Lunis Dragon Guide: Breeding, Habitat, Appearance and Tips

Lunis Dragon Guide: Breeding, Habitat, Appearance and Tips

The Lunis Dragon is a rare Moon elemental dragon in DragonVale. This mysterious dragon comes out at night to inspire dreams and magic.

Getting a Lunis Dragon can be a challenge, but with the right techniques and knowledge, you can successfully breed and raise this lunar beauty in your park.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about the Lunis Dragon including:

  • Overview and History
  • Breeding Tips
  • Habitats
  • Appearance
  • Earning Rates
  • Fun Facts and More

Let’s get started with understanding this magical dragon.

Overview of the Lunis Dragon

Lunis Dragon Guide: Breeding, Habitat, Appearance and Tips

The Lunis Dragon is classified as a rare moon dragon in DragonVale. It is one of the game’s more difficult dragons to acquire due to specific breeding and habitat requirements.

Element: Moon

Breeding Hints: Night + Cold

Breeding Time: 30 hours

Incubation Time: 30 hours

Habitats: Moon, Moon Habitat

Earning Rates: Per minute: 18 Per hour: 1,080 Per day: 25,920

First introduced in 2013, the Lunis Dragon has dazzled players with its stunning nighttime appearance and aura ever since.

Now, let’s look at tips and tricks for successfully breeding your own Lunis Dragon.

How to Breed a Lunis Dragon

Breeding a Lunis Dragon requires using specific dragon combinations and can take some patience. Here are useful tips:

  • Use dragons with the Moon and Cold elements like the Moon and Cold dragons. This Moon + Cold combo has the best results.
  • Alternately, combine the Moon with other cold-influenced elements like Air, Plant, or Water.
  • Have at least one high-level dragon (10+) for better success rates.
  • Use the Epic Breeding Island – the extra breeding time improves your odds.
  • Activate Parent Breeding Boosts if available to increase the chance.
  • Repeat failed attempts using the combo – RNG plays a role so persistence pays off.
Breeding ComboBreeding Odds
Moon Dragon + Cold DragonBest
Moon Dragon + Air DragonGood
Moon Dragon + Plant DragonGood
Moon Dragon + Water DragonGood

With the right breeding pair and techniques, you’ll soon welcome an adorable Lunis hatchling into your park.

Best Habitats for the Lunis Dragon

Once you’ve successfully bred your Lunis Dragon, placing it in a proper habitat is important for its happiness and earnings.

The Moon Habitat or Moon Theme are specially designed for lunar dragons.

  • They provide a night sky background these nocturnal dragons love.
  • Being the Lunis’ natural habitats boosts its mood and cash production.
  • L20+ habitats are recommended for greater coin storage.

If those aren’t available, the Cold or Snow habitats also work well as secondary options. But the Moon habitats are best for a thriving Lunis.

Appearance and Animation

The Lunis Dragon has a truly stunning animation and design filled with moonlight effects. Here’s what to expect:

  • Coloration: Pale icy blue and white scales with golden wings
  • Details: Large glowing moon crest, long feathery tail, glimmering stars on its wings
  • Moon Phase: The moon crest shifts from crescent to full based on the park’s time.
  • Animation: Gentle flapping while stardust trails behind its wings.
  • Night Activity: Extra animation and effects at night including shooting stars!

The Lunis Dragon also has mesmerizing moon-shaped eyes that glow at night. Overall, its graceful appearance stands out, especially during nighttime park hours.

Earning Rates and Profits

The Lunis Dragon earns coins at a solid rate and can be quite profitable if you have a high-level habitat. Here are its base earnings rates:

  • Earns 18 coins per minute
  • Earns 1,080 coins per hour
  • Earns 25,920 coins per day

A level 15 Moon Habitat can generate over 400,000 coins per day!

Make sure to enter the park at night to collect when earnings are at their peak.

The Lunis Dragon can also earn gems from dragon races at the Colosseum if entered.

Fun Facts About the Lunis Dragon

A few fun bits of trivia about this mystical moon dragon:

  • It was introduced to the game in 2013 during a lunar eclipse.
  • The Lunis Dragon’s design is inspired by lunar moths.
  • Its eyes resemble stylized crescent moons.
  • Lunis means “moon” in Latin. An apt name for this moonlight dragon.
  • It’s the only dragon that produces stardust trails as it flies.
  • During moon phases in the game, the Lunis’ head crest shifts accordingly.
  • Lunis habitats play tranquil nighttime sounds like crickets.
  • This dragon brings wishes and dreams according to DragonVale lore.

Tips for Raising Lunis Dragon

Here are some tips to keep your Lunis Dragon happy and healthy:

  • Keep it in an upgraded Moon or Cold habitat for mood boosts.
  • Clear obstacles and harvest to earn more coins.
  • Feed it lunar-themed treats that are nighttime themed.
  • Breed more to level up your Lunis and increase its earning rates.
  • Participate in Bring Em’ Back events if it leaves the park.
  • Display alongside other Moon dragons for synergy effects.

With the proper habitat and care, the graceful Lunis Dragon will thrive in your park!

Is the Lunis Dragon Worth Getting?

For DragonVale players seeking a visually stunning and rare moon dragon, the Lunis Dragon is absolutely worth pursuing. Not only is it beautiful with fun animations, but it also earns solid income generation.

Breeding the Lunis takes time and luck, but the payoff is very rewarding if mythical dragons are your goal. Take advantage of breeding combos and techniques to obtain this lunar beast more easily.

The elegant Lunis Dragon will lend a sense of wonder and dreams to your park when acquired especially during glistening nighttime scenes.


The Lunis Dragon is a prized moon dragon to add to your collection. With soothing animations and dazzling moonlight effects, it’s a true sight to behold. Follow the breeding and habitat tips outlined to have the best chance of getting this rare lunar breed for your park.

Your DragonVale visitors will be amazed by the Lunis and its graceful presence under glowing moonlight. Just be patient, and this stunning night beauty will land in your park soon!

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