Nightmare Dragon in DragonVale

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Nightmare Dragon in DragonVale

The Nightmare Dragon stands as one of the most challenging specimens to obtain in the magical world of DragonVale. As a pure darkness-type dragon, tales of its ominous powers and spectral appearance forewarn the struggles facing would-be tamers.

This guide will unveil key tips and strategies for successfully breeding and hatching the elusive Nightmare Dragon in your park. Along the journey, we’ll explore the creature’s abilities, preferred habitats, ideal park placements, and more to master DragonVale’s spookiest resident.

Nightmare Dragon Overview

Before detailing the quest to attain this foreboding beast, let’s overview key traits that make the Nightmare Dragon a coveted centerpiece dragon.

Dragon Type Classification

The Nightmare Dragon belongs to the pure Darkness family of dragons in DragonVale, possessing the following attributes:

Dragon Type: Darkness

Abilities: Can only breed at night, earns substantial gold/minute from habitats

Appearance: Dark ghostly body with a spectral glowing mane, red eyes

Preferred Habitats: Ominous Bogs, Dark Pools

As a pure Darkness type, the Nightmare Dragon thrives most when placed in synergistic Darkness-themed habitats.

Breeding & Hatching Overview

Breeding the Nightmare Dragon poses immense challenges for DragonVale managers. Key factors:

  • Limited Availability – The Nightmare Dragon is only breedable during specific seasonal windows
  • Rare Combinations – Breeding requires niche dragon combinations rarely maintained in typical parks
  • Long Fail Times – Incompatible pairings produce failed attempts lasting days which slows iteration
  • Epic Hatch Time – Successfully bred Nightmares take 48 hours to hatch into a mature dragon

Once unlocked, the Nightmare Dragon unquestionably terrorizes opponents when empowered. Next, we’ll break down surefire ways to welcome this beast into your park.

Breeding the Nightmare Dragon

The fickle Nightmare Dragon tortures breeders by only emerging under precise circumstances using rare dragon pairs. What duo promises safe passage through restless nights awaiting its eventual hatching?

Bringer of Nightmares + Skeleton Dragon

The Bringer of Nightmares legendary dragon combines nicely with the Skeleton Dragon limited dragon to yield Nightmare Eggs during sporadic seasonal availabilities.

Target Combination Table

Here are the breeding details for this pairing:

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Odds
Bringer of NightmaresSkeleton0.5%

Backup Combinations

If lacking one of the above dragons, these backup combinations can also draw out the Nightmare Dragon:

  • Bringer of Nightmares + Ironwood Dragon
  • Nightbloom Dragon + Bone Dragon
  • Nightbloom Dragon + Ironwood Dragon

They are ranked from highest to lowest breeding rates, requiring more attempts on average compared to the ideal pairing.

Now that prospective pairings are clear, what times should attempts happen?

Breeding Windows

As a creature steeped in shadowy realms, the Nightmare Dragon strictly materializes in DragonVale parks during late-night breeding sessions between these annual windows:

Fall Availability

  • Late October – Early November

Early Winter Access

  • Early-Mid December

Mark calendars and set alarms – with short seasonal availability, daily attempts prove vital to eventually seeing dark sparks indicating success.

Hatching Process

The long-awaited dark-hued egg harboring a Nightmare finally appears following days of wasted attempts and paralysis spells inflicted by failed breedings. Now begins a grueling 48-hour incubation phase testing one’s patience even further.

Once hatched, the Nightmare Dragon emerges in infant form ready for placement. Let’s examine ideal habitats suited for optimization.

Best Habitats

The Nightmare Dragon as a pure Darkness type thrives in habitats specifically amplifying those elemental abilities:

  • Ominous Bogs
  • Dark Pools

These darkened, murky environs play perfectly into nightmarish strengths stacking additional gold earnings atop other benefits.

For parks lacking the above options, high-level Rainbow/Omnitats habitats work sufficiently offering balanced buffs until acquiring better-suited homes.

