Tutan Dragon In Dragonvale

The Majestic Tutan Dragon in DragonVale: A Comprehensive Guide

The Tutan Dragon is one of the most sought-after limited dragons in DragonVale. This mysterious dragon first appeared in the game in July of 2015. With its intricate geometric patterns and glowing colors, the Tutan Dragon has captured the awe of DragonVale players for years.

In this comprehensive, guide, we will cover everything you need to know about acquiring, breeding, caring for, and maximizing your Tutan Dragon. Follow along for tips from experienced DragonVale masters on unlocking the full potential of this magical creature.

An Overview of the Tutan Dragon

The Tutan Dragon is a rare hybrid dragon that can only be acquired during special events or offers. This dragon boasts a red, orange, and yellow color palette reminiscent of ancient Egyptian art. Its identifying features include:

  • Fiery base colors with intricate geometric wing patterns
  • Glowing headdress and spine markings
  • Three heads with ornate decorative collars
  • Lion-like mane circling each neck
  • Smooth curved horns and pointed tail tip

This dragon is a Fire, Earth, and Lightning element hybrid. Its triple elements give it a unique combination of abilities. The Tutan’s breeding time is 36 hours. Once hatched, it earns 15 gold per minute at max level.

Unlocking the Tutan Dragon

The Tutan Dragon is one of the most difficult dragons to obtain in DragonVale. There are only a few ways to get this limited dragon:


The Tutan Dragon can only be acquired through breeding during special events. The breeding combo requires using a selection of limited dragons, like the Kringle dragon during Christmas events.

Eggs and Nests

Occasionally, an unhatched Tutan egg will become available in the market or as a prize. Tutan eggs can also be found when opening rare mystery chests.

Dragon Draw and Special Offers

The Tutan Dragon is sometimes offered as an in-app purchase during limited time Dragon Draw deals. Very rarely, it may also become directly available in the market for a hefty price in gems.

Goals and Rewards

Completing certain goals may reward a Tutan egg. Additionally, reaching certain levels or park values can unlock a free Tutan Dragon.

Ideal Habitats for the Tutan Dragon

This fiery triple-element dragon thrives in a selection of upgraded habitats:

  • Monolith Habitats: These epic monument habitats provide space to house the Tutan Dragon’s three heads. Upgrade to level 10.
  • Omnitats: As all-purpose habitats, Omnitats comfortably fit any dragon type. Upgrade to level 11.
  • Apocalypse Habitats: The lava landscapes mimic the Tutan Dragon’s native volcanic environment. Upgrade to level 9.

Habitat Decor Recommendations

Customize the habitat with fiery torches, dry vegetation, lava rocks, and sand dunes. Egyptian columns, treasure chests, and artifacts also help the Tutan Dragon feel at home.

Feeding Your Tutan for Optimal Growth

The Tutan Dragon enjoys a diverse diet owing to its three elements. Feed your dragon a mix of meats, fire-affiliated snacks, and earthy foods. Here are top food recommendations:

  • Firefly: An essential fire feeding staple. Improves the brightness of your Tutan’s glow.
  • Egyptian Beetle: A crunchy earth food that fuels its triple set of jaws.
  • Phoenix Feather: Contains protein and electrolytes to energize its inner flames.
  • Lava Rock Candy: A spicy volcanic snack beloved by these dragons.

Tips for Feeding

  • Always keep Tutan Dragons fully fed to level them up faster.
  • Use boosts during double XP events to maximize food value.
  • Unlock the Mass Feed perk to quickly feed entire habitats.
  • Set alarms for feeding times so you never miss a meal.

Proper feeding is crucial to helping your Tutan Dragon reach its maximum potential and earning rate.

Maximizing Your Profits with the Tutan Dragon

While difficult to obtain, the Tutan Dragon provides solid income generation. Its maximum earning rate at level 20 is 15 gold per minute. Follow these tips to get the most profit from your Tutan Dragons:

  • House Tutan Dragons in their highest boost habitats.
  • Upgrade habitats to increase your dragon capacity.
  • Complete the Daily Job Board for bonus income boosts.
  • Participate in events and contests for prizes like treats and gems.
  • Clear obstacles around habitats for faster dragon movement.

An empowered Tutan Dragon housing 10 dragons in a level 11 Omnitat can earn over 150,000 gold per day! With time and effort, the Tutan Dragon will reward you with a heap of valuable gold.

Special Abilities of the Tutan Dragon

The Tutan possesses unique traits and powers thanks to its three elemental alignments.

