The Majestic Tutan Dragon in DragonVale: A Comprehensive Guide

The Jade Dragon in DragonVale

The Jade Dragon is one of the most beloved dragons in the popular game DragonVale. This magical dragon is known for its brilliant green colors and serpentine shape. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Jade Dragon, from its history and abilities to tips for breeding and empowering this special creature.

Overview of the Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon was first introduced to DragonVale in March 2013 as part of the 2.0 update. When it was released, the Jade Dragon could only be acquired through breeding, making it highly coveted. Its emerald green colors and graceful movements quickly made it a fan favorite.

Here are some key facts about this dragon:

  • Element: Plant
  • Breeding time: 14 hours
  • Income per minute: 15
  • Types of attacks: Plant and Earth

In terms of appearance, the Jade Dragon has a serpent-like body with leaf-like frills running down its back. Its underbelly is a lighter green shade. When empowered, the Jade Dragon gains extra frills on its cheeks and its back frills become more pronounced.

As a Plant-type dragon, the Jade Dragon can withstand Earth and Cold attacks. However, it is vulnerable to Metal and Fire attacks. The Jade Dragon uses both Plant and Earth attacks when defending its home island.

Breeding the Jade Dragon

Breeding is the primary way to acquire a Jade Dragon. This dragon can be tricky to breed because it requires a specific combination of dragons.

Jade Dragon
In  Dragonvale

Here are the breeding combinations that can produce a Jade Dragon egg:

  • Plant Dragon + Earth Dragon
  • Cactus Dragon + Moss Dragon
  • Tree Dragon + Medusa Dragon

The breeding time for a Jade Dragon egg is 14 hours. Make sure to have an open habitat ready for the egg!

Some tips for successfully breeding a Jade Dragon:

  • Use dragons that are at least level 10. Higher levels mean better breeding odds.
  • Have patience. It may take many tries before obtaining the egg. Keep trying!
  • Upgrade your breeding cave and island for faster breeding times.
  • Wait for a breeding event to increase your chances.

With some luck and persistence, you’ll be able to add the majestic Jade Dragon to your park!

Habitats for the Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon is most comfortable living in the following upgraded habitats:

  • Earth Habitat: This provides an environment rich in minerals for the Jade Dragon to thrive. Upgrade to level 7.
  • Omnitat: This all-purpose habitat can comfortably house any dragon. Upgrade to level 10.
  • Giant Habitat: This extra-large space has room for the Jade Dragon to roam. Upgrade to level 11.

Make sure to decorate the habitat with lots of plants and trees to make your Jade Dragon feel at home. Having the correct environment is key to keeping your dragon happy and healthy.

Diet and Feeding

Feeding your Jade Dragon well will ensure it levels up quickly. As a Plant/Earth hybrid, the Jade Dragon enjoys eating a variety of insects, vegetation, and minerals.

Here are some top food choices for your Jade Dragon:

  • Dragonfly: This insect helps the dragon develop its speed and agility.
  • Salamander: Provides essential proteins and nutrients for growth.
  • Carrots: An excellent plant food source to fuel the dragon each day.
  • Garnet Shard: Contains trace minerals like iron that the dragon craves.

Aim to keep your Jade Dragon fed at all times. A well-fed dragon is a happy dragon!

Earning DragonCash

The Jade Dragon is a profitable dragon to have on your islands. At level 1, it earns 15 dragoncash per minute. The earning rate increases as the dragon levels up over time.

Here are some tips to maximize your earnings:

  • Empower your dragon – An empowered Jade Dragon earns 50% more than a regular one.
  • Upgrade habitats – Increase the max dragon capacity of habitats to hold more Jade Dragons.
  • Complete Dragon Earning quests – Quests provide boosts to income.
  • Level up your dragon – A higher level means more income generation!

Focus on empowering your Jade Dragon and keeping it housed in an upgraded habitat to earn the most dragoncash possible from this beautiful creature.

Special Abilities

The Jade Dragon has some unique abilities that make it a powerful asset. Here are its special powers:

Earth Boost

The Jade Dragon provides a boost to all Earth dragons on your islands, increasing their earning rates by 10%. This passive ability supports your entire Earth dragon army!

Emerald Frenzy

When empowered, the Jade Dragon occasionally triggers an Emerald Frenzy. This ability doubles its earnings for 30 seconds, generating a big burst of extra cash.

Crystal Call

On rare occasions, the Jade Dragon will summon a giant emerald crystal from the ground. Tapping this crystal grants a reward of treats, currency, or gems!

Tips for Proper Care

Looking after your Jade Dragon well ensures it will thrive on your islands. Follow these tips:

  • Keep it housed in its preferred Earth or Omnitat habitat.
  • Feed it a nutritious diet of insects, plants, and minerals.
  • Play with it daily to keep it active and energized.
  • Clear all obstacles and distractions from its habitat.
  • Ensure the habitat decor suits its Plant element.

With attentive care, your Jade Dragon will live a long, prosperous life in your park!

Fun Facts About the Jade Dragon

Here are some fascinating facts about this graceful dragon species:

  • Jade Dragons are based on Chinese water dragons, with jade colors symbolic of good fortune.
  • The Jade Dragon was the first two-element dragon introduced to DragonVale.
  • Jade Dragons inhabit extensive cave systems decorated with mineral crystals and gems.
  • Newborn Jade Dragons are born a very light green and darken as they mature.
  • Jade Dragon eggs are speckled with tiny flecks of gold and brown.

The Jade Dragon’s elegant design and versatile abilities make it a true gem among the dragons of DragonVale!

Maximizing the Jade Dragon

Here are some key tips to get the most out of your Jade Dragon:

  • Empower it fully – This boosts earning rates and unlocks special abilities.
  • Level it to max – Level 20 is achievable with consistent feeding.
  • House it with boosts – Pair with Plant or Earth boost relics and dragons.
  • Add Crystal Habitats – Jade Dragons sparkle in Crystal environments.
  • Gift treats often – Treats increase the dragon’s XP to gain levels.

With the proper focus, the Jade Dragon can become an absolute powerhouse dragon in your park.

Uses in Battle

When empowered, the Jade Dragon is a formidable battle dragon. With both Plant and Earth attacks in its arsenal, it can take on most dragon types.

Here are some key battle tips:

  • Use Plant Blast against Water opponents. It’s super effective!
  • Leverage Quake attacks against Metal foes to deal heavy damage.
  • Avoid using the Jade Dragon against Fire enemies as its vulnerable to them.
  • Equip crystals or gems to strengthen the dragon’s attacks.
  • Team up with Healing dragons to stay at full health.

With its strong dual elements and defensive abilities, the Jade Dragon can become a valuable member of your battle team.

Acquiring the Jade Dragon

Here is a quick overview of the methods to obtain this elite dragon:

  • Breeding – Most reliable way, use combos like Plant + Earth.
  • Eggs/Nests – Can appear randomly when collecting dragon eggs.
  • Events – Limited time Jade Dragon events crop up occasionally.
  • Shop – Occasionally is offered in the market for gems.
  • Goals – Check goals regularly for Jade Dragon rewards.

With some luck, you’ll be able to add the Jade Dragon to your collection using one of these acquisition methods.

Final Review

In summary, the elegant Jade Dragon is a standout dragon in DragonVale. Its dual Plant and Earth elements give it distinctive strengths. Able to generate solid income, wield earthy attacks, and boost allies, the Jade Dragon is well worth pursuing for your park. Focus on habitats, diet, empowerment, and battles to get the most from this dragon. The Jade Dragon’s emerald glow and fluid movements will bring good fortune and wonder to your islands.

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