How to Breed the Triple Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Triple Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale

The Triple Rainbow Dragon is one of the most beautiful and rare dragons available in DragonVale. Its shimmering scales shine in three vibrant colors – red, yellow, and blue. Breeding this ethereal triple-element dragon takes patience, but unlocking it is a rewarding challenge for any DragonVale player.

In this guide, you’ll discover step-by-step instructions to breed your own Triple Rainbow Dragon for your park. With the right pairings and a little luck, you can add this majestic dragon to your collection.

Overview of the Triple Rainbow Dragon

Triple Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale

Here’s a quick look at what makes this dragon so special:

  • Release Date: June 21, 2012
  • Elements: Rainbow, Cold, and Lightning
  • Breeding Time: 30 hours
  • Earning Rates:
  • Coins per minute: 15
  • Dragon Treasure per minute: 1
  • Times Available:
  • Regular breeding cave/island
  • Cooperative breeding cave (with friends)
  • Unique Features:
  • Three vibrant rainbow colors
  • Glowing wings
  • Cascading spark sound effect

The three magical elements combined give the Triple Rainbow Dragon its dazzling appearance and rarity. Let’s learn exactly how to breed this beauty.

Breeding Combinations for the Triple Rainbow Dragon

The Triple Rainbow Dragon combines the Rainbow, Cold, and Lightning elements. Here are the best dragon pairings that can successfully breed a Triple Rainbow:

Rainbow + Cold + Lightning

  • Snowy Rainbow Dragon + Meadow Dragon
  • Frostfire Dragon + Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow + Cold + Miscellaneous

  • Rainbow Dragon + Cold Dragon
  • Blue Fire Dragon + Aurora Dragon

Rainbow + Lightning + Miscellaneous

  • Rainbow Dragon + Quake Dragon
  • Storm Dragon + Leap Year Dragon

The Miscellaneous element represents any unlisted 3rd element that may be present. The key is covering Rainbow, Cold, and Lightning in the pairings.

Best Times and Locations to Breed a Triple Rainbow Dragon

Breeding a Triple Rainbow Dragon has the best success rate during certain times and in specific breeding locations:


  • During Rainbow Dragon breeding events – significantly boosts Rainbow odds
  • While one of the required elemental boosts is active – Cold, Lightning, etc.
  • Double or triple rainbow days – doubles or triples rainbow breeding odds


  • Epic Breeding Island – chance of breeding triples and legendaries
  • Cooperative Breeding Cave – can breed with friends’ dragons

Using these special combinations maximizes your chances of breeding this rare triple-element dragon.

Steps to Breed the Triple Rainbow Dragon

Follow these steps for the best chance at breeding a Triple Rainbow Dragon:

  1. Place a Rainbow Dragon in the breeding cave/island.
  2. Mate it with a dragon that covers the Cold and Lightning elements, like a Snowy Aurora Dragon.
  3. Activate boosts if available – rainbow boosts have the biggest impact.
  4. Keep trying! The Triple Rainbow Dragon has rare odds but patience pays off.
  5. Wait 30 hours for breeding results, then retry if unsuccessful.

With persistence through enough breeding attempts, you will eventually uncover the majestic Triple Rainbow Dragon!

Tips and Tricks for Breeding Triple Rainbows Faster

Here are some helpful tips to speed up obtaining a Triple Rainbow Dragon:

  • Level up your breeding dragons as much as possible – higher levels increase breeding odds.
  • Place the most limited dragon first (Rainbows have shorter availability).
  • Use the Epic Breeding Island for better Legendary breeding rates.
  • Check what friends need and breed cooperatively to share results.
  • Focus efforts during events and boosted breeding cave effects.
  • Be willing to buy eggs or dragons from the store to save time if you have the gems.

Following these tips can cut down your wait time significantly compared to casual breeding.

Is the Triple Rainbow Dragon Worth the Effort to Breed?

For its stunning design and rare triple-element combo, we think the Triple Rainbow Dragon is well worth working to breed for your park.

Here are some of the key reasons to breed this dragon:

  • Beautiful appearance – its shimmering scales and glowing wings are incredible to behold.
  • Powerful elements – the Rainbow, Cold, and Lightning mix is formidable.
  • DragonTreasure boost – earning bonus DragonTreasure is always valuable.
  • High sell value – Triple Rainbow Dragons can be sold for lots of DragonCash.
  • Bragging rights – display your dedication by owning this challenging dragon.

There’s simply no other dragon like it – add some true magic to your park by working toward your own Triple Rainbow Dragon today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Breeding Triple Rainbows

Does the Triple Rainbow Dragon earn more coins?

No, it earns standard level 15 coins per minute like most other Epic dragons. Its bonus is 1 additional DragonTreasure per minute.

Is there a way to guarantee getting a Triple Rainbow breed?

Unfortunately not, since breeding always involves randomness – even in ideal caves and with boosted dragons. But you can dramatically improve your odds.

Can I breed Triple Rainbows with basic dragons?

While technically possible, your chances are extremely low without using at least one Rainbow dragon in the pairing. Advance a Rainbow Dragon first before attempting Triple Rainbow breeding.

Is it better to just buy the Triple Rainbow Dragon if I can?

If you have the 125 gems available, buying it saves significant breeding time. But some players prefer the challenge of unlocking it through breeding instead.

With the knowledge you’ve gained here, may your vistas of rainbows glow brightly until you successfully breed your own magical Triple Rainbow Dragon!

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