Breed Epic Maw

How to Breed Epic Maw in My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game where players can breed and collect various singing monsters. One of the rarest and most sought-after monsters is the Epic Maw. This legendary monster is very difficult to breed and acquire in the game.

An Introduction to My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters is a world-building game released by Big Blue Bubble in 2012. The goal is to breed monsters with unique singing voices on islands that you own and customize. As of 2022, there are over 150 unique monsters that can be bred by mixing the right monsters.

The game features a wide range of elements including plant, cold, earth, air, water, and ethereal. Monsters belong to these elemental families which impacts their visual design and singing voice. For example, the plant-type monsters are often green and sing bass notes.

As you progress in the game, you amass a collection of distinct monsters who join together to sing songs. Each island has a song that becomes more complex as you populate it. Understanding monster elements is key to skilled breeding.

What is Epic Maw?

Epic Maw belongs to the Ethereal family of monsters in My Singing Monsters. He is one of three Epic versions of the original Maw monster.

Here are some key facts about Epic Maw:

  • Extremely rare monster – Epic Maw has just a 1% breeding rate which makes him very difficult to acquire.
  • Ethereal element – His ethereal sound helps compose complex island songs.
  • Special breeding rules – Unlike most monsters, Epic Maw can only be bred using monsters that are level 15 or higher.
  • Long breeding time – It takes 36 hours to breed and hatch an Epic Maw egg.
  • Impressive earning rates – Epic Maw earns a whopping 75 coins per minute at maximum happiness.

Why Breed Epic Maw?

There are a few key reasons you should make Epic Maw a top priority:

  • Complete your monster collection – Epic Maw is needed to fill out the Pages in the monster book.
  • Unlock composer islands – Having an Epic Monster like Maw helps unlock composer islands with original songs.
  • Maximize coins earned – Epic Maw has one of the highest coin-per-minute rates which helps economies.
  • Rare breeding combos – Once acquired, Epic Maw can be used to breed other rare monsters.

In summary, Epic Maw is a prestigious monster that can take your islands to the next level!

Breeding Rules for Epic Maw

Epic Maw has special breeding rules that distinguish him from other Epic monsters. These requirements make successfully breeding him even more difficult:

Here is the table without markdown code formatting:

MonsterElementLevel RequirementBreed TimeBreed Rate with Ghazt
GhaztEthereal15+36 hours30%
ReebroEthereal15+29 hours23%
JeeodeEthereal15+24 hours18%
HumbugEthereal15+18 hours14%
KrillbyEthereal15+36 hours8%
MawEthereal15+30 hours5%

Monster Level Requirement

  • The primary monster must be level 15 or higher.
  • The secondary monster must also be level 15 or higher.

Limited Monster Pool

  • Only Ethereal monsters can be used in attempts to breed Epic Maw.
  • Monsters from other elements like Plant, Cold, etc. can NOT be used.

Long Breeding and Hatching Times

  • It takes 36 hours to breed an Epic Maw egg.
  • The egg then takes 36 hours to hatch into Epic Maw.

These harsh restrictions limit your breeding pool to high-level Ethereal monsters only. Next, let’s look at exactly which monsters can breed Epic Maw.

Which Monsters Breed Epic Maw?

Due to Epic Maw’s strict breeding rules, only six specific monsters can be used to successfully breed him. All possible parent combinations involve using these monsters:

  1. Ghazt
  2. Reebro
  3. Jeeode
  4. Humbug
  5. Krillby
  6. Maw

Here is a breakdown of information for each monster that can result in Epic Maw:


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 36 hours
  • 30% chance of breeding Epic Maw


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 29 hours
  • 23% chance of breeding Epic Maw


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 24 hours
  • 18% chance of breeding Epic Maw


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 18 hours
  • 14% chance of breeding Epic Maw


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 36 hours
  • 8% chance of breeding Epic Maw


  • Ethereal Element
  • Level 15 or higher required
  • Breeding time: 30 hours
  • 5% chance of breeding Epic Maw

As shown above, Ghazt provides the highest 30% chance since it takes the full 36 hours to breed. Using single-element Ethereal monsters like Maw only provides a 5% chance.

Now let’s look at the step-by-step process for breeding monsters to successfully get Epic Maw.

How to Breed Epic Maw: Step-by-Step

Follow this detailed guide to have the best odds of breeding Epic Maw:

Step 1) Choose your Monsters

Select one monster from the list above to be the primary parent monster. Ghazt is recommended as it provides the highest chance of success.

Choose a compatible monster from the list for your secondary parent monster. Using Ghazt and Reebro together breeding maximizes odds.

Make sure both monsters are Ethereal elements and level 15 or higher.

Step 2) Place Monsters on the Breeding Structure

Take both parent monsters to the breeding structure on your islands. The Nursery or Enhanced Breeding Structure work best.

Wait for both monsters to begin singing before proceeding. This signals they are in a position to attempt breeding.

Step 3) Activate Breeding Attempt

Select “Try” and then confirm you want to breed the two monsters. This will prompt a breeding timer to appear and deactivate the monsters.

Remember: Epic Maw breeding attempts take 36 hours of breeding time.

Step 4) Wait for the Breeding Timer to Finish

Be patient and wait for the breeding timer to expire. This can take up to 36 hours if optimal monster combinations are chosen.

During this time, an egg will appear in the habitat signifying breeding was successful.

Step 5) Hatch the Epic Maw Egg

Once the breeding timer finishes, remove the parent monsters from the breeding area. Tap the Epic Maw egg and select “Put to Bed” to place it in a nursery or other habitat.

Like breeding, hatching Epic Maw also takes 36 hours. So more patience is required!

Step 6) FInally Get Epic Maw!

After the full 72-hour process (36-hour breed timer + 36 incubation timer), Epic Maw will finally hatch!

Congrats! With dedication and luck, you now have your own super rare Epic Maw to showcase!

Maximizing Your Chances

Here are extra tips to maximize your chances while breeding for the elusive Epic Maw:

  • Use the Enhanced Breeding Structure – This structure boosts epic monster rates higher than the standard Nursery.
  • Use monsters level 20 and above – Higher levels mean better chances compared to bare minimum level 15 monsters.
  • Have patience and try attempts multiple times – With merely 1% odds per attempt, it can take over 50+ tries.
  • Take advantage of Likes Likes events – Special limited events double all breeding speed and chances.

Is Epic Maw Worth It?

After learning the intricate process of acquiring Epic Maw, you may wonder if it’s even worth the effort.

The answer is a resounding yes!

Here’s why Epic Maw is totally worth the frustrating breeding grind:

  • Flex your dedication by showing off one of the rarest monsters
  • Maximize coin income from Epic Maw’s impressive earning rate
  • Unlock new composer islands with rare ethereal monsters
  • Discover secret breeding combinations using Epic Maw
  • Complete your monster collection and get pride from filling the Pages

Epic Maw helps take your islands to new heights. The joy when he finally hatches makes the breeding struggle completely worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many players have additional questions when trying repeatedly to breed Epic Maw. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Can Epic Maw be used to breed other monsters?

Yes! Once bred, Epic Maw can be used in attempts to acquire other Epic monsters like Epic Entbrat.

Do both parents need to be Ethereal monsters?

Yes. The breeding rules clearly state both primary and secondary monsters MUST need to be Ethereal monsters

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