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Update 1.9 Features!

New update coming soon! Announcement from BFS:

What’s Coming in Update 1.9 – Upgrades to Enchanted Breeding Odds, New Zen Trait and More!


NOTE: To experience these awesome additions you MUST be updated to the most recent version of DragonVale World. Update 1.9 is coming soon, so keep an eye on your device’s app store!

You asked and the Wizards listened. Here’s the scoop:

What’s New

  • A new trait has been discovered: Zen! Collect new dragons, decorations and habitats.
  • 10 more levels! Max park level is now 60.
  • Build more habitats! Gretchen has expanded the maximum number of habitats you can have in your park by 2.
  • Grow more food! 1 more farm plot is available from Sebastian’s Snackery.
  • Stash more DragonCash! Another upgrade to the Golden Talon Bank & Trust increases the max amount of DragonCash you can hold in the bank to 50,000,000.

What’s Changed

  • It’s now easier to breed and collect Enchanted dragons! Once you have collected a dragon, simply use its breeding tip for a chance to breed the enchanted cousin of that dragon. It is no longer necessary to include the base dragon in the breeding pair.
  • Accidentally spent gems you didn’t intend? No longer! There is now a gem confirmation panel in the Settings Menu. Set the amount of gems needed to get a confirmation prompt before spending.
  • UI Upgrade! Park timers, the Dragonarium, breeding tips, selling dragons, and more have been streamlined for a faster & easier to navigate experience.
  • Aura Spells have been removed to improve performance. All other spells remain.

  • If you used an Aura Spell on any of your dragons, check your inbox for a message from the team.
  • Note that all spells, including Aura spells, are cosmetic only. Spells have no impact on breeding odds.
  • Performance improvements across all supported devices.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Hatchery bug that prevented the use of a hatchery slot.
  • Park visitor bug that reduced the frequency of gift giving visitors.
  • Additional fixes and balancing across the game.

If you’ve updated your game and are still experiencing any of the above issues, please contact Customer Service at [email protected]

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