Drifter Dragon in DragonVale

The Complete Guide to the Drifter Dragon in DragonVale

The Drifter Dragon is one of the most elusive dragons in DragonVale. This mystical dragon lives up to its name, drifting in and out of the Ethereum and different planes of existence. Mastering the Drifter Dragon requires dedication and patience. This comprehensive guide will provide dragon masters with everything they need to know about obtaining, breeding, and raising this cosmic creature in their park.

An Introduction to the Drifter Dragon

The Drifter Dragon was introduced to DragonVale in September 2013. Its appearance resembles a Chinese dragon with two sets of wings. The primary pair features a fading galaxy pattern, while the smaller secondary wings fade from pink to blue. Stars and nebulas adorn its serpentine body. A golden mane and horns that resemble stardust complete its celestial aesthetic.

Drifter Dragon in DragonVale

This epic dragon lives up to its name, drifting between dimensions and disappearing for long stretches of time. Tracking down a Drifter Dragon is no easy task. But the journey to obtain this elusive creature is an enlightening experience for any dragon master.

The Drifter Dragon’s Elements

The Drifter Dragon is a double-element dragon with the Air and Light elements.

The Air element represents freedom, open skies, and limitless potential. These dragons harness the power of winds, clouds, and weather. They value freedom and independence.

The Light element embodies radiance, joy, and new beginnings. Light dragons dwell in sunshine and starlight. They spread hope wherever they go.

Combined, these two elements capture the Drifter Dragon’s transient, cosmic nature. Air allows it to freely drift across dimensions. Light connects it to the stars.

Appearance Times

The Drifter Dragon spends most of its time adrift in the Ethereum. During its travels, this dragon randomly appears in the rift for limited time. The length of its visit varies from a few hours to a few days.

Dragon masters must act quickly when a Drifter Dragon is available, as they never know how long it will remain. There is no set schedule for when this dragon will return. Having a wish ready to go is key to obtaining this ephemeral creature.


This cosmic dragon feels at home among the heavens.

The best habitats for a Drifter Dragon are:

  • Lightning Habitat – This habitat’s stormy setting suits the Air element.
  • Rainbow Habitat – Its wide-open skies appeal to Air dragons.
  • Starlight Habitat – Its views of the cosmos complement Light dragons.
  • Twilight Habitat – As a cave with openings above, it appeals to Air while providing shade for Light.

Due to its double elements, the Drifter Dragon will never feel completely at home in one habitat. However, it can comfortably spend time in any of the recommended options above.

Obtaining a Drifter Dragon

The Drifter Dragon’s transient nature makes it one of the most challenging dragons to obtain in the game. But the effort required makes finally getting this dragon an immensely satisfying achievement.


Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Breeding Location Result Chance
Air Rift Light Rift Rift 50%
Dawn Dusk Rift 100%
Air Dragon Light Dragon Rift (during alignment) Low
Dawn Light Rift Rift 50%
Dusk Air Rift Rift 50%

The fluctuating rift alignments complicate breeding a Drifter Dragon. This dragon will only nest when both the Air and Light elements are available. Having the right combination occur is rare.

While breeding in the rift, the best pairings are:

  • Air and Light Rift dragons – This has the highest chance since both elements are guaranteed. But these dragons are difficult to breed themselves.
  • Air Rift and Light Rift dragons – This pairing is easier since single-element Rift dragons are readily available. But there is only a 50% chance of the right elements aligning.
  • Dawn and Dusk dragons – These also guarantee the necessary elements. But these rare hybrids are challenging to acquire.

In the rift, the breeding time for a Drifter Dragon is 14 hours. This long incubation period means having multiple breeders ready is advised.

Outside the rift, breeding a Drifter Dragon becomes even harder. Air and Light must be available during a brief alignment window. A 14-hour breeding time also applies out of the rift.

Eggs and Nesting

Drifter Dragon eggs reflect a galactic scene. The egg is midnight black with bursts of stars, galaxies, and clouds strewn across the shell. A pink, green, and blue Aurora swirls around the bottom.

These eggs take a very long time to incubate. The incubation time is a full 4 days. This reflects the lengthy cosmic journey required for a baby Drifter Dragon to find its way to the park.

Having multiple nurseries is recommended when incubation ends. This dragon takes up a lot of space upon hatching.


The Drifter Dragon has three juvenile forms before reaching its adult stage. Tracking the changes between each stage shows how this dragon grows into its dimensional drifting abilities.

The first form is the Drifting Dragonet. It has a round, almost cheeky appearance. The dragonets wings are undersized, showing it lacks the ability to drift far.

The second form is the Hovering Juvenile. It grows longer horns and a more serpentine body. The Juvenile’s larger wings allow it to hover and practice drifting short distances.

The third form is the Soaring Youngling. With another increase of wing size, the Youngling gains enough power to actively drift and soar short distances. Its body elongates further. The second set of wings becomes more pronounced.

The adult Drifter Dragon has a regal appearance. Its body fully elongates and thins out. Both pairs of wings reach an impressive span, granting this dragon the power to traverse the planes of reality. Stars and galaxies now fully adorn its body, completing its mystical look.

Habitat Placement

Decoration Benefit
Star Stones Reminds dragon of home
Nebula Pond Reflects cosmic colors
Solar Flares Provides radiant light
Fog Bushes Adds misty atmosphere
Star Shards Amplifies habitat lighting

Placing the Drifter Dragon’s habitat can boost Coin and Etherium production.

