon worth keeping to earn gold?

Yes, its high max earning rate makes it a valuable dragon for gold farming.

How rare is the Lightning Dragon compared to other Epic Dragons?

The Lightning Dragon is a Rare rarity, making it moderately difficult to breed and acquire.


The storm-wielding Lightning Dragon breathes lightning and channels massive electrical energies. Obtaining this rare and powerful Electricity-element dragon in DragonVale provides new breeding opportunities, battle advantages, and increased gold-earning potential.

Use this complete guide to master all the key tips for acquiring your own Lightning Dragon and unleashing its thundering abilities.

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