How to Breed an Apocalypse Dragon in Dragonvale

How to Breed an Apocalypse Dragon in Dragonvale

The Apocalypse Dragon is one of the most coveted dragons in Dragonvale. This epic dragon lives up to its name with intimidating features and powerful attacks. Luckily, breeding the Apocalypse Dragon is possible without too much guesswork if you follow this comprehensive breeding and incubation guide.

Overview of the Apocalypse Dragon

Here’s a quick overview of this epic dragon before we get into the specifics of breeding it:

  • Element: Dark and Metal
  • Breeding Hints: Use opposite elements and hybrid dragons from the Metal, Dark and War families
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Habitats: Cannot be placed in a habitat (must place in the Apocalypse Island)
  • Earning Rates: 75,000 coins per minute and 500 gems per day

Now let’s dive into a step-by-step guide centered around a key question: how do you successfully breed the ultra-rare Apocalypse Dragon in Dragonvale?

How to Breed an Apocalypse Dragon in Dragonvale

Step 1: Prepare Your Game Progress

You first need to reach a certain point of progress in Dragonvale before the Apocalypse Dragon becomes available for breeding. Here are the requirements:

  • Reach Player Level 17
  • Own an Epic Breeding Island
  • Have access to purchase the Apocalypse Island for 1,000 gems

Meeting these prerequisites will unlock the potential to breed and incubate an Apocalypse Dragon.

Top Tip: Buy the Epic Breeding Island as soon as possible to open up breeding rare hybrid dragons.

Step 2: Choose Parent Dragons Carefully

Since the Apocalypse Dragon has the Dark and Metal elements, you need to select appropriate parent dragons from compatible families.

Ideal Dragon Combinations

Use these parent pairs for the highest Apocalypse breeding success rate:

  • Frostwrath + Coal – This Light/Dark and Fire/Metal combo covers all elements.
  • Blue Fire + Coal – Good Fire/Dark and Fire/Metal parents.
  • Charlatan + Mine – Covers the Dark/War and Metal/Earth elements well.

Here is a breakdown of the best dragon families to pick parents from:

Dragon FamilyKey TraitsExample Dragons
MetalContribute the vital Metal elementChrome, Mine, Steel
DarkContribute the vital Dark elementNightmare, Charlatan, Bat
WarHybrids allow unique element combosCombustion, Paladin, Brawler

Using parent breeds that collectively contribute Dark, Metal and hybrid elements offers the best odds.

Parents to Avoid

Steer clear of single element dragons that don’t combine to cover Dark and Metal together. Common dragons are poor options as they only have one element each, like:

  • Fire (Flame, Heat)
  • Plant (Tree, Flower)
  • Water (Seaweed, Coral)

Stick to hybrids that blend compatible elements from the families above for breeding success.

Step 3: Set Up Your Breeding Combos

With a pool of eligible parent dragons ready, the strategy is to experiment with different pairing combinations.

Key Tips for Setup:

  • Place one target parent per breeding habitat
  • Have backup options to quickly swap failed attempts
  • Buy/build more breeding habitats to test more pairings faster

The more blended element pairings you try over time, the better your odds of ultimately getting that coveted incubation notification for an Apocalypse Dragon egg!

Step 4: Wait for Eggs and Attempt Incubation

Now it’s a waiting game as you watch for breeding attempts to produce eggs.

Identifying Apocalypse Eggs

Apocalypse Dragon eggs have a very distinct look with a dark egg shell covered in flaming metal shards. Compared to other eggs, they stand out right away, so keep an eye out!

Once you spot this unique egg, hurry and incubate it right on the Apocalypse Island!

Incubation Tips

  • Immediately move the egg to incubate
  • Use gems to speed up incubation if impatient!
  • Have genesis habitats ready for the new baby Apocalypse dragon

With diligent breeding attempts using the right elemental parent dragons, you WILL eventuallyyield that unique fiery egg. So don’t lose patience as the RNG (aka luck) cycles through.

Step 5: Display and Enjoy Your New Apocalypse Dragon!

Once hatched, the intimidating Apocalypse Dragon emerges with the following dark features:

  • Spiked tail, wings and head armor
  • Flaming metal scales and claws
  • Glowing brightly from inner fire

Now comes the fun part of finding cool displays for your new mythic dragon and watching it accumulate tons of gold and gems every day!

Tips for Showcasing

Find fitting backdrops like:

  • Apocalypse Island theme
  • Elder elemental boost statue
  • Ominous dark tree

Optimization like this will get your new Apocalypse Dragon generating mass amounts of resources. Plus it will look awesome along the way!

So get your ideal habitat landscape ready and take pride in breeding one of Dragonvale’s rarest dragons.

Summary of Key Breeding Points

  • Reach later game progress for availability
  • Combination of Dark, Metal, War traits ideal for parents
  • Rapidly experiment with promising pairings
  • Watch closely for the fiery dark egg
  • Incubate immediately once egg appears

With patience and regularly attempting promising pairs that cover the needed elements, adding an Apocalypse Dragon to your collection is an achievable goal!

FAQs on Breeding an Apocalypse Dragon

Check out answers to some common questions about obtaining this mythical dragon breed:

Can you use a Rainbow Dragon to breed an Apocalypse Dragon?

Yes! The Rainbow Dragon contains all the elements, so if combined with the right hybrid mate containing Metal, it can be successful.

Does the Rift version work for breeding?

Indeed! Both the regular and Rift versions of compatible parent dragons can yield an Apocalypse egg.

Is there any guarantee I will breed one eventually?

While thee are no 100% guarantees with any epic dragon breeding due to random number generation, using the strategies in this guide maximizes your statistical chances over time. So don’t lose hope!

Should I use a breeding potion?

Breeding potions can’t hurt to speed up incubation a bit, but parents and process play a bigger role in success rate. Make sure to enable any relevant “boost breeding chance” switches for your islands though!

Enjoy Growing Your Apocalypse Dragon Empire

That covers a complete step-by-step walkthrough on finally breeding the majestic Apocalypse Dragon in Dragonvale. Now you’re equipped with all the tips and tricks to make this challenging task very feasible.

So get your ideal breeding island set up, favorite those high potential parents for easy access, and start mixing and matching pairs. Be diligent in your attempts and soon you’ll amass an entire island filled with powerful and profitable Apocalypse Dragons!

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