Its Air and Light elements allow it to be placed in any Air, Light, or Rift element habitats. For best results:

  • Place in Rift habitats to increase Etherium production. The extra space in these habitats is perfect for this large dragon.
  • Utilize its Light element to fill dark corners of your park with illumination. Place paths and buildings within its light aura to boost visitor happiness.
  • Let it drift near Rainbow or Aurora habitats to create beautiful color combinations.

Raising a Drifter Dragon

While attracting a Drifter Dragon takes luck and perseverance, caring for it is very straightforward.

Keeping It Fed

This ephemeral dragon spends so much time drifting in the etherium that it does not need to eat often. Feeding it about once per week will suffice.

Some dietary staples to keep on hand are:

  • Dragonvine – These aromatic flowers appeal to Air dragons.
  • Daylily – The golden blooms of this plant satisfy Light dragons.
  • Pepper Plant – This spicy fruit adds some kick to the Drifter Dragon’s diet.
  • Treefern – The tropical leaves offer a crunchy, nutritious snack.

Habitat Decorations

Given its cosmic nature, the Drifter Dragon enjoys a view of the heavens.

Ideal decorations include:

  • Star Stones and Meteorites – These remind the dragon of home among the stars.
  • Galaxy Pools and Nebula Ponds – These water features reflect its galactic colors.
  • Solar Flares – The fiery light captivates this magical creature.
  • Fog Bushes – The misty vapor appeals to its Air nature.
  • Star Shards – These glowing crystals amplify ambient light around the habitat.

Keeping It Entertained

The Drifter Dragon enjoys leisurely activities that stimulate its celestial qualities. Some activities it excels at include:

  • Cloud Watching – Lying back and finding shapes in the clouds captures this dragon’s daydreaming nature.
  • Stargazing – Gazing at the night sky, looking for constellations, fosters its connection to the cosmos.
  • Aurora Watching – Observing the northern lights activates its mystical abilities.
  • Dimension Drifting – Allowing this dragon time to phase in and out of reality keeps its talents sharp.
  • Sky Painting – Having it paint the sky encourages its creative side.


The Drifter Dragon contributes handy rewards to your park. Leveling it up boosts these perks.


As a rare hybrid that contains both the Air and Light elements, the Drifter Dragon is very useful for breeding other dragons.

Dragons the Drifter Dragon can help breed include:

  • Dawn and Dusk dragons
  • Air and Light Rift dragons
  • All Light and Air hybrids

Having a Drifter Dragon makes obtaining these challenging dragons much easier.

Treat Production

The Drifter Dragon makes Ravens’ Roost Treats, one of the most valuable treats in the game. These sell for 300 gold each – the highest of all non-epic treats.

The Drifter Dragon can make 4 Ravens’ Roost Treats per day at max level. That is a potential 1,200 extra gold per day from this dragon alone.

Earning Rates

The Drifter Dragon’s Air and Light elemental mix allows it to earn coins and Ethereum faster than most other epic dragons.

Its estimated max earning rates at level 20 are:

  • Per minute: 18 coins / 1.2 Etherium
  • Per hour: 1,080 coins / 72 Etherium
  • Per day: 25,920 coins / 1,728 Etherium

These premium rates make the Drifter Dragon a valuable asset for earning resources.

Tips and Tricks

Mastering the Drifter Dragon requires insight into its habits. The key tips below will help you better care for this cosmic creature.

Use Multiple Nurseries

The Drifter Dragon takes up a ton of space as a baby. Make sure multiple nurseries are empty before breeding. Otherwise, you may not have room for the eggs.

Check Randomly Throughout the Day

This dragon appears at random, unscheduled times. Check your game frequently to catch when it drifts into the rift.

Use Air/Light Boosts

Use boosts that increase breeding times and elemental alignment chances. These boost the odds of breeding this dragon.

Upgrade Breeding Caves First

Focus upgrades on your breeding caves before habitats or nurseries. The caves play the biggest role in obtaining this rare dragon.

Clear Obstacles Around Habitats

Make sure nothing blocks the light radiating from its habitat. Nearby obstacles will diminish the light bonus.


Some frequently asked questions about the majestic Drifter Dragon help fill any knowledge gaps.

Does the Drifter Dragon collect anything?

No, this particular dragon does not collect anything. Its time spent drifting leaves it no time for gathering collectibles.

Is there an opposite dragon to the Drifter?

Not officially, but the Root Dragon has earthly qualities opposite to the Drifter Dragon’s cosmic features.

Do Drifter Dragons do well with other hybrids?

Yes, the Drifter Dragon gets along with most dragons. Dawn, Dusk, and other Air/Light hybrids make ideal habitat mates.

Is there a Drifter Dragon plush?

Unfortunately no. As one of the newer epic dragons, merchandise for the Drifter Dragon is still limited. But its popularity will likely lead to plush toys in the future.

Do Drifter Dragons like to race?

No, they are too focused on drifting to excel at racing. Entering them in races will likely just make them disappear to follow the race course ethereally instead.

Final Thoughts on the Drifter Dragon

The Drifter Dragon is one of the most amazing additions to DragonVale’s cosmic lineup. Through dimensional drifting, this dragon traverses magical planes far beyond our comprehension. Although tricky to obtain, dedicating time and resources to acquiring this dragon results in a truly unique park apex resident. If you devote yourself to mastering the Drifter Dragon, you will be greatly rewarded by having one of these incredible creatures in your park.

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