How to Breed the Topaz Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Topaz Dragon in DragonVale

The Topaz Dragon is one of the rarer dragons in DragonVale. With its golden scales and fiery temperament, this Dragon is a prized addition to any park. But breeding the Topaz Dragon takes patience and strategy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully breed your own Topaz Dragon.

Overview of the Topaz Dragon

How to Breed the Topaz Dragon in DragonVale

Before we dive into breeding combinations, let’s take a quick look at some key facts about the Topaz Dragon:

  • Element: Fire, Lightning
  • Breeding Hints: Storm and Fire, Hot and Stormy
  • Breeding Time: 29 hours
  • Earning Rates: 25 gold/min, 250 XP/min
  • Habitats: Fire, Lightning

As a dual-element Dragon, the Topaz Dragon is a strong offensive attacker in battles. Its fiery breath and lightning attacks make it a formidable foe. Once acquired, this rare Dragon can generate solid profits with its high gold and XP earning rates.

Breeding Combinations for the Topaz Dragon

Now let’s get into the different combinations you can use to breed the Topaz Dragon. With some luck and patience, one of these should produce the coveted golden egg.

Using Basic Dragons

The most straightforward way to breed Topaz is by pairing two basic Dragons with the Fire and Lightning elements. However, this also has the lowest chance of success.

Fire + Lightning

  • Fire Dragon + Lightning Dragon
  • Ash Dragon + Current Dragon

Because these parent Dragons have just one element each, it can take many tries before hitting the right combo for Topaz. But if you don’t have many other options, keep attempting with different pairs of single-element Fire and Lightning Dragons.

Using Hybrid Dragons

Upgrading to hybrid Dragon parents greatly improves your odds of breeding Topaz. Combining Dragons with both the Fire and Lightning elements boosts the chances for success.

Here are some top hybrid pairs to try:

Fire + Lightning Hybrids

  • Scorpia Dragon + Soccer Dragon
  • Charlatan Dragon + Momento Dragon
  • Equinox Dragon + Razzle Dragon

Some good Fire hybrids to use include the Scorpia, Charlatan, and Equinox Dragons. For Lightning, the Soccer, Momento, and Razzle Dragons make solid matches. Mix and match to find your perfect pair!

Using Epic Dragons

For the best results, breed with Epic Dragons that have the Fire and Lightning elements. This gives you the highest chance for a Topaz Dragon egg.

Fire + Lightning Epics

  • Heat Dragon + Current Dragon
  • Delirium Dragon + Bolt Dragon
  • Dawn Dragon + Dusk Dragon

Epic Dragons can be tricky to acquire, but they are worth the effort for Topaz breeding. Luckily, many of the best Epics like Heat, Delirium, Dawn, Dusk, Current, and Bolt are permanent residents available year-round in the game.

Using Opposite Elements

An unorthodox but effective approach is to breed Dragons with the opposite elements of Fire and Lightning. This “blind breeding” method relies on random chance but can pay off.

Opposite Elements

  • Cold Dragon + Plant Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon + Lichen Dragon
  • River Dragon + Rain Dragon

Trying unlikely element pairs like Cold + Plant or Evergreen + Lichen may randomly produce a Topaz Dragon egg after many attempts. Though less efficient, this method can work if you lack better breeding options.

Tips for Breeding Topaz Faster

Beyond the right Dragon pairs, a few tips can help boost your chances and speed up breeding the Topaz Dragon:

  • Upgrade Breeding Caves – Use higher-level Breeding Caves like the Epic Breeding Island to improve breeding success rate.
  • Level Up Parent Dragons – Max out your potential parent Dragons to at least level 10 for better odds.
  • Use Boosts – Apply boosts like the Epic Breeding Island Boost to increase the likelihood of rare Dragons.
  • Cooperative Breeding – Breed with friends who have the Topaz Dragon to significantly increase breeding speed.
  • Retry with Failed Breeds – Some “failed” breeds can still produce a Topaz Dragon egg if retried.

With smart combinations, boosted caves, and some patience for the 29 hour incubation time, you should eventually welcome a Topaz Dragon hatchling into your park!

Habitats for the Topaz Dragon

Once you’ve successfully bred your Topaz Dragon, you’ll need the right habitats to house it. As a dual-element Dragon, Topaz can live in any Fire or Lightning habitat.

Here are some of the best options:

  • Fire Habitats – Fire Shrub, Fire Continent, Fire Grotto
  • Lightning Habitats – Lightning Shrub, Lightning Continent, Lightning Grotto
  • Epic Habitats – Epic Fire Habitat, Epic Lightning Habitat
  • Omnitats – Provides for all Element Dragons

Aim for the highest capacity habitats you can afford, as Topaz takes up a whopping 30 spaces. The Giant habitats offer the most room but require significant gem purchases. Omnitats are a great flexible option for housing any elemental Dragon in your park.

With the long incubation time, be sure to have habitats available and ready before the Topaz egg finishes!

Uses for Topaz Dragons

So you went through the effort of breeding Topaz Dragons – now what? Here are some of the best uses for these rare lightning firebirds in your park:

Generation of Gold and XP

With strongly elevated rates of 25 gold/min and 250 XP/min, Topaz Dragons generate solid in-game profits. Focus on leveling up your Topaz Dragons to further boost their output. A few high-level Topaz Dragons can passively finance many of your park’s needs and expansions.

Battling for Orbs and Trophies

Send your Topaz Dragons into league battles to earn valuable orbs and trophies. The combination of health-draining fire attacks and damaging lightning strikes makes Topaz a formidable opponent. Defensively, the Topaz Dragon’s dual elements protect a wider array of attacks.

Cooperative Breeding

Keep at least one male and female Topaz Dragon to enable cooperative breeding with friends. By lending your Topaz Dragons out, you’ll speed up breeding times for friends trying to acquire this rare Dragon. In return, you’ll gain gifts and breed Topaz faster yourself through co-op.

Completing Your Collection

For dedicated collectors trying to obtain one of every Dragon, the Topaz is an essential addition. It also completes the set of gemstone Dragons, alongside other jewel-themed breeds like Emerald and Garnet. Maxing out your catalog of available Dragons is a satisfying achievement!

So in summary, the golden Topaz Dragon is both aesthetically beautiful and functionally valuable in your park. With this complete breeding and habitat guide, you now have all the tips needed to successfully incubate Topaz Dragon eggs of your very own. Stay patient, leverage the best pairings, and your dedication will soon be rewarded with this sparkling Lightning Fire dragon!

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