Dragonvale World APK Free Download 2023

Dragonvale World APK Free Download 2023

Dragonvale World is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Backflip Studios for iOS and Android devices. In this dragon breeding simulation game, players build a magical park, raise and breed adorable baby dragons, and create a vibrant dragon paradise. With its family-friendly gameplay, vibrant graphics, and ability to play for free, Dragonvale World provides magical fun for all ages.

An Introduction to Dragonvale World

Dragonvale World allows players to breed, raise, and care for hundreds of different dragons across floating dragon islands in the sky. Players start with a simple island and a few starter dragons, then expand their islands and fill them with habitats, buildings, decorations and of course, dragons! There are over 500 unique dragons to breed and collect, each with different elements, rarities, breeding times, and animations.

The goal is to attract as many visitors as possible to your dragon park by filling it with colorful habitats and rare, exciting dragons. Visitors generate gold coins which are used to expand your park, as well as special treats and essences which help your dragons grow. Ultimately, the aim is to breed and raise every type of dragon, fulfill your visitors’ wishes, and create the most spectacular magical park filled with adorable, animated dragons!

Download Dragonvale World APK Free

Dragonvale World APK

Key Features of Dragonvale World

Here are some of the key features that make Dragonvale World an engaging and addictive mobile game:


  • Over 500 unique dragons to breed and collect by pairing dragons with different elements or combining dragons in the Rift Breeding Cave
  • Some dragons can only be acquired through specific breeding combinations
  • Random breeding results means you never know what dragon you’ll get!
  • Breeding hint system helps players learn breeding recipes

Dragon Care and Growth

  • Cute baby dragons hatch from eggs and grow into adults
  • Feed and interact with dragons to earn dragon XP and increase their levels
  • Earn decorations, animations, and rewards as your dragons level up
  • Unique animations and behaviors for each dragon

Customizable Park

  • Expand your park by purchasing and customizing magical floating islands
  • Decorate islands with habitats, buildings, decorations, and themed environments
  • Create dragon paradises like Monster Marsh, Candy Chasm, and Olympus Overlook
  • Design unique park layouts and themes

Social Features

  • Visit friends’ parks and exchange gems
  • Send and receive gifts of treats, essences, and gems
  • Cooperative breeding – work with friends to breed rare dragons

Collection and Mastery

  • Registration system to track your dragon collection progress
  • Mastery system with rewards for collecting dragons of each element
  • Always new rare, epic, and gemstone dragons being added
  • Time-limited dragons available during in-game events

The Magical Worlds of Dragonvale

Dragonvale World takes place in a colorful fantasy world high up in the stratosphere. Your park floats on a chain of magical islands, each with their own environments and themes. As your park expands, you’ll be able to create and customize 5 unique islands:

Main Island

This is the first island you start on, and includes tutorial missions that teach you the basics of breeding, raising dragons, and running your park. The Main Island features grassy meadows, crystal caves, and other standard dragon habitats.

Dragonvale World APK

Air Island

Soar into the clouds on Air Island! This island features windy blue skies populated by light and airy dragons like Cloud and Fog. Unlock the Wind Shrine to attract even more swift flyers.

Water Island

Make a splash on Water Island and build aquatic habitats for water-loving dragons. Grow kelp forests, coral reefs, and other underwater scenes that your aquatic dragons will love.

Earth Island

Get back to nature on Earth Island with dusty deserts, lush jungles, and other earthy scenes perfect for plant and earth dragons. Giant mushrooms, fruit trees, and flowers decorate this vibrant island.

Cold Island

Bundle up on Cold Island, where ice and cold-dwelling dragons roam snowy tundras, icy cliffs, and frosty forests. Crystalline hides, snowy tufts, and shimmering scales keep these dragons comfortable in the chill.

In addition to your main 5 islands, there are other magical realms to discover via portal, which open up even more possibilities for exploration and dragon breeding. These include Olympus, Paradise, and the ominous Hidden World.

Key Tips and Strategies

Succeeding in Dragonvale World means more than just amassing dragons – you’ll also need to strategically build your park, maximize your breeding potential, and keep visitors happy. Here are some key tips:

Optimize your Park Layout

Think carefully about island layout – habitats should be clumped into themed areas based on dragon elements like fire, cold, plant, etc. This boosts your “element bonus” for higher coin earnings. Leave space for future expansion.

Prioritize Rare and Gemstone Dragons

Some dragons are harder to breed and attract more visitors. Focus on acquiring rare dragons, limited dragons, and gemstone dragons first.

Maximize Breeding Potential

Upgrade breeding caves early on and keep them working full time. Have multiple breeding caves on each island to take advantage of different elemental boosts.

Participate in Events

Limited-time events allow you to earn rare dragons, prizes, and treasure. Check events frequently and complete as many objectives as you can.

Fulfill Visitor Wishes

Visitors make wish requests for specific dragons – if you fulfill their wish, they award you with extra coins and treats! Satisfying visitor requests should be a priority.

Is Dragonvale World Safe and Appropriate for Kids?

With its lighthearted fantasy theme and vibrant, family-friendly graphics, Dragonvale World is entirely appropriate for players of all ages. There is no objectionable or inappropriate content. Gameplay does not require any personal information from players, and there are no chat functions to communicate with strangers.

The only potential concern is that the game always prompts you to purchase premium currency and unlocks. However, these are never required to progress or enjoy the game. With parental supervision, children can safely play Dragonvale World and experience the magic of dragon breeding and care!

Final Thoughts on Dragonvale World

For dragon lovers young and old, Dragonvale World offers the chance to breed and raise hundreds of unique, animated dragons in your very own floating island paradise. Fun dragon designs, regular new content updates, and cooperative breeding with friends give this game great long-term appeal. While the freemium model means some aspects require patience or payment, at its core Dragonvale World remains a wholesome, engrossing game that brings dragon magic to life. Download Dragonvale World today and escape to your very own dragon paradise in the clouds!

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