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Silver Dragon In Dragonevale

The Majestic Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon is one of the most valued dragons in the world of DragonVale. With its beautiful metallic blue scales and mysteriously alluring aura, the Silver Dragon commands attention and respect wherever it goes. In this comprehensive guide, weโ€™ll break down everything you need to know about breeding, housing, and caring for this magnificent dragon.

Breeding the Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon is an epic dragon that can only be bred using two rare dragons. Here are the breeding requirements:

  • Earth + Rain + Treasure (Epic) โ€“ This is the standard breeding combination for the Silver Dragon. It has a very low chance of success.
  • Earth + Rain + 30% Epic Egg (Epic) โ€“ Using an Epic breeding cave or habitat with the base combo above increases the odds.
  • Any rare dragon combo with an active Silver trait (Epic) โ€“ During events when the Silver trait is available, using any two rare dragons that both have the Silver trait activated will breed a Silver.

Here are some tips for successfully breeding a Silver Dragon:

  • Breed during boosts when possible for increased odds. Make use of Breeding Cave boosts, Breeding Island boosts and limited time Breeding events.
  • Stock up on multiples of the breeding dragons to breed in overlapping cycles for maximum chances each day.
  • Consider upgrading your Breeding Cave or habitats to higher levels for higher odds. Epic dragons are always a challenge but the upgraded facilities can help.
  • Be patient! Silver dragons have an extremely low successful breed rate. It may take many attempts even with boosts active. Donโ€™t get discouraged!

Housing the Silver Dragon

Once youโ€™ve successfully bred a Silver Dragon, youโ€™ll want to provide it with an appropriate habitat. Here are some housing recommendations:

  • Epic habitats (L16+) โ€“ Naturally, the higher level Epic habitats will work best as they accommodate epic dragons. However, any Epic habitat can house a Silver.
  • Moon or Olympus habitats (L10+) โ€“ These themed habitats offer a fitting aesthetic for the celestial Silver dragon and boost traits.
  • Large habitats like the Rainbow or Aurora (L10+) โ€“ The large open space allows the magnificent Silver dragon to spread its wings.
  • Decorations that enhance traits are ideal โ€“ Trait-boosting decorations like the Crystal Flower, full Moon items or eligible Olympus Decor help the Silver perform at its best.
  • Consider the Sun or Moonbeams as a decoration โ€“ These appealing celestial items suit the aesthetic and traits of the Silver.
  • Place in its own habitat โ€“ As an epic dragon, the Silver deserves its own spacious home to display its beauty and rare status.

Caring for the Silver Dragon

To keep your Silver Dragon happy and healthy, provide the following care:

  • Feed 2x daily for optimal feeding โ€“ Epics have high feeding requirements.
  • Collect silver and gems regularly from its habitat โ€“ These are used for breeding and selling.
  • Level up for increased abilities โ€“ Maxing out at L20 makes the Silver a powerful dragon.
  • Enhance its traits for extra benefits โ€“ Focus on boosting the Dragon, Rain, Earth or Sun trait.
  • Socialize daily for friendship โ€“ An active social life benefits all dragons.
  • Consider level boosts occasionally โ€“ Treats, berries and habitats can provide temporary levels boosts.
  • Breed offspring to expand your Silver family โ€“ Their trait combinations will make new dragons.

The Silver Dragonโ€™s Abilities and Traits

Here are the key traits and abilities that make the Silver Dragon stand out:


  • Dragon (Epic) โ€“ Boosts all other Dragon traits
  • Rain (Epic) โ€“ Increases water and plant traits
  • Earth (Epic) โ€“ Enhances earth and nature traits
  • Sun (Epic) โ€“ Amplifies light and fire traits

Special Abilities:

  • Empathic Aura โ€“ Provides a calming, positive influence to all other nearby dragons
  • Lunar Luster โ€“ They have an affinity with the moon, letting them glow beautifully at night
  • Metallic Grace โ€“ Their streamlined bodies allow them to fly fast and maneuver nimbly


  • Selling Price: Very High
  • Ethereum: Very High
  • DragonCash: High


  • Breeding rare or epic descendants due to strong boosted traits
  • Events and quests where its high traits are required
  • Decorations that enhance Dragon, Earth, or Rain traits

Fun Facts:

  • Believed to represent nobility, wisdom, and spirituality
  • Associated with the moon, night, dreams, and intuition
  • Once owned by only nobility and royalty due to rarity
  • Their scales are said to have therapeutic properties when touched

Upgrading and Leveling Rewards

As the Silver Dragon levels up through upgrades, it gains increased abilities and perks:

Level New Ability/Trait
5 Additional +1 to Dragon, Earth, Rain traits
10 Lunar Boost (increases traits during night)
15 Solar Synergy (Sun trait also boosted by Dragon trait)
20 Emperorโ€™s Aura (provides aura boosts to all nearby dragons)

Higher levels result in bigger boosts to existing traits along with new special abilities. Fully upgrading a Silver Dragon creates a true powerhouse for your DragonVale park.

Event Variations

During limited-time events in DragonVale, different Silver Dragon variations may become available:

  • Crystal Silver Dragonย (Crystal trait) โ€“ Has added crystalline shimmer and amped Crystal trait
  • Rainbow Silver Dragonย (Rainbow trait) โ€“ Iridescent scales and boosted Color traits
  • Shadow Silver Dragonย (Shadow trait) โ€“ Darkened metallic hue and stronger negating Shadow trait
  • Seasonal Silver Dragonsย โ€“ Autumn/Winter/Spring variations with additional nature traits

These event exclusives have rarer availability and trade for high values on the market. Collecting them all is a challenge for experienced players.

Tips for True Silver Masters

To truly maximize the potential of your Silver Dragon collection:

  • Aim to breed a full set of Silver dragons at all levels for maximum trait output
  • Own a Crystal, Rainbow or Shadow variation if possible
  • Fully upgrade habitats that enhance Dragon, Rain, Earth or Sun traits
  • Invest in trait buildings like the Moon Temple or Olympus Decorations
  • Participate in time-limited Silver Dragon events for special rewards
  • Display your collection proudly throughout your park for visitors to admire!

In Summary

The magnificent Silver Dragon stands among the most coveted residents of any DragonVale park. With its celestial aesthetic, rare status, and tremendously boosted traits, this epic dragon should be at the top of any dragon collectorโ€™s wishlist. With patience and strategy, you too can add a Silver โ€“ or a flock of them โ€“ to your collection. I hope this guide has provided you with all the info needed to nurture and showcase these truly majestic dragons. Enjoy your Silver Dragon journey!

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