How to Breed the Jet Dragon in DragonVale
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How to Breed the Jet Dragon in DragonVale

The Jet dragon is one of the most popular dragons in DragonVale. This metal/air hybrid dragon has a really cool design and is desired by many players for its unique traits and breeding combinations. Breeding the Jet dragon can be tricky, but this guide will walk you through step-by-step on the different combinations you can use to successfully hatch a Jet dragon for your park.

An Overview of the Jet Dragon

Before we get into the specific breeding combinations, let’s first go over some key facts about the Jet dragon:

  • Elements: Metal, Air
  • Breeding Hints: Metal, Air
  • Breeding Time: 14 hours
  • Habitats: Metal, Air
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Sell Price: 4,000
  • Sell Price Per Hour: 133
  • Buy Price: 125 gems
  • Earning Rate: 18 per minute

The Jet dragon has a max level of 20 and earns metal and air type resources. At max level, it earns 354 per minute. It takes a total of 4,305,000 to upgrade a Jet dragon from level 1 to level 20.

How to Breed the Jet Dragon in DragonVale

The Jet dragon has a metal body with blue wings and detailing. It’s a really cool looking dragon that stands out in your park. Its unique design and elements make it a popular dragon for breeding.

Now let’s go over the different combinations you can use to successfully breed the elusive Jet dragon.

Breeding Combination #1: Metal + Air

The easiest way to breed Jet dragon is by using any combination of Metal and Air dragons. The breeding hint for Jet is Metal and Air, so by breeding any dragons with those two elements, you have a good chance of getting a Jet egg.

Here are some examples of Metal + Air combinations you can use:

  • Chrome Dragon + Blazing Dragon
  • Magnet Dragon + Storm Dragon
  • Mine Dragon + Cloud Dragon
  • Steel Dragon + Wind Dragon

Using this Metal + Air combo gives you the best odds at breeding a Jet dragon.

The breeding time will be 14 hours using this method. Make sure to have an open metal or air habitat ready for when the breeding is complete.

Breeding Combination #2: Orchid Dragon + Any Air Dragon

If you don’t have dragons with the metal element, you can substitute by using the Orchid dragon. The Orchid dragon has the plant, air, and metal elements, making it a great substitute if you don’t have a Metal type breed.

Some Orchid + Air combinations you can use include:

  • Orchid Dragon + Blazing Dragon
  • Orchid Dragon + Storm Dragon
  • Orchid Dragon + Wind Dragon
  • Orchid Dragon + Cloud Dragon

Using the Orchid dragon with any Air dragon gives you a decent chance at breeding Jet dragon. The breeding time will be a bit longer at 18 hours using this combo.

Breeding Combination #3: Any Metal Dragon + Hybrid Air Dragons

Another approach is to use Metal dragons paired with hybrid dragons that have the air element. Some examples include:

  • Mine Dragon + Soccer Dragon
  • Chrome Dragon + Cool Dragon
  • Magnet Dragon + Current Dragon
  • Steel Dragon + Blizzard Dragon

Since these hybrid dragons contain the air element, they can be used with Metal dragons to try breeding Jet. The breeding times will vary when using hybrids, usually ranging from 14-18 hours.

Breeding Combination #4: Random Combinations

While the above combinations give you the best odds, some players have luck getting Jet dragon from random dragon pairings that contain metal and air. This is less reliable but can work sometimes.

A few examples:

  • Current Dragon + Magnet Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon + Mine Dragon
  • Rainbow Dragon + Metal Dragon
  • Blizzard Dragon + Chrome Dragon

As you can see, as long as the pair contains metal and air elements, there’s a chance of breeding Jet. However, the odds are lower than using specific metal + air or orchid combinations. But this method can work if you don’t have the recommended dragons.

Tips for Breeding Jet Dragon

Here are some tips to help improve your chances when trying to breed the Jet dragon:

  • Use higher level dragons – Breeding with dragons that are level 15 or higher will improve your odds.
  • Have patience – It can sometimes take many tries before finally getting a Jet dragon. Keep trying different combinations.
  • Upgrade breeding cave/island – Upgrade your breeding structures to increase the breeding odds.
  • Use boosts – Use boosts like Epic Breeding Island to increase breeding time and chances.
  • Repeat combinations – Don’t give up on a combo after a few fails. Keep trying the same pairs for better odds.
  • Clear out failed breeds – Remove unwanted breeds so new attempts can start right away.

Following these tips will really help increase your Jet dragon breeding success rate. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a lot of tries – this is one of the rarer dragons in the game.

Habitats for Jet Dragon

Once you’ve succeeded in breeding Jet dragon, you’ll need to choose a habitat to place it in. As a metal/air hybrid, you have two options:

Metal Habitat

  • Upgradable to max level 7
  • Holds up to 4 dragons
  • Generates up to 198 per minute at max level

This is a great choice if you want to focus on earning metal resources.

Air Habitat

  • Upgradable to max level 7
  • Holds up to 4 dragons
  • Generates up to 198 per minute at max level

Choose this habitat if you want to generate more air resources.

Either habitat will work well, just decide if you need more metal or air at the moment. Place your Jet dragon(s) in the appropriate habitat once the breeding process is complete.

Evolving Jet Dragon

Once you have a Jet dragon in your park, you can level it up by feeding and evolve it into stronger forms. Here is the evolution path:

  • Jet Dragon -> Shining Jet Dragon -> Darkling Jet Dragon -> Ragnarok Jet Dragon

You need to get your Jet dragon to level 10 before it can evolve into Shining Jet. Here are the requirements for each evolution:

Shining Jet Dragon

  • Requirements: Level 10 Jet Dragon
  • Evolution Cost: 100,000
  • Evolution Time: 30 hours
  • Habitats: Metal, Air

Shining Jet looks very similar to the base Jet but with more light blue highlights. It earns metal and air income at an improved rate.

Darkling Jet Dragon

  • Requirements: Level 20 Shining Jet Dragon
  • Evolution Cost: 1,000,000
  • Evolution Time: 48 hours
  • Habitats: Metal, Air

Darkling Jet has a much darker color scheme with purple highlights. This menacing dragon has a higher earning rate than the previous evolutions.

Ragnarok Jet Dragon

  • Requirements: Level 20 Darkling Jet Dragon
  • Evolution Cost: 4,000,000
  • Evolution Time: 72 hours
  • Habitats: Metal, Air
  • New Ability: Ragnarok

This is the final evolution and it has a fiery appearance. Its earning rate is excellent. It also gains the Ragnarok ability, which brings in meteorites that earn you extra cash.

Evolving your Jet dragon to its higher forms will require investment, but it is worthwhile to boost your income generation and have extremely rare dragons.

Review of Key Points

  • Jet is a metal/air dragon with a unique design. It’s one of the most popular dragons.
  • Use metal + air dragons for the best breeding odds. Substitute Orchid dragon if needed.
  • Upgrade breeding cave, use boosts, and high level dragons to improve breeding success.
  • Habitat options are Metal or Air, depending on resource needs.
  • Evolving Jet takes time and resources but boosts income and rarity.

With the combinations and tips provided above, you should have a much better chance at finally breeding the coveted Jet dragon for your park! Let us know if you have any other questions. Happy breeding!

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