Upcoming Dragon: Lantern Festival?
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Upcoming Dragon: Lantern Festival?

Another new dragon is coming soon. Be sure to check back here for all the details as they become available. For now … looks like it may be carrying lanterns, which would make sense for the Lantern Festival that signifies the end of Chinese New Year. If so, the Lantern Festival this year is February 11th, so it would probably show up late next week.

Update: The name will be Lantern and Enchanted Lantern. (Check links for more details, how to breed, and images.) Lantern will be a limited time breedable dragon … and has the Rainbow element! Scheduled for release on Feb 10 and will be breedable for 3 days only. All information subject to change before release.

The other dragon we’re expecting would be related to St. Valentines day … maybe a Heart or Love dragon? But this doesn’t look like it would fit into that mould …

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