Peridot Dragon In Dragonvale

The Ultimate Guide to the Peridot Dragon in DragonVale


Are you a DragonVale enthusiast seeking to unlock the elusive and captivating Peridot Dragon? This rare gem of a dragon is a true sight to behold, boasting a striking emerald hue and a regal presence that will undoubtedly elevate your park’s splendor. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of acquiring, breeding, and caring for the Peridot Dragon, ensuring that you have all the knowledge necessary to add this magnificent creature to your ever-growing collection.

What is the Peridot Dragon?

Peridot Dragon

The Peridot Dragon is a limited-edition hybrid dragon in DragonVale, known for its enchanting green coloration and gemstone-like appearance. Introduced during the Gemstone Dragon series event, this rare beauty has captured the hearts of countless players worldwide. Its mesmerizing design pays homage to the precious peridot gemstone, a vibrant green variety of the mineral olivine.

Breeding the Peridot Dragon:

To breed the Peridot Dragon, you’ll need to combine specific dragon types in the correct breeding combination. Here’s what you need to know:

Breeding Requirements:

  • Air Dragon + Plant Dragon
  • Jade Dragon + Emerald Dragon

Breeding Tips:

  • Use higher-level dragons for increased breeding success rates.
  • Employ breeding hints or an online breeding calculator for accurate predictions.
  • Be patient, as breeding a limited dragon like the Peridot can be challenging.

Incubation and Hatching:
Once you’ve achieved the correct breeding combination, the Peridot Dragon egg will begin incubating. The incubation period for this dragon is approximately 24 hours, during which time you’ll need to maintain optimal nursery conditions.

Caring for the Peridot Dragon:

Habitat and Environment:
The Peridot Dragon thrives in lush, verdant environments reminiscent of its natural habitat. Consider creating a dedicated island or habitat specifically tailored to its needs, incorporating elements such as:

  • Lush greenery and vibrant foliage
  • Gemstone clusters or rock formations
  • Water features like streams or ponds

Food and Diet:
Like all dragons in DragonVale, the Peridot Dragon has specific dietary requirements. To ensure its optimal health and growth, provide a balanced diet consisting of:

  • Plant-based treats
  • Gemstone-infused delicacies
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

Caring Tips:

  • Regularly groom and clean your Peridot Dragon to maintain its vibrant coloration.
  • Provide ample space for exercise and exploration.
  • Interact with your dragon through petting, playing, and feeding to strengthen your bond.

Unlocking the Peridot Dragon’s Full Potential:

Level Progression and Evolution:
As your Peridot Dragon matures and gains experience, it will undergo level progressions and potentially even evolve into a more powerful form. Keep an eye out for any visual or stat changes that may occur during this process.

Earning Currency and Rewards:
By properly caring for and leveling up your Peridot Dragon, you’ll earn valuable in-game currency and rewards. These can be used to purchase new dragons, habitats, or decorative items to enhance your park’s overall aesthetic.

Gemstone Dragon Series Event:
The Peridot Dragon was initially introduced during the Gemstone Dragon series event in DragonVale. While the event may not be currently active, keep an eye out for its potential return or similar themed events that could offer opportunities to acquire this sought-after dragon.


Q: Is the Peridot Dragon a permanent addition to DragonVale?
A: No, the Peridot Dragon is a limited-edition dragon that was introduced during a specific event. Its availability may be limited or subject to the event’s return.

Q: Can the Peridot Dragon be bred with other dragons?
A: Yes, once you’ve successfully bred and obtained the Peridot Dragon, you can breed it with compatible dragon types to create new hybrid offspring.

Q: How long does it take for the Peridot Dragon egg to hatch?
A: The incubation period for the Peridot Dragon egg is approximately 24 hours.

Q: What is the rarity level of the Peridot Dragon?
A: The Peridot Dragon is considered a rare or limited-edition dragon in DragonVale, making it highly coveted among players.

Q: Does the Peridot Dragon have any special abilities or powers?
A: While the Peridot Dragon doesn’t possess any unique abilities, its striking appearance and rarity make it a valuable addition to any DragonVale collection.

Peridot Dragon Breeding Combinations

CombinationDragon 1Dragon 2

Peridot Dragon Care and Habitat Requirements

HabitatLush greenery, gemstone clusters, water features
DietPlant-based treats, gemstone-infused delicacies, fresh fruits and vegetables
CareGrooming, exercise, interaction (petting, playing, feeding)


The Peridot Dragon is a true gemstone in the vast world of DragonVale, captivating players with its radiant green hue and regal stature. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to breed, care for, and unlock the full potential of this rare and magnificent creature. Remember, patience and dedication are key when it comes to acquiring limited-edition dragons like the Peridot. Embrace the challenge, and let this enchanting dragon be the crown jewel of your ever-expanding park. Happy dragon breeding and nurturing!

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