Tutan Dragon In Dragonvale

Ancient Power

The Tutan channels power from ancient times to cast an aura that energizes nearby dragons. This increases the earning rate of all friendly dragons on the island by 8%.

Radiant Burst

When empowered, the Tutan will occasionally glow with blinding luminance. Nearby dragons become mesmerized, doubling their rates for 30 seconds and generating more income.

Sand Cyclone

Once per day, the Tutan can summon a swirling vortex of sand to bless your park with gifts. These range from treats and decorations to rare eggs and gems!

Caring For Your Tutan Dragon

While resilient, Tutan Dragons still require attentive care and affection. Here are some care tips:

  • Socialize with your dragon daily through petting, toys, and taking it for flights around your park.
  • Clear all obstacles and decor from its habitat that could injure or distract your dragon.
  • Purchase a Large Dragon Hammock so your Tutan can comfortably rest its three heads.
  • Enrich its habitat with heating lamps, rocky platforms, and pools of lava.
  • Schedule regular bathing sessions to polish and clean your dragon’s geometric scales.

A clean, safe, and engaging habitat will keep your Tutan healthy and energized. Don’t forget to show it frequent affection as well!

Interesting Facts About Tutan Dragons

The rare Tutan Dragon has an air of mystery. Here are intriguing tidbits and facts about this creature:

  • Tutan Dragons are based on Egyptian gods like Ra and Sobek. Their three heads represent the trinity.
  • Their geometric wing patterns are unique to each Tutan. Experts believe they help identify individuals.
  • Ancient legends say Tutan Dragons protected Egyptian temples and lived alongside pharaohs.
  • Tutan Dragon eggs are heavy stone-like shells with shimmering hieroglyphics etched on them.
  • Tutan Dragons love constructing lairs filled with gilded treasures and artifacts.

Studying the lore and legends around Tutan Dragons gives insight into their ancient legacy. Their powers and wisdom have awed humans for millennia.

Using Your Tutan Dragon for Battles

The Tutan Dragon’s offensive capabilities make it an incredible battle asset. With Fire, Earth, and Lightning attacks, it can take on almost any dragon type in skirmishes.

Battle Tips and Strategies

  • Start with Fire or Lightning attacks against metal foes to melt through their armor quickly.
  • Follow up with Earth skills like Quake to destabilize footed enemies.
  • Use the Tutan’s Radiant Burst to blind opponents and make them lose turns.
  • Equip your dragon with Power and Defense boosting gems and gear.
  • Support your Tutan with Healing dragons to recover mid-battle.

A seasoned Tutan Dragon has the versatility and strength to carry your team to victory!

Acquiring More Tutan Dragons

The Tutan Dragon’s rarity and power makes acquiring additional ones difficult but highly rewarding. Here are potential options for gaining more:

  • Keep an eye out for Tutan breeding events and be prepared with parent dragons.
  • Check the market frequently for Tutan eggs or adults for purchase.
  • Participate in Dragon Draw games for a chance to win this dragon.
  • Collect and open mystery chests for the small chance of finding a Tutan egg.
  • Complete certain in-game goals that award a Tutan Dragon as a prize.
  • Buy specialty biomes like the Tutania Relic Plinth that have small chances to attract a Tutan Dragon.

With patience and dedication, you can gradually expand your Tutan horde over time in DragonVale.

Key Takeaways on the Majestic Tutan Dragon

For an overview, here are the key points on this powerful triple element dragon:

  • The Tutan Dragon is one of the rarest and most coveted dragons in DragonVale.
  • Its distinctive design features geometric patterns and three regal dragon heads.
  • This mighty dragon has Fire, Earth, and Lightning elements.
  • Special events are essentially the only way to acquire Tutan Dragons.
  • Once obtained, focus on feeding, housing, empowering, and battling with your Tutan.
  • Maximize profits by upgrading habitats and clearing obstacles around a Tutan Dragon’s home.
  • Fun lore and legends surround the Tutan’s origins in ancient Egypt.

A dedicated dragon master will be able to unlock the full potential of the Tutan Dragon. Its rarity and special abilities make it one of the most exciting prizes in the game.


The Tutan Dragon stands as one of the most powerful and mystical dragons in DragonVale. Its triple element skills, defensive and offensive prowess, and team buffs make it an elite ally. While challenging to obtain, proper care and training of your Tutan Dragon will impart generous rewards. Equipping it for battle and housing it with boosts can maximize your profits and progress. We hope these comprehensive tips help you on your quest to acquire and master the majestic Tutan Dragon. With this ancient beast by your side, you will be ready to take on anything DragonVale throws your way!

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