How to Breed the Emerald Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Emerald Dragon in DragonVale

The mesmerizing Emerald Dragon is one of the most dazzlingly beautiful Dragons found in the magical world of DragonVale. This cute plant-based Dragon has a green body with leaf-like wings and vines and flowers protruding from its back and head.

Breeding the Emerald Dragon allows you to add this stunning piece of nature to your park. This Dragon also earns you impressive amounts of dragoncash and experience points for your park. So let’s find out exactly how you can successfully breed your very own Emerald Dragon!

Overview of the Emerald Dragon

How to Breed the Emerald Dragon in DragonVale

Before we dive into the specific breeding combos needed, here’s some background on this graceful Dragon:

Elements: Plant, Earth

Breeding Hints: Combine Plant and Earth elements, or use Rose and Mud Dragons

Breeding Time: 30 hours

Earning Rates:
Per minute: 25 (max earnings per day: 36,000)
Per hour: 1,500 (max earnings per day: 36,000)

Habitats: Tree, Earth

A Plant/Earth hybrid, the Emerald Dragon is fittingly associated with notions of growth and renewal. Its verdant colors and kind temperament add peaceful nature imagery to your park.

Now let’s explore exactly how to breed the Emerald Dragon efficiently using specific Dragon combinations.

Breeding the Emerald Dragon Using Primary Elements

Since the Emerald comprises the Plant and Earth primary elements, the most straightforward way to breed it is by simply combining Dragons with those two elements at your Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

For the Plant element parent breed with any of the following Dragons:

  • Sprout Dragon
  • Flower Dragon
  • Tree Dragon
  • Pepper Dragon

For the Earth element parent breed with any of these Dragons:

So for example, pair a Flower Dragon (Plant) with a Crystal Dragon (Earth) and you have a decent shot at breeding an Emerald Dragon.

However, note that combining two hybrids both carrying Plant/Earth traits boosts your chances much more than basic element pairs. So let’s look at the best specific Dragon combinations next.

Breed Emerald Dragon Using Hybrids

Since it takes two parenting Dragons cooperating closely to care for babies, hybrid pairs sharing dominant traits produce offspring more readily compared to unrelated element matches.

Keeping that in mind, review the excellent Emerald Dragon hybrid matches below:

Top 3 Hybrid Pairs

Dragon 1Dragon 2Breeding Odds
Rose DragonMud DragonHighest Success Rate
Dandelion DragonMoss DragonHigh Success Rate
Rose DragonThermal DragonModerate Success Rate

Rose + Mud: By combining these two hybrid Plant/Earth mix Dragons directly, your chances of getting an Emerald offspring skyrocket. Both parents share the Emerald’s elemental makeup allowing easy blending.

Dandelion + Moss: Alternatively, pairing Dandelion (Plant/Air) with Moss (Earth/Water) Dragons also creates ideal conditions for an Emerald baby to emerge after cooperative nurturing.

Rose + Thermal: And lastly, even trying ever-useful wildcard Thermal (with all elements) alongside Rose can yield Emerald results. Offering different elemental strengths helps substantially too.

Now let’s examine detailed breeding times and stages when attempting an Emerald Dragon.

Breeding Wait Times for Emerald Dragon

Another key aspect when trying for any limited Dragon is understanding associated wait times. Here are timings to expect with an Emerald breeding attempt:

Breeding Stage 1: Initial Attempt

  • Send your chosen breeding pair to the Breeding Cave
  • The cave will animate and advance through stages of egg incubation

Breeding Stage 2: Hatching Wait

  • If breeding attempt worked, an egg will remain with standard 30 hour incubation period
  • During the waiting period, consider placing boosting buildings near the breeding area

Breeding Stage 3: Final Hatching

  • When hatching finishes, you will be notified of your new baby Dragon
  • If an Emerald hatches, it will be added automatically to a Habitat
  • If a different Dragon emerges, you can retry with the same or new pair

With the 30 hour base breeding time, having upgraded breeding buildings like the Epic Breeding Island and Epic Breeding Sanctuary (36 hours) allows more wiggle room if your first try only produces basic Green or Mud hybrids.

Utilizing best Dragon pairings, allowing multiple breeding attempts, keeping adjacent boosting buildings energized, and understanding wait timings all set you up for Emerald breeding success!

Tips to Breed the Emerald Dragon Faster

If the 30+ hour Emerald breeding time still seems too slow, use these pro tips to speed up your chances and reduce wait time:

Use Boosts

  • Activate 2x breeding speed boosts before putting pairs in cave
  • Watch videos to earn boosts lasting 1, 4 or 24 hours
  • Use treats for instant (but smaller) breeding boosts
  • Strategically boost alongside events for added income

Level Up Dragons/Buildings

  • Maximize breeding pair levels for higher odds
  • Improve breeding buildings, islands and sanctuaries
  • Upgrade nursery and habitats to level 10 for quicker egg incubations and hatching

Retry with Enhanced Dragons

  • Extra trait genes can unlock breeding abilities
  • Eclipse, Equinox empowered Dragons pass traits more readily
  • Online Dragons also feature improved breeding rates

Follow this advice and your Emerald breeding success rate will grow rapidly. But persistence through multiple attempts also remains key!

What to Expect from Emerald Dragon at Your Park

Once an Emerald Dragon finally emerges and matures at your park, you can look forward to:

Visual Appeal

  • Colorful green body with leafy wings/markings
  • Intricate head and back flora bringing peaceful nature vibe

Impressive Earning Rates
Per minute: 25
Per hour: 1,500
Total per day: 36,000

Help Completing Goals
The Emerald Dragon counts towards relevant breeding goals and earning 250 million lifetime dragoncash ambitions.

So not only does this magnificent Dragon look stunning aesthetically, it also boosts your park’s productivity and progression towards major achievements.

ElementsPlant, Earth
Breeding Time30 hours base
Top PairsRose & Mud, Dandelion & Moss
Earning RatesMax 36,000/day
HabitatsTree, Earth

Final Tips for Adding Emerald Dragon

Here are a few final pointers when working to add the graceful Emerald Dragon to your ever-growing park:

  • Repeat top Dragon pairings at upgraded breeding sites
  • Keep habitats and nurseries energized for quicker incubations
  • Buy Emerald eggs outright from market if too impatient
  • Evolution orbs can randomly transform other Dragons

Above all, remember that patience and persistence are instrumental when pursuing any limited Dragon breed like the Emerald. But the journey itself brings enjoyment and a sense of reward once a beautiful Emerald hatchling finally comes to life!


The satisfying feeling of witnessing a unique Emerald Dragon emerge after days carefully breeding and nurturing a delicate egg is what the addictive game DragonVale thrives on!

I hope this comprehensive breeding guide for the Emerald Dragon helps DragonVale game fans achieve that sense of accomplishment sooner. By leveraging the right elemental combinations, understanding wait times, and using breeding boosts wisely, your odds spike considerably.

Soon these graceful leafy Dragons will be gliding through the skies of your park, adding brilliant splashes of green while also generating tidy sums of gold. Just don’t get complacent once you nail your first Emerald specimen – the variations and breeding possibilities in DragonVale remain nearly endless!

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