Twin Dragons in DragonVale

Twin Dragons in DragonVale

DragonVale is a popular dragon breeding game where players can collect and breed over 500 different types of dragons. Among the many exotic dragons in the game are the rare Twin Dragons, a unique breed that comes in two-headed forms. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Twin Dragons in DragonVale.

Overview of Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons are a special category of dragons in DragonVale that have two heads. They come in a variety of elemental types and can be bred by combining dragons with certain elements or as rewards in certain events.

Here are some key facts about Twin Dragons:

  • Unique Two-Headed Appearance: The signature feature of Twin Dragons is their two dragon heads. This gives them a distinct look compared to other dragons.
  • Rare Breeds: Twin Dragons are challenging to acquire and breed. Many are limited editions or can only be earned through specific combinations.
  • Powerful Elements: Twin Dragons come in primary elements like cold, earth, fire, plant, etc. Some also have rare secondary elements like metal, lightning, or legend.
  • Higher Earning Rates: Two-headed Twin Dragons earn coins at faster rates compared to normal dragons in the game.

Types of Twin Dragons

There are over 20 different breeds of Twin Dragons available in DragonVale. Here are some of the major types along with their elements:

  • Double Rainbow: This dragon has the double rainbow element which is one of the rarest in the game. It can earn up to 2,250 coins per minute at max level.
  • Double Leap Year: With the leap year and air elements, this dragon earns coins quickly and has a unique green coloring.
  • Double Firework: The firework and dark elements give this explosive-looking dragon a bright, colorful design.
  • Double Evergreen: One of the more common Twin Dragons, it has cold and plant elements. Easy to breed compared to others.
  • Double Gold: Gold and metal elements make this a profitable dragon. It can earn over 3,000 coins per minute.

Here is a quick overview table of some key Twin Dragons and their elements:

Twin Dragon Primary Element Secondary Element
Double Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
Double Leap Year Leap Year Air
Double Firework Firework Dark
Double Evergreen Cold Plant
Double Gold Gold Metal

Breeding Twin Dragons

Breeding Twin Dragons requires having dragons with the right elements and carefully timing your breeding. Here are some tips:

  • Use opposite elements – Breeding opposite elements like fire + cold increases your chances of getting a Twin Dragon.
  • Utilize rare elements – Using dragons with rare elements like the rainbow, double rainbow, leap year, etc can produce Twins.
  • Take advantage of events – Limited events will increase specific Twin Dragons breeding rates for a short time.
  • Upgrade breeding cave – Evolve your breeding cave to increase your chances of getting rare dragons.
  • Retry failed attempts – Keep trying if your first few breeding attempts don’t succeed. Twin Dragons can take time.

Here are some examples of breeding combinations that can result in Twin Dragons:

  • Double Rainbow + Double Rainbow
  • Leap Year + Air
  • Evergreen + Aurora
  • Firework + Starlight
  • Seasonal + Seasonal

With enough patience and the right dragons, you can acquire these exotic two-headed beasts!

Habitats for Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons in DragonVale

To house your Twin Dragons, you need to prepare habitats that can accommodate their larger size and higher coin generation rate. Here are some tips:

  • Use Epic Breeding Island – This massive island has the space for most Twin Dragons until you expand your islands.
  • Expand regular islands – Upgrade islands to 4×4 or greater to fit adult Twin Dragons comfortably.
  • Elemental islands are ideal – Match Twin Dragon elements to their island for big boosts in coin production.
  • Choose Omnitats – These giant habitats can fit any dragon, including large Twins. A great end-game option.
  • Have backup islands – Keep spare space on other islands in case your primary habitat is full.

With strategic habitat construction, you can house your Twin Dragons and maximize their earning potential.

Tips for Earning Coins with Twin Dragons

The two-headed nature of Twin Dragons allows them to generate coins in DragonVale at faster rates. Here are some tips to boost their earning potential:

  • Get to highest level ASAP – Max out your Twin Dragon’s level for the maximum coin generation rate.
  • Have multiple of the same breed – Fill your habitats with several high-level Twins to multiply earnings.
  • Place Twins in the rift – Rift versions of Twins earn etherium instead of coins at very high speeds.
  • Empower your Twins – Use special boosts to further increase the coin and etherium production of your Twin Dragons.
  • Take advantage of events – Limited events and contests will sometimes reward extra coins from Twin Dragons.

With the right strategy, Twin Dragons can quickly become major earners in DragonVale and provide the currency you need to progress in the game.

Fun Facts About Twin Dragons

In addition to being profitable and powerful, Twin Dragons have some fun quirks and unique traits in DragonVale. Here are some interesting facts:

  • It’s unclear whether both heads of a Twin Dragon have their own consciousness or share one. The two heads often appear to have different personalities!
  • Twin Dragons seem to enjoy showing off and will often perform elaborate acrobatics to impress visitors to your park.
  • According to legend, Twin Dragons were created when a magic spell accidentally split a dragon in two. Both halves survived!
  • Twin Dragons have voracious appetites since they have two mouths to feed. They will often compete with each other for food.
  • Music seems to soothe Twin Dragons. Having bands and orchestras in your park makes them happier and more productive.
  • If you listen closely, Twin Dragons can actually produce a fascinating stereo effect when vocalizing due to their two heads.

So in addition to adding a unique flair, Twin Dragons bring lots of quirky personality to your dragon park!

Should You Focus on Breeding Twin Dragons?

With their dual-headed design, increased earning rates, and challenging breeding methods, is it worth focusing time and effort on acquiring Twin Dragons for your park? Let’s summarize the key pros and cons:

Pros of Getting Twin Dragons:

  • Generate coins and etherium faster than normal dragons
  • Fun to show off rare and unique breeds
  • Needed to complete your Dragonarium collection
  • Useful for certain in-game goals and quests
  • Cool two-headed animation and behaviors

Cons of Getting Twin Dragons:

  • Difficult and expensive to breed some types
  • Take up more habitat space
  • Require special habitats to house
  • Slow down game loading times once you have many
  • Distracts focus from other rare dragons

Overall, Twin Dragons are excellent additions to your park later in the game once you have expanded your islands and breeding pairs. A handful of the most profitable or visually appealing Twin Dragons can bring diversity to your collection. Just be wary of getting carried away and only amassing Twins!

Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Dragons

Here are answers to some common questions about these unique two-headed dragons:

How many types of Twin Dragons are there?

There are over 20 different Twin Dragons, with more being added in special events. They come in most primary elements as well as rare combos like double rainbow.

What’s the easiest Twin Dragon to breed?

The Evergreen is one of the most straightforward Twins to breed by combining cold and plant type dragons. Others like the Double Rainbow are extremely difficult.

Do Twin Dragons take up more space?

Yes, adult Twin Dragons occupy 2×2 space in habitats instead of 1×1. But they still only count as one dragon, not two.

Are there Twin versions of all dragons?

No, only certain specific breeds come in Twin Dragon forms. The majority of dragons do not have Twin variants.

Do the two heads have different personalities?

The heads often behave independently, like bickering with each other. But whether they have separate minds or consciousness is unclear.


With their distinctive two-headed design and animations, faster coin generation rates, and challenging breeding methods, Twin Dragons are an elite category of dragon in DragonVale. There are many types to collect across the elements, though some are much harder to acquire than others.

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