Crystal Dragon In Dragonvale

The Crystal Dragon in DragonVale

The Crystal Dragon is one of the most beloved dragons in DragonVale. This majestic dragon has translucent, crystalline skin and wings that shine with all the colors of the rainbow. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Crystal Dragon, including:

Overview of the Crystal Dragon

  • Release Date: The Crystal Dragon was first released in October 2013 as part of the Rivers of Light event. It has since returned for various events and can now be bred year-round.
  • Element: Light
  • Breeding: The Crystal Dragon can be bred using any two dragons that collectively contain the Light, Air, and Earth elements. Some possible pairings include Lodestone Dragon + Sonic Dragon or Dawn Dragon + Blazing Dragon.
  • Incubation Time: 30 hours
  • Habitats: The Crystal Dragon can live in the Light, Omnitats, and Epic Breeding Island habitats.
  • Earning Rates: Earns 15 gold per minute at level 1 and can earn up to 45 gold per minute at level 20.


Crystal Dragon
In  Dragonvale

The Crystal Dragon has a very distinctive appearance unlike any other dragon in DragonVale. Here are some key features that make it stand out:

  • Translucent skin: The Crystal Dragon’s skin and wings appear to be made of crystal or glass. Light shines through its skin, giving it a rainbow sheen.
  • Facial crystals: Clustered crystals around its face resemble a beard and mustache. These are blue, purple, and pink.
  • Spiked tail: Its long, thin tail ends in a cluster of pointed, crystalline spikes.
  • Shimmering wings: Its wings look like stained glass windows with rainbow colors shining through. The wings have delicate veining.
  • Color variations: Crystal Dragons come in many different colors. Common variants include purple, blue, pink, green, and rainbow/aurora.


The crystalline appearance of the Crystal Dragon is more than just aesthetic – it has special abilities related to its look as well.

  • Light manipulation: As a Light element dragon, the Crystal Dragon can absorb, refract, and redirect light. This allows it to focus sunlight into beams or scatter it in dazzling displays.
  • Energy channeling: Its crystalline structure makes it an excellent conductor and channeler of energy. It can draw in energy, amplify it, and release it in powerful blasts.
  • Prismatic breath: The Crystal Dragon’s breath weapon matches its dazzling appearance. It unleashes a spinning beam of prismatic energy that cycles through all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Crystallization: Some legends claim the Crystal Dragon can turn objects or creatures to crystal through its breath or by touch. But this has never been confirmed.
  • Color change: Crystal Dragons can supposedly shift their main body color over time or based on their mood. Again, the true extent of this ability is unknown.

History and Lore

The Crystal Dragon has an air of mystery and mysticism around it in DragonVale lore. Here are some key elements of its history and stories:

  • Ancient origins: According to legend, the Crystal Dragon has existed since the beginning of time. Some claim it was the first dragon to inhabit the floating islands.
  • Void affiliation: The crystalline appearance has led some to believe the Crystal Dragon came from the Void element. But its abilities clearly align it with Light.
  • Healing properties: Its crystals and energy are said to have powerful healing effects. Sick dragons or injured Vikings may seek out the Crystal Dragon for its restorative powers.
  • Symbol of purity: Its association with light and clarity has made the Crystal Dragon a symbol of purity in many cultures. Crystal Dragon artifacts and talismans are highly prized.
  • Magic amplifier: Legends say the Crystal Dragon’s energy can enhance the effects of spells and magical rituals. DragonVale wizards may try to befriend one for this reason.
  • Seers and prophets: Some psychic or prophetic powers are attributed to Crystal Dragons based on their light manipulation abilities. But no hard evidence supports this.

Breeding Tips

The Crystal Dragon’s lustrous, rainbow-hued appearance makes it one of the most sought after dragons in DragonVale. Here are some tips to successfully breed your own:

  • Have access to the Epic Breeding Island. This will significantly increase your chances due to the increased breeding time.
  • Use dragons with the Light, Air, and Earth elements for best results. Good combinations include Lodestone + Sonic or Dawn + Blazing.
  • Level up your breeding dragons as much as possible. Higher levels mean better chances of success.
  • Wait until you have upgraded your Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island before attempting to breed one.
  • Be patient and persistent. The Crystal Dragon has one of the longest incubation times at 30 hours. You may need many tries before succeeding.
  • Consider using gems to speed up incubation time once you’ve succeeded. This will let you breed for another Crystal Dragon faster.
  • Participate in Bring ‘Em Back events when the Crystal Dragon is featured to save time and currency.

Habitat Design Tips

The Crystal Dragon’s dazzling colors and radiance deserve an equally stunning habitat. Here are some design ideas to make it feel at home:

  • Use the Large Rainbow habitat or Large Aurora habitat to match its rainbow palette.
  • Decorate with rainbows, crystals, stained glass, and prisms to enhance its prismatic effects.
  • Add beams of light or spotlights shining down to make the dragon’s colors pop.
  • Surround with pink, purple, and blue plants like Dazzling Bluebells, Vibrant Purple Poppies, and Pink Frigid Florets.
  • Use paths and floors with bright colors or rainbow gradients.
  • Add a centerpiece Light or Air elemental decoration like the Fountain of Light or Skywatch Tower.
  • Let natural light shine on the habitat so the Crystal Dragon sparkles in the sunshine.
  • Place a Crystal Pillar or Crystal Meteor decoration to complement the dragon’s crystalline form.


The Crystal Dragon enjoys a diverse diet of meat, fish, plants and magical delicacies. Here are some of its favorite treats:

  • Primeval Asparagus: This magical plant grows only on ancient ruins. The Crystal Dragon loves the crisp, fresh taste.
  • Prickly Pear Sorbet: Made from colorful fruit of the desert, this icy sorbet pleases the Crystal Dragon’s sweet tooth.
  • Roast Turkey Leg: Savory, juicy turkey legs are a staple protein for the Crystal Dragon.
  • Enchanted Staalagmite: Crystalline formations imbued with magic are one of the Crystal Dragon’s favorite snacks.
  • Ethereal Escargot: Buttery, garlic-sautéed snails in glowing ectoplasmic sauce make a special magical dish.
  • Spectral Salmon: This fish comes from a ghostly river and has a light, delicate flavor dragons love.
  • Moon Blossom Nectar: This sweet, glittering nectar from night-blooming flowers is a highly-prized treat.

Earning Rates

The dazzling Crystal Dragon can earn a nice income of gold per minute in DragonVale. Here are the earning rates for each level:

Level Earning Rate
1 15 gold/min
2 18 gold/min
3 21 gold/min
4 24 gold/min
5 27 gold/min
6 30 gold/min
7 33 gold/min
8 36 gold/min
9 39 gold/min
10 42 gold/min
11 46 gold/min
12 50 gold/min
13 54 gold/min
14 58 gold/min
15 62 gold/min
16 66 gold/min
17 70 gold/min
18 75 gold/min
19 80 gold/min
20 85 gold/min


With its rainbow-hued crystalline appearance and mysterious origins, the Crystal Dragon is one of the most unique and sought-after dragons in DragonVale. This guide covers everything from breeding and incubating to designing the perfect habitat for this marvelous dragon. With its array of special abilities and prominence in DragonVale lore, the crystalline beauty of the Crystal Dragon makes it a highly prized addition to any island park.

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