Habitat Size – Giant

A massive dragon capable of outsized terror requires sufficient habitat space to reach its fullest potential. Construct extra large Giant-sized habitats specifically when looking to house the Nightmare Dragon for maximizing gold revenue generation augmented even further once fully leveled up.

Optimizing the Nightmare Dragon

Freshly emerged from forbidden incubation, the Nightmare Dragon prepares sowing chaos across its new park home. While innately formidable, certain strategies amplify its dark powers further once settled in properly.

Empower To Max Level

As with any premium dragon, the Nightmare Dragon warrants immediate and continual empowering to reach the maximum level (currently 20). This substantially boosts latent talents, most importantly:

  • Greater gold generation rates from habitats
  • Increased Dragon Power for combat/events
  • Higher dragon XP yields from treat feeding

Set Nightmare Dragons as permanent residents within an upgraded habitat to accelerate reaching level 20 through continual passive harvesting.

Enhanced Gold Production

A fully mature Nightmare Dragon produces formidable gold hourly when housed in a Giant-sized Ominous Bogs/Dark Pool habitat, enhanced further via boosts from upgraded Relic of Kairos/Sanctuary structures.

This passive income nicely finances park development – an evil dragon instead of funding good through steady treasure generation ironically enough!

Event Participation

The elusive Nightmare Dragon sees frequent use battling within special monthly events at the Colosseum, including:

  • Hostile Takeover events – High Dragon Power essential for domination
  • Breeding events – Rare types like Nightmare yield event currencies quicker
  • Race events – Darkness boosts provide racing enhancements

Maintain a ready supply of level 15+ Nightmare Dragons and dominate events regularly through sheer dark force!

Design & Visual Details

Now with breeding strategies and optimization insights covered, let’s admire what makes the Nightmare Dragon such a bewitching yet beautiful specimen through artistic details:

Color Schemes

  • Primarily jet black with wispy dark gray mane
  • Piercing red eyes intimidate prey
  • Dark purple wings/horns emit a spectral glow

Body Features

  • Imposing a quadruped stance suggests powerful abilities
  • Smooth obsidian textures with smoke-like particle effects
  • Flowing bright mane invokes frightening Will ‘o the Wisp lore

Animation Highlights

  • Slow flapping flight creates a hypnotic effect
  • Resting idle animations reference classic vampire poses
  • Ethereal tail movements captivate trackers

The sinister appearance alone fuels the Nightmare Dragon’s terrifying reputation – this mesmerizing dark beauty strikes awe and fear simultaneously from visitors lucky enough to encounter one.

Park Placement Strategies

Assuming DragonVale parks somehow wrangle the Nightmare Dragon, what then? Keepers rightfully worry this apex spectral beast run amok scaring guests and juveniles. Some tactical placements nicely contain the Nightmare Dragon while benefiting nearby friendly neighbors.

Isolated Giant Dark Habitats

Construct Giant-sized dedicated Darkness habitats for housing Nightmare Dragons apart from other areas, allowing room to express full potential while concentrating on environmental buffs. Nearby paths remain accessible yet safely distanced.

Centrepiece Island Display

Alternatively, showcase leveled Nightmare Dragons upon a solo island perfect for visitors gaping at the otherwise dangerously captivating creature from safe vistas or bridges. Spectacular lighted displays further emphasize the exhibit.

Creative landscaping easily redirects Nightmare Dragon terror into centralized displays benefiting the greater park through beauty reflecting thrills.

Closing Thoughts

The elusive Nightmare Dragon indeed haunts DragonVale, resisting capture through limited seasonal availability and tricky breeding combinations. Yet bewitching visuals and formidable abilities make directly facing one’s fears undoubtedly worthwhile once fully unleashed.

Hopefully, the tips within this guide help intrepid managers navigate ominous nights awaiting the Nightmare Dragon’s eventual arrival. Once settled in, it rightfully assumes the role of crown jewel centerpiece within any ambitious park. Just mind the shadows and prod visitors to sleep with one eye open nightly!

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