Ghostly Spectre Dragon

Ghostly Spectre Dragon Breeding Guide for DragonVale

The elusive Ghostly Spectre Dragon is one of the most challenging epic dragons to breed in DragonVale. This ghost-type dragon has a spooky transparent design and can only be acquired by combining specific limited dragons.

While breeding the Ghostly Spectre requires some rare combos and a lot of patience, this comprehensive breeding and incubation guide will walk you through every step needed to add this impressive dragon to your collection.

Overview of the Ghostly Spectre Dragon

Ghostly Spectre Dragon

Let’s first look at some key facts and stats for this rare dragon:

  • Elements: Ghost (Hidden)
  • Breeding Hints: Spook + Spectre
  • Incubation Time: 29 hours
  • Earning Rates: Up to 910 coins per minute
  • Buy Price: 3,500 gems
  • Sell Price: 2,000,000 coins
  • Egg Pedestal Price: 2,500 gems

The Ghostly Spectre Dragon has a see-through visual design with a skeletal spine and rib cage visible through its ghostly skin. The spectral wings and tail give it a seriously spooky look!

At max level, this dragon can earn over 900 coins per minute, making it well worth the effort to acquire for your park.

Breeding the Ghostly Spectre requires using two specific limited dragons – keep reading for details on how to get this epic rarity dragon!

How to Breed the Ghostly Spectre Dragon

The only way to successfully breed a Ghostly Spectre Dragon is by combining a Spook Dragon with a Spectre Dragon in the breeding cave.

Both the Spook and Spectre dragons must first be acquired before you can breed for the Ghostly Spectre.

Spook Dragon

The Spook Dragon is a limited Halloween dragon that is only available during the annual Night of the Phantoms event.

During this event, the Spook Dragon can be purchased directly for 300 gems. If you miss the event window, you’ll have to wait until the next year to have a chance at buying this dragon.

Some alternative options for getting a Spook Dragon include:

  • Egg of Mystery – Spook has a small chance of resulting from spectral eggs.
  • Bring Em Back – Previous limiteds are available if you have the monument.
  • Rift Breeding – The Rift allows breeding past event dragons.

Once you have a Spook Dragon, you can use it to breed for the Ghostly Spectre.

Spectre Dragon

The Spectre Dragon was introduced as part of theSpectral Sabbatical event. During this event it can be directly purchased with gems.

If you don’t have a monument, some ways to acquire a Spectre Dragon include:

  • Egg of Mystery – Spectre has a small chance from spectral eggs.
  • Rift Breeding – The Rift gives chances for past event dragons.
  • Bring Em Back – Previous limited dragons can be bred if you have the monument.

With both a Spectre and Spook dragon ready, you can now breed for the Ghostly Spectre!

Breeding the Ghostly Spectre Dragon

To breed the Ghostly Spectre Dragon, place any combination of a Spectre Dragon and a Spook Dragon in the Epic Breeding Island.

This will give you approximately a 2% chance per attempt to breed the Ghostly Spectre Dragon.

Due to the long breeding times and low success rate, trying for this dragon requires a lot of patience and perseverance. But the awesome design makes it well worth the effort!

Make sure to continually switch up which dragons are in spot 1 and 2 to maximize your chances. With enough tries you’ll eventually get lucky!

Ghostly Spectre Dragon Incubation Time

Once you successfully breed a Ghostly Spectre Dragon, placing the egg into an upgraded nursery habitat will take a very long incubation time.

You’ll need to wait 29 hours for the Ghostly Spectre egg to hatch!

Make sure you have a nursery ready in advance. Use gems to speed up the timer if you want the dragon to finish incubating faster.

Earning Rates for the Ghostly Spectre Dragon

The high earning rates make getting the Ghostly Spectre Dragon well worth the tricky breeding process.

Here is a table showing the max coin generation for each level:

Level Coins per Minute
1 82
2 130
3 178
4 226
5 273
6 321
7 369
8 417
9 465
10 512
11 560
12 608
13 656
14 703
15 751
16 799
17 847
18 894
19 942
20 910

At level 20, the Ghostly Spectre Dragon can earn over 900 coins per minute in your park!

Make sure to use boosts during events and double days to maximize your profit from this valuable dragon. The earning potential makes getting this dragon well worth the effort.

Tips and Tricks for Breeding

Use the following tips to improve your chances of getting the challenging Ghostly Spectre Dragon:

  • Max out Epic Breeding Island – Upgrade to get the fastest breeding times.
  • Rift Breeding – Use the Rift for extra breeding chances. Limited dragons available.
  • Retry with Different Dragons – Don’t just use the same two over and over.
  • Buy Dragons from Friends – Trade gems for any you are missing.
  • Wait for Bring Em’ Back Events – Previous limited dragons become available again.
  • Egg of Mystery -Spectral eggs provide a small chance of the needed parents.

With smart use of these tips and loads of patience, you’ll be able to overcome the odds and finally breed this impressive ghost dragon!

Acquiring the Ghostly Spectre Dragon FAQs

Let’s review some common questions that come up about getting the Ghostly Spectre:

Is the Ghostly Spectre limited availability?

Yes, the Ghostly Spectre is a limited epic dragon only available during certain Halloween events or special promotions.

Can I use other dragons instead of Spectre and Spook to breed?

No, there are no other dragon combinations capable of breeding Ghostly Spectre. You must use one Spectre and one Spook dragon.

If I fail, should I switch the order of the breeding pair?

Yes, make sure to place the Spectre and Spook dragons in spot 1 and 2, and then switch them around to increase odds.

Can I get a Ghostly Spectre from a ghostly egg of mystery?

No, you cannot directly get a Ghostly Spectre from any type of mystery egg. It has to be bred using Spectre and Spook.

What should I do if I miss the availability windows?

Wait until either the next Bring Em’ Back event or when the required dragons are available again in their initial events.

Final Review

Here’s a quick summary of the key tips for getting the Ghostly Spectre Dragon:

  • Combo Needed: Spectre Dragon + Spook Dragon
  • Rarity: Limited Epic
  • Incubation Time: 29 hours
  • Max Coins/Minute: 910 at level 20
  • Best Approach: Rift + Bring Em’ Back events

Follow this complete breeding and incubation guide to have the best chance of adding the elusive Ghostly Spectre Dragon to your collection in DragonVale!

The challenging breeding process is well worth it to get this ghostly dragon and show it off in your park. Good luck!

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