DragonVale Elder Dragons

DragonVale Elder Dragons: The Ultimate Guide

Elder Dragons represent the pinnacle of dragon evolution in DragonVale. These esteemed ancient creatures have unlocked their full potential after reaching level 21, granting them special powers and knowledge.

In this ultimate guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the legendary Elder Dragons including:

  • What are the requirements to make a dragon an Elder Dragon
  • Special perks and abilities gained by Elder Dragons
  • How Elder Dragons can help in DragonVale events and earning rewards
  • Strategies and tips to evolve normal dragons into Elder Dragons as fast as possible

Let’s dig into the ancient mysteries surrounding these peak dragons!

What Are DragonVale Elder Dragons?

DragonVale Elder Dragons

Elder Dragons are high-level versions of the standard ten primary element dragons in DragonVale that have reached level 21 through special feeding.

All primary element dragons including Plant, Fire, Cold, Water, Lightning, Earth, Air, Metal, Light, and Dark have the potential to become Elder Dragons.

Elder Dragons appear larger in size compared to their normal versions. They also display flowing banners on their backs symbolizing their associated element.

Requirements to Create an Elder Dragon

Transforming a regular dragon into an Elder Dragon involves meeting two key requirements:

1. Reach Level 20

  • The dragon must first reach maximum level 20 through normal feeding.

2. Special Elder Feedings

  • Once at level 20, additional feedings trigger the Elder Dragon evolution.
  • This requires extremely rare feeds generally obtained only through limited-time events.
  • Expect to feed hundreds of these special items to initiate transformation!

Therefore, the ingredient list includes:

  • One primary element dragon (level 20)
  • Hundreds of rare Elder feeds from events
  • Lots of patience and dedication!

Now let’s explore why this effort pays off…

Special Perks and Abilities of Elder Dragons

The exceptional traits and capabilities mastered by Elder Dragons explain why pursuing their elevated status proves so worthwhile. These include:

Unique VIP Design Icon

Elder Dragons gain a special banner icon displaying their associated elemental crest, distinguishing their elite status from juvenile dragons.

Elder Dragon BenefitsDetails
Increased SizeElder dragons grow larger with more intricate visual details
Daily VisitorsDaily elemental banner carriers visit bringing rewards
Enhanced RarityExtremely rare finds unlock special breeding combinations
Boosted Earning RatesSignificantly higher coin rates from enhanced habitats
Wise Lessons TutoringOther primary dragons learn faster when nearby

Size Increase Showcasing Veteran Status

After metamorphosing at level 21, Elder Dragons take on a heavy 50% size boost dwarfing their earlier forms. This increased scale highlights their seasoned veteran status after countless adventures and battles.

Daily Elemental Visitors Dispatching Gifts

Each day special banner bearing envoys representing the Elder Dragon’s elemental domain appear delivering prize packs to their venerable master. This serves as a sign of deep respect all creatures in DragonVale hold for the esteemed Elders.

Multiplied Scarcity Boosting Unique Breeding Potential

Already scarce at basic primary dragon status, achieving Elder distinction bestows exponentially heightened rarity. This affords Elemental Elders access to extremely exclusive breeding combinations producing one-of-a-kind hybrid dragons found no where else.

Elevating Habitat Coins Production to Maximize Wealth

As an Elder Dragon backyard inhabitant, upgraded habitats see their max coin generation potential doubled. This results in massively increased hourly riches ensuring a prosperous park.

Tutoring Other Juvenile Dragons Through Hard-Won Lessons

Elder Dragon presence speeds knowledge growth in other trainees lucky enough to directly serve in their court. Exposure to an Elder’s deep well of wisdom lets protégés level faster absorbing practical teachings.

How Elder Dragons Assist During DragonVale Events

Beyond rewarding perks enriching your park during peaceful times, the special qualities of venerable Elder Dragons prove invaluable when battling events and tricky quests arise needing their long-honed expertise to overcome.

1. Crucial Aid Fulfilling Limited Quest Conditions

Many difficult limited-time quest lines require possessing rare high-level dragon troops to accomplish victory and earn exclusive prizes no other way. Elder Dragons often meet specialized troop criteria missions demand.

