Mastering the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox

Mastering the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox

DragonVale tasks players with incubating over 700 magical dragon species within imaginative floating gardens. This epic collection grows by unlocking new dragons through strategic pairings in the game’s Breeding Cave and Epic Breeding Island areas. Successfully producing dragon eggs relies on understanding hereditary traits passed down structuring the underlying Breeding Sandbox.

This guide explains DragonVale genetics fundamentals plus tips for maximizing rare dragon acquisition through the sandbox based on dragon types, elements, rarities, and more inherited factors. Refer to it when planning parents for your next hopeful incubation.

How Does the DragonVale Breeding Sandbox Work?

DragonVale Breeding Sandbox

The term Breeding Sandbox refers to the genetic dice roll determining offspring when mating two parent dragons in designated cave locations. An algorithm randomly selects genes from each parent, including:

  • Primary element(s) – Influences habitat environment needed
  • Secondary element(s) – Further refines habitat preferences
  • Dragon type – Determines form, sizes, and sounds
  • Rarity – Affects egg acquisition difficulty
  • Appearance – Color, horns, wings, etc.

Results remain unpredictable since multiple gene combinations satisfy basic offspring qualifications. But players sway odds favoring certain results based on parent selection.

Genetic Factors to Consider for Breeding Pairs

When choosing breeding candidates, consider how their genetics may manifest in offspring:

Element Matching – Same-element dragons often yield twins sharing that element. Mixed parents present more variables.

Rarity – Higher rarity (Epic, Galaxy, etc) dragons frequently pass down rarity genes even with mixed parents.

Dragon Types – Type traits like wings, limbs, etc. commonly exhibited in babies.

Appearance – Primary colors can carry over in unpredictable combinations.

While unexpected breeds happen, strong hereditary signals boost the likelihood of targeted dragons eventually hatching through trial and error.

How to Unlock New Dragons From Existing Ones

Approaches to unlock new dragons include:

  • Trying single, double or triple element dragon pairs – experiment!
  • Testing combination of elements not yet seen together
  • Matching same dragon type trying for multiples
  • Attempting rare plus common parents
  • Reviewing in-game dragon library breeding hints
  • Using online Sandbox calculators predicting results

With over 600 possible new breeds awaiting, regular sandbox rolling uncovers new species adding more value and earning potential to the park.

Key Breeding Cave Vs Epic Breeding Island Differences

DragonVale offers two main breeding grounds, each with tradeoffs:

FeatureBreeding CaveEpic Breeding Island
Chance of Uncommon+ DragonsReducedIncreased
Chance of Rare DragonsExtremely LowHigher
Breeding Duration30 seconds to 2 daysUp to 4 days
Required Player Level111
Primary Dragon HabitatNoYes – Only houses Epics

Weigh rare dragon goals versus general offspring quantity over time. Even without rare results, the EBI creates valuable Epic-type hybrids.

How Primary Dragon Elements Influence Breeding

The breeding sandbox favors passing down primary elements to offspring from parents. This assists in inheriting traits matching island themes.

Primary ElementIsland Theme DescriptionBreeding Considerations
EarthRich forest with water features50% of dragons carry this element aiding breeds
FireVolcanic terrain with lava flowsThe high number of possibilities include fire
ColdIcy arctic and snow patternsCold is rare primary so search for this in one parent
LightningStormy barren islands with electricityAnother common element in sandbox is helping matches
Watertranquil islands with flows and pondsAgain widely available in-breed candidates
AirCloudy soothing breeze-style islandsComparatively limited so seek air dragons
MetalMagnetic mountains with mining themesQuite rare as primary so having one parent boosts the odds

Remember – matching atmosphere visuals require primary elements inherent in babies!

Target Specific Dragonvale Dragon Rarities

Beyond elements, players should target breeding pairs capable of passing down higher dragon rarities adding prestige:

RarityDescriptionBreeding Considerations
NormalCommon dragonsUse as fallback options
UncommonSlightly distinctMaintain a few for experimenting
RareSpecial traits and colorsHarder to source making good mates
Very RareUnique details and abilitiesUse when available to try passing down rarity
EpicComplex hybrid designCan only breed in EBI so try combinations
GalaxyCelestial makeoverExtremely hard to acquire for breeding

With rarity directly tied to in-game market dragon gem values, incubating and selling rares, epics or galaxies generates more free gems funding further breeding attempts.

Top 10 Easiest Primary Element Dragons to Obtain

Common below dragons carry strong hereditary traits making reliable breed starters:

  • Soccer Dragon – Cold primary
  • Byte Dragon – Lightning primary
  • Mud Dragon – Earth primary
  • Thicket Dragon – Earth primary
  • Seaweed Dragon – Water & Earth primary
  • Heat Dragon – Fire & Lightning primary
  • Smoke Dragon – Air & Fire primary
  • Current Dragon – Water primary
  • Dodo Dragon – Earth primary
  • Equinox Dragon – Cold & Lightning primary

Match multiples sharing one habitat element to quickly populate islands with elemental diversity.

Valuable Limited Dragon Breeds to Target

These rare-window dragons represent high-priority breeding targets:

Seasonal – spring, winter, summer, autumn holidays
Rainbow – monthly color cycles
Sun & Moon – appear during eclipses
Leap Year – every 4 years
Double Rainbow – extremely rare hybrids

Timing breeding attempts to limited availability windows maximizes acquiring rare traits passing down to other offspring later.

Maximizing DragonVale Breeding Outcomes

✅ Start by reviewing dragon library entries noting elements, types and breeding times for planning

✅ Match same element dragons or complement missing elements for habitat theme consistency

✅ Always attempt higher rarity dragons when available as one potential parent

✅ Leverage EBI for extra breed time allowing more rare chance combinations

✅ Bookmark the wiki Sandbox chart listing all possibilities from every dragon pair

✅ Be patient and persistent trying multiple times when breeds fail on first attempts

While breeding randomness exists, fined tuned genetics sway odds through the mystical sandbox algorithm.


DragonVale’s expansive breeding mechanics allow seemingly endless dragon variety through warehouse-like incubation on floating islands. While daunting initially, take time studying hereditary elemental and appearance traits that commonly transfer down through generations. Soon your park flourishes with an entire catalog of tailored magical species realized through strategic breeding sandbox mastery.

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