New Years Eve Dragon Preview
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New Years Eve Dragon Preview

A new dragon has been spotted in the “About” section in the Settings menu. Given the timing and colors, this probably is the Eve dragon. Notice the colors of the wings and how it corresponds to the Eve dragon description.

Given the name, New Year’s Eve is a likely bet as to when this dragon will be made available in the game.

UPDATE: It appears the Eve and Enchanted Eve dragons are scheduled to be released 2016-12-30 17:00:00 (UTC) and have the Frozen, Fire, Water traits. Look for a breeding time of 20h 17m for Eve and 30h 17m for Enchanted Eve. (All details subject to change before release!)

Eve Dragon Description

The Eve Dragon has an almost ethereal air to it, showing off an impressive set of wing colors that resemble winter sunrises o’er the crystalline valleys of Silverfalls Gorge. In fact, ancient Surface legend suggests it was the Eve Dragon that broke the long dark of the first winter. So it goes, after weeks of winter darkness, a beam of light descended from the sky to illuminate the highest peak of the mountains surrounding Silverfalls Gorge. There in the beam was an Eve Dragon, who spread its magnificent wings in welcome of the sleepy sun as it peeked above the horizon. Today, Surfacefolk chalk such stories up to old witches’ tales, but nevertheless find themselves in a state of quiet awe when in the presence of this alluring dragon.

Which is Enchanted?


Not sure yet which is Enchanted Eve and which is regular Eve. What do you think?

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