2. Boost Event Points via Enhanced Habitats

With double-yield habitat earnings rates, Elder Dragon environments produce massively more event points from harvesting. This allows meeting higher thresholds for unlocking event shop items and bonuses quicker.

3. Increased Player Level Progression Speed

The major XP gains from repeatedly feeding Elder Dragons to 21 facilitates faster player level-ups. Higher personal levels then unlock greater reward bundles from events at stretched benchmarks only reachable through XP influx from upgraded dragons.

Now let’s get tactical on exactly how you can elevate your own dragons towards supreme Elder Dragon ascension status!

Tips and Strategies to Evolve Elder Dragons Fast

While no shortcut past unlocking Elder transformation feeds through events exist, smart optimizers leverage key strategies maximizing readiness for the moment ultra-rare feeds get offered again.

Follow these professional tips setting conditions ripe for rapidly evolving Elder Dragons next opportunity windows arise:

Always Max Unlocked Primary Habitats First

Keep current top-level primary element habitats filled first before purchasing decorative or lesser types. This trains crucial dragon teams needing eventual promotion to Elder status.

Elder Dragon Evolution TipsDetails
Max primary dragon habitatsUnlock habitat space getting multiple dragons to level 20
Plant elemental boosting treesSpeeds habitat coin harvests to afford new homes
Upgrade farms fullyIncrease food production feeding multiple dragons simultaneously
Complete Colosseum dailyWins provide most XP boosting dragon levels quicker
Buy level 10+ dragonsStarts training process higher from the get-go

Rush Habitat Coin Production Via Plant Trees

The Plant Element limited theme dramatically boosts coin generation from habitats. Use them to afford upgrading habitats in preparation for populatinng with elder ascendancy candidates.

Maintain Max Upgraded Farms for Feeding Capacity

Scaling food output allows simultaneously leveling multiple dragons at once rather than slowly one-by-one. Build up reserves for the intense elder feeding requirements.

Run Colosseum Battles Daily For Free XP

Winning colosseum matches provides all dragons pooled XP assisting level gains. Tap this free acceleration resource daily.

Buy Already Grown Dragons If Possible

While expensive upfront, purchasing level 10-15 dragons from the market cuts training time reaching the prerequisite level 20 evolution threshold.

Patience and persistence set up conditions eventually allowing the special transformation into esteemed Elder Dragons!

Most Asked Questions About DragonVale Elder Dragons

Which normal dragons have the potential to become Elder Dragons?

Only the ten primary element dragons of Plant, Fire, Cold, Water, Lightning, Earth, Air, Metal, Light and Dark types can metamorphosize into Elder Dragon status after reaching level 20 and undergoing special feedings.

Do Elder Dragon eggs exist that can hatch directly?

No, Elder Dragons only result from extremely rare special feeding transformations. There are no nests natively hatching Elder Dragon eggs directly. All initially start as normal element eggs. through meticulous elder feeding empowerment rituals applied to already mature adult dragons does ascension occur.

Why are the banner bearing envoy visitors suddenly appearing daily?

When you successfully evolve an elemental primary dragon into an Elder Dragon, special banner carrying envoys arrive daily to pay respects and deliver prize packs. Each envoy matches the Elder’s elemental domain.

What is the best strategy for collecting elder feeds during events?

Always complete entire event reward lines first before spending extra currency on elder feeds in the shop. The extra currency allows buying surplus feeds after finishing off limited unique rewards that won’t return if neglected until next time.

Be sure to maintain 1-2 level 20 candidates in habitats awaiting feeds too!

Can Elder Dragons breed with normal dragons? What are the offspring?

Yes! When bred with normal dragons, Elder Dragons can produce ultra-rare hybrids with unique traits and wildly amplified power. However these combos have astronomically low odds and often need specific restricted pairings.

For example Water Elder Dragons breeding only with a specific magic type unlocks a mythical hybrid called Bizurian Dragon inheriting incredibly potent skills.

Let the incredible journey now begin cultivating venerable Elder Dragon guardians!

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