How to Breed the Diamond Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Diamond Dragon in DragonVale

The Diamond Dragon is one of the most coveted dragons in DragonVale. With its dazzling diamond-encrusted hide and noble stance, this rare gemstone-themed dragon is a true treasure to add to your park. Breeding the Diamond Dragon takes patience and luck, but the shining results are well worth the effort.

An Overview of the Diamond Dragon

The Diamond Dragon was introduced to DragonVale in March 2013 as part of the Gemstone Island update. It is classified as a rare hybrid dragon. Here are some key facts about this dragon:

How to Breed the Diamond Dragon in DragonVale
  • Elements: Metal, Earth
  • Breeding time: 30 hours
  • Incubation time: 30 hours
  • Habitats: Gemstone Island, Omnitats
  • Earning rates: 100 per minute at level 1, 500 per minute at level 10, 750 per minute at level 15

With its dual elements of Metal and Earth, the Diamond Dragon can be quite a strong earner in your park once it reaches higher levels. It also has a relatively short breeding and incubation time for a rare hybrid dragon at just 30 hours each.

Tips for Breeding the Diamond Dragon

Breeding the Diamond Dragon requires having access to Gemstone Island and using specific dragon combinations. Here are some tips to help you successfully breed this elusive dragon:

  • Use dragons with the Metal and Earth elements: The Diamond Dragon itself contains these two elements, so breeding two dragons that collectively have Metal and Earth gives you the best odds. Good options include Steel + Earth, Metal + Earth, and Crystal + Earth.
  • Level up your breeding dragons: Your chances improve when the breeding dragons are at higher levels (10-15 ideal). Higher levels make it more likely the eggs will contain rarer dragons.
  • Use an Epic Breeding Island: While you can breed the Diamond Dragon on regular islands, using an Epic Breeding Island gives you the most space and allows you to breed more pairs faster.
  • Watch for special breeding days: Occasionally special in-game breeding days will increase your chances for certain rare dragons like Diamond. Watch for these and take advantage!
  • Have patience: Even with the right combos, Diamond Dragon eggs are not guaranteed. Be prepared to try many times before you succeed.

Step-By-Step Breeding Guide

Follow these steps to have the best shot at breeding your own Diamond Dragon:

1. Choose Your Breeding Dragons

Select two dragons that collectively have the Metal and Earth elements. Good options include:

  • Metal + Earth
  • Steel + Earth
  • Crystal + Earth

Try to use dragons that are at least level 10, or preferably level 15, for better odds.

2. Place Your Breeding Pairs

Put one Metal/Earth dragon in the breeding den on Gemstone Island. Place the other into the breeding cave/island next to it. This allows you to breed two pairs at once.

3. Watch for Breeding Hints

Pay attention to the breeding hints that appear after each attempt. These will tell you if you are on track for a Diamond Dragon, or need to adjust your combo.

4. Breed and Repeat

Breed your pair(s) repeatedly until you finally get a Diamond Dragon egg! Be prepared for many failed attempts and have patience.

5. Incubate the Egg

Once you receive a Diamond Dragon egg, place it in an open habitat on Gemstone Island to incubate. The incubation time is 30 hours.

6. Welcome Your Dragon!

Your new baby Diamond Dragon will emerge when the incubation ends! Name it and watch it grow.

Other Breeding Combos to Try

Here are some other dragon combinations you can attempt to breed a Diamond Dragon:

  • Crystal + Quake
  • Fahrenheit + Medieval
  • Sandstorm + Magnet
  • Mountain + Medieval
  • Mud + Medieval

Mix and match dragons with the Metal and Earth elements to find a formula that works for you. Having extra breeding caves allows you to test out multiple combos at once to speed up the process.

Habitats for Diamond Dragons

Once you’ve successfully bred your Diamond Dragon, make sure to place it in a habitat where it can thrive:

  • Gemstone Island (best option): This limited island specifically for gemstone dragons is the ideal home for Diamond Dragons.
  • Omnitats: While expensive to build, Omnitats can house any dragon type, including Diamond.
  • Regular islands: Diamond Dragons can live on your regular islands if needed, though their earning rates will be reduced.

Make room on Gemstone Island for your coveted Diamond Dragon by removing lesser dragons or placing them in a Hibernation Cave. Your new gemstone dragon will shine brightest on its specialized island habitat.

Ways to Use Your Diamond Dragon

Here are some of the best uses for Diamond Dragons in your park:

  • Earning gold: Diamond Dragons become excellent earners at higher levels. Focus on getting them to level 10 or 15.
  • Breeding rare dragons: Use Diamond Dragons to breed other rare dragons. Their long breed times increase rare odds.
  • Completing your dragon collection: Diamond dragons are needed to complete certain dragon collections.
  • Decorating islands: With their stunning design, Diamond Dragons make impressive additions to your islands.
  • Competing in the Colosseum: At higher levels, Diamond Dragons can hold their own in dragon combat.
  • Gifting Dragons: Gift extra Diamond Dragons to friends who also play DragonVale!

Is the Diamond Dragon Worth the Effort?

For most DragonVale players, the Diamond Dragon is worth striving for despite the difficulty in breeding it. Not only is it one of the most visually impressive dragons in the game, but it also becomes a strong source of income generation and an excellent breeding dragon. Focus on getting your breeding pool to high levels, be patient, and keep trying for that ultra-rare Diamond Dragon egg!

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