Autumn Dragon In Dragonvale

How to Breed the Autumn Dragon in Dragonvale: Requirements, Combos, and Tips

The Autumn Dragon is one of the most beloved seasonal dragons in Dragonvale. This colorful leafy dragon represents the fall season and is a popular addition to any park.

If you want to breed your own Autumn Dragon, this comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know, including breeding requirements, combo recipes, tips and tricks, expected outcomes, and more.

Let’s dig into mastering the art of breeding this beautiful fall-themed dragon!

Overview of the Autumn Dragon

Autumn Dragon in Dragonvale

Here’s a quick overview of the key traits and stats for this seasonal dragon:

Release Date: September 2012

Element: Earth

Breeding Hints: Leaf and Maple

Breeding Time: 15 hours

Earning Rates: Per minute: 15 Per hour: 900
Per day: 21,600

Appearance: Orange, red, and brown scales with leaf-shaped wings

Habitats: Earth, Omnitats

Knowing the elemental alignment along with breeding times and hints is key to successfully breeding this dragon. Now let’s explore exactly how to do it.

Requirements for Breeding the Autumn Dragon

Before you can breed an Autumn Dragon, you first need to meet a few requirements:

  • Have an Earth-aligned island habitat available
  • Have access to dragons with the Earth and Cold elements
  • Have a high enough island level to purchase dragons needed for breeding combos
  • Have at least 750,000 gold on hand for purchasing dragons
  • Have 1 open breeding cave available

Meeting these prerequisites will make your quest to get this seasonal dragon much easier.

Breeding Combos for the Autumn Dragon

There are a few ideal breeding pairs that can produce an Autumn Dragon, usually quite quickly. Here are the top breeding combos to use:

1. Maple Dragon + Earth Dragon

This is the most direct combo since it matches the “Maple” and “Earth” hints provided in the game.

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Time
MapleEarth15 hours

2. Maple Dragon + Sandstorm Dragon

The Sandstorm Dragon counts as an Earth type and can substitute for a standard Earth-Dragon.

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Time
MapleSandstorm15 hours

3. Maple Dragon + Flower Dragon

The Flower Dragon provides the Cold element needed combined with the Maple Dragon’s Earth element.

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Time
MapleFlower15 hours

4. Hail Dragon + Earth Dragon

The Hail Dragon also supplies the necessary Cold element for breeding.

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Time
HailEarth15 hours

Using any of these ideal breeding pairs in your game will give you the highest chance of getting an Autumn Dragon, usually on your first or second try.

Other Possible Breeding Outcomes

While the above combos are your best bet, it can often take a few tries before successfully breeding the elusive Autumn Dragon.

Here are other common dragons you might end up with while attempting to breed this fall-colored seasonal dragon:

Common Outcomes

  • Alpine Dragon
  • Cactus Dragon
  • Evergreen Dragon
  • Forest Dragon
  • Meadow Dragon

Rare Outcomes

  • Bloom Dragon
  • Equinox Dragon
  • Harvest Dragon
  • Rust Dragon
  • Terradiem Dragon

Epic Outcomes

  • Moon Dragon
  • Sun Dragon
  • Mountain Dragon

Don’t get discouraged if you first breed one of the above dragons. With persistence and using recommended combos, you will eventually end up with the beautiful Autumn Dragon for your park.

Tips and Tricks for Breeding the Autumn Dragon

It can take some trial and error, but using these tips can help increase your chances of successfully breeding this leafy dragon:

  • Place Earth dragons in your breeding cave first, then add Maple or Cold dragons. The game prioritizes the first dragon placed in regard to outcomes.
  • Breed right after clearing your breeding cave, as breeding success chances increase.
  • Use the Epic Breeding Island if you have it, as it provides better odds for rare dragons.
  • If available, use dragons that already have some levels, since higher levels yield better breeding results.
  • Activate breeding potions like Fulgurite to boost your odds of obtaining the dragon you want.

With smart combo selection and these tips, you can master breeding the beautiful Autumn Dragon for your park!

What to Do With Duplicate or Unwanted Autumn Dragons

As with other rare dragons, you’ll likely end up with extra Autumn Dragons at some point. Here’s what to do if you breed duplicates:

  • Display extras in your habitats to generate more gold earnings. This seasonal dragon earns a good rate.
  • Sell extra Autumn Dragons for Dragoncash if low on funds. They can sell for over 100,000 depending on level.
  • Gift extra Autumn Dragons to friends who also play if they need this dragon.
  • House unwanted extras in the Hibernation Cave to clear up main habitat space.

The Autumn Dragon’s high earning rates and beautiful colors make it worthwhile to have multiples in your park for display and generating gold income over time.

Is the Autumn Dragon Limited?

Unlike most limited dragons, the Autumn Dragon is available to breed year-round in Dragonvale.

However, your chances of breeding it increase each year during the Fall season from September to November.

So focus your breeding efforts during autumn months, however this colorful seasonal dragon can still appear in the breeding cave anytime of year if you use the right combos.

Key Takeaways on Breeding the Autumn Dragon

Here are the key tips to remember when trying to breed this beautiful leafy dragon:

  • Use combos of Earth + Cold elements like Maple + Earth
  • Level up primary breeding dragons to improve odds
  • Follow the breeding hints of “Maple” and “Earth”
  • Activate breeding potions for better results
  • Don’t get discouraged, it takes patience!

With the right breeding pair and some perseverance, you’ll be able to add this spectacular Autumn Dragon to your park’s collection in no time!

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