Tusk Dragon This Weekend!
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Tusk Dragon This Weekend!

The Tusk dragon and it’s Enchanted Tusk counterpart are slated to be activated in the game this on Jan 20th. Be sure to check the Breeding Calculator for breeding time to look for and the best combinations to use to breed them!

Note: You must update your game client to 1.7.1 before Tusk will be available in the game.

“If the Tusk Dragon could speak, one might imagine it to have the voice of a droopy-faced dog with long, floppy ears. Despite looking morose, however, this dragon seemes to be perfectly content to waddle through its habitat, patiently awaiting feeding time. If it ever uses its tusks for anything, it’s a mystery to most magicfolk; the Tusk Dragon is one gentle giant.” – in game description”

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