Greenge Dragon in Dragonvale

A Complete Guide to Breeding the Greenge Dragon in Dragonvale

The Greenge Dragon is one of the most iconic limited dragons in Dragonvale. This mischievous, green-furred dragon made its debut during the 2022 Frostivale event, and could only be acquired by breeding for a limited time. With its unique design and breeding combination, the Greenge Dragon remains highly coveted by Dragonvale players.

In this comprehensive breeding guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about acquiring this rare holiday dragon for your park, including:

  • An overview of the Greenge Dragon
  • Breeding combo and tips
  • Times and odds
  • Habitats, earning rates, and other key info
  • Strategies for new and returning players

An Introduction to the Greenge Dragon

The Greenge Dragon was first introduced during the Frostivale 2022 event as a limited-time dragon. Its design takes inspiration from the famous storybook character, the Grinch, with green fur, a playful grin, and a clever backstory told in rhyme.

In terms of elements, the Greenge Dragon has the unique combo of Cold, Earth, Fire, Light, and Ornamental elements. This diverse elemental mix makes it a valuable dragon for earning dragon mastery XP and filling your park’s elemental boosts.

During Frostivale 2022, the Greenge Dragon could only be bred by combining two specific event dragons – the Yule Dragon and Burglehoo Dragon. After the event ended, the breeding combo expired, making future opportunities to get this dragon very rare.

Greenge Dragon Breeding Combo Explained

The one and only way to breed the Greenge Dragon is by combining a Yule Dragon and a Burglehoo Dragon in the Breeding Cave or Epic Breeding Island. This specific combo is what makes the Greenge Dragon a limited holiday dragon.

Required Dragons

Let’s take a closer look at the two dragon “ingredients” needed to breed a Greenge:

Dragon Elements Availability Breeding Time
Yule Dragon Cold/Earth December Holiday Events 30 minutes
Burglehoo Dragon Fire/Dark Holiday Events 14 hours

Yule Dragon

  • Cold/Earth elemental dragon
  • Limited dragon available only during December events
  • Has short breeding time of 30 minutes

Burglehoo Dragon

  • Fire/Dark elemental dragon
  • Limited dragon available during holiday events
  • Moderate breeding time of 14 hours

Having both of these dragons is key to being able to breed Greenge when it makes limited returns to the game. Neither dragon can be substituted for another breed in the combo.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips to successfully breed the Greenge Dragon:

  • Use level 15 or higher dragons for best results
  • Breed in the Epic Breeding Island for faster breeding times
  • Only breed during limited windows when Greenge is available
  • Upgrade breeding caves/islands to increase breeding odds
  • Use boosts like Epic Breeding Island Boosts

Following this specific combo carefully is the only way you’ll be able to acquire this exclusive holiday dragon. Now let’s look at breeding times and odds.

Greenge Dragon Breeding Times and Odds

The breeding time for a Greenge Dragon is 14-20 hours, depending on what level dragons you use. Here are the specific breeding times:

Dragon Level Breeding Time
Level 15 14 hours
Level 16 15 hours
Level 17 16 hours
Level 18 17 hours
Level 19 18 hours
Level 20 20 hours

As you can see, higher level dragons result in slightly faster breeding times. But no matter what, you’ll need to wait overnight for a chance at Greenge.

In terms of odds, your chance of breeding a Greenge Dragon is 2% or 1/50. This makes it a rare limited dragon that takes some luck and persistence to acquire. Having upgraded breeding caves can help improve your odds slightly.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes many tries to finally breed a Greenge! Keep attempting the combo during the limited breeding window until you finally get that lucky success.

Greenge Dragon Habitats and Earning Rates

Once you’ve succeeded in breeding a Greenge Dragon, you’ll need to choose a habitat to house it in your park. This colorful dragon can be placed in the following habiats:

  • Omnitat
  • Overgrown Island
  • Cold Island
  • Earth Island
  • Fire Oasis
  • Lightning Corral
  • Treasure Habitat
  • Ornamental Habitat

Due to its five elements, the Greenge Dragon will be equally happy in any of these habitats. Place it where you need an elemental boost most.

Greenge Dragon Max Earning Rates

Level Earning Rate
1 43
2 69
3 94
4 120
5 146
6 171
7 197
8 223
9 249
10 274
11 300
12 326
13 351
14 377
15 403
16 429
17 454
18 480
19 506
20 531

At max level 20, the Greenge Dragon earns 531 coins per minute. This makes it a decent earner compared to other epic dragons. Be sure to level your Greenge Dragon to 20 using treats for maximum earning potential.

Strategies for New and Returning Players

Finally, let’s discuss some tips specifically for new and returning players trying to acquire the Greenge Dragon.

New Players

For brand new Dragonvale players, breeding Greenge will be very difficult without access to prior limited dragons. Be sure to participate in all holiday events moving forward so you’ll have the breedable dragons for next time. The best option is to wait until Greenge returns again in the future.

Returning Players

If you’re a returning player, check your dragon collection to see if you already have a Yule Dragon and Burglehoo Dragon from past events. If so, you’re all set to breed when Greenge becomes available again!

If not, your options are to trade for those dragons in the trading menu, or wait until December when they return for holiday events. Having these two dragons is the key to successfully breeding Greenge.


The Greenge Dragon remains one of the most unique and coveted holiday dragons in Dragonvale. With its one-of-a-kind breeding combo, delightful design, and mischievous backstory, dedicated players are willing to go to great lengths to add Greenge to their collection. By following this breeding guide, you’ll have the insight needed to acquire Greenge during its next limited-time availability.

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