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A Complete Guide to DragonVale Eggs

DragonVale is a popular mobile game where players can collect and breed hundreds of unique dragons. At the core of the game is acquiring dragon eggs and hatching them to expand your collection. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about DragonVale eggs including types, rarities, hatching, and strategies.

Overview of Dragon Eggs

  • Eggs contain baby dragons that can be hatched in habitats.
  • There are over 500 different types of eggs in DragonVale.
  • Eggs come in different element types like plant, fire, earth, etc.
  • Some eggs are common while others are rare or epic.
  • Players start with basic egg types and work to breed rarer dragons over time.
  • Eggs can be acquired through breeding, events, purchases, or as rewards.
  • Each egg has unique patterns, colors, and designs matching the dragon inside.

Egg Types by Rarity

DragonVale eggs come in different rarity levels, with common eggs being the easiest to acquire and epic eggs being the rarest.

Common Eggs

These basic dragon eggs are the easiest to obtain in the game. Common combos include:

  • Plant – Leaf, Lichen
  • Fire – Torch, Warm
  • Earth – Moss, Mud
  • Cold – Snow, Icecube
  • Lightning – Thundersnow, Current
  • Water – Seaweed, Coral
  • Air – Cloud, Fog

Rare Eggs

Rare eggs require more advanced breeding combinations to acquire. Examples include:

  • Plant – Cactus, Carnivore, Pearlescent
  • Fire – Scorch, Ash
  • Earth – Crystal, Quake
  • Cold – Snowflake, Evergreen
  • Lightning – Mine, Storm
  • Water – Wave, Current
  • Air – Blizzard, Wind

Epic Eggs

Epic eggs are the rarest in the game. They include:

  • Rainbow – Double Rainbow, Aurora
  • Sun – Solar Eclipse, Dawn
  • Moon – Blue Moon, Dusk
  • Seasonal – Equinox, Solstice
  • Galaxy – Nebula, Neutrino
  • Crystal – Emerald, Garnet
  • Treasure – Bronze, Silver

Legendary Eggs

These extremely rare eggs come from specific game events:

  • Kairos – Primal dragon of time
  • Gaia – Primal dragon of earth
  • Ts’aishen – Primal dragon of air

Other Special Eggs

  • Gemstone – Special gem-themed eggs
  • Crystalline – Transparent eggs
  • Omen – Glowing special event eggs
  • Ornamental – Holiday decorated eggs

Tips for Egg Hatching

Once you’ve acquired an egg, you’ll want to hatch it quickly to get your new dragon. Here are tips for faster hatching:

  • Upgrade your Nurseries – More stars = faster hatch speed
  • Use treat buffs – Treats like Warming can reduce times
  • Incubate multiple eggs – Fill all Nursery spots
  • Speed up with gems – Instantly finish incubation with gems
  • Participate in events – Some events give free hatch speedups
  • Unbox Nest Vaults – Vaults give boosts to hatch speed
  • Ask friends for help – Friends can gift hatch speedups
  • Quest for Reduced Timer – Complete quests for hatch time boosts

Breeding for Better Eggs

The key to getting rare eggs is mastering dragon breeding combinations. Here are some breeding tips:

  • Upgrade Breeding Cave – Higher levels increase rare breed odds
  • Use Epic Breeding Island – Better odds than cave, but takes longer
  • Consult breeding combos – Check the DragonVale wiki for combos
  • Try different pairings – Experiment to find elusive combos
  • Retry failed attempts – Keep trying until success!
  • Invoke first try – Some dragons must be invoked before breeding
  • Pay attention to elements – Opposite elements often work well
  • Match day/night – Some combos have day or night requirements
  • Use Etherium – Instant retry or speed up breeding as needed

What to Do With Duplicate Eggs

As you breed more dragons, you’ll occasionally get duplicate eggs you’ve already hatched. Here’s what to do with extras:

  • Sell for dragoncash – Instantly convert to in-game currency
  • Offer to friends – Friends may need the egg for their collection
  • Keep if rare – Hold for extra income or future traiting
  • Discard if common – Get rid of very common extras
  • Save some twins – Having extra of some dragons can be useful
  • Complete egg pedestals – Display rare eggs on decor pedestals

Fun Facts About Eggs

Here are some interesting tidbits about DragonVale eggs:

  • DragonVale originally launched with only 52 basic dragon eggs.
  • The Easter event adds special decorated eggs each year.
  • Eggs appear “cracked” right before they are ready to hatch.
  • The Nursery has an egg above the door that cracks more over time.
  • Some limited eggs can only be obtained during special events.
  • Gemstone and crystalline eggs create special shine effects.
  • The Kairos legendary egg takes the longest of any egg to incubate.


Eggs are the core of expanding your dragon collection in DragonVale. Understanding the different types of eggs, rarities, breeding strategies, and hatching tips provided here will give you a masterful grasp of these colorful vessels of life. With the knowledge of how to acquire epic eggs and hatch rare dragons, you’ll be on your way to completing your dragon book and becoming the ultimate DragonVale master breeder!

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