Galaxy Dragons in DragonVale In-Depth Guide

Galaxy Dragons in DragonVale In-Depth Guide

DragonVale is a popular dragon-breeding game where players can collect and raise hundreds of unique dragons. Among the rarest and most prized dragons in the game are the elusive Galaxy Dragons. This in-depth guide will provide everything you need to know about acquiring and breeding these cosmic dragons for your park.

Overview of Galaxy Dragons

Galaxy Dragons

Galaxy Dragons are special rare hybrid dragons that come in three main elemental varieties: Galaxy, Singularity, and Constellation. They first appeared in the game in December 2012 and have continued to expand through periodic additions by the developers.

Key traits of Galaxy Dragons:

  • Originate from the Galaxies dragon habitat
  • Feature vibrant colors with stars, galaxies, and astronomical features
  • Very low breed rates compared to other hybrids
  • High in-game earnings per minute from their habitats
  • Require specific and often quite rare breed combinations
  • Often need to be “invoked” before breeding is possible

The Different Types of Galaxy Dragons

There are 15 different Galaxy Dragons spread across the 3 elemental types. Their sorted by when they were added to the game:

Galaxy Element

Dragon Release Date Description
Andromedan Dec 2012 First Galaxy dragon, purple & blue colors
Polarian Jun 2013 Icy blues and purples, easier to breed
Solarflare Oct 2013 Red and orange with sunspots
Nebula Jun 2014 Swirling purple cosmos and yellow stars
Helios Apr 2020 Bright yellow and oranges with blue swirls

Singularity Element

Dragon Release Date Description
Neutrino Dec 2013 Silvery white with energy swirls
Celerulean Jun 2014 Light green galaxy colors
Cataleptic Dec 2014 Strange green skin and pink galaxies
Deliquent Jun 2015 Vibrant purple, orange, and green galaxies
Paradox Dec 2020 Shifting rainbow colors and shapes

Constellation Element

Dragon Release Date Description
Rigel Jun 2014 White and light blue with constellations
Altair Oct 2014 Orange and red with celestial markings
Alnair Apr 2015 Purple and pink cosmos colors
Bellatrix Jun 2017 Intense yellow and orange colors
Polaris Dec 2019 Icy blues and purples, northern sky theme

How to Breed Galaxy Dragons

The challenging aspect of acquiring Galaxy Dragons is figuring out the specific breeding combinations required for each dragon type. Most combos require rare hybrid dragons that can take months to collect.

Tips for breeding Galaxy Dragons:

  • Use upgraded Breeding Caves and Epic Breeding Island
  • Invoke any dragons first before breeding if required
  • Pay attention to day/night breed requirements
  • Be prepared to do many retry attempts and wait times
  • Use Etherium to speed up breeding if needed
  • Participate in Bring Em’ Back limited events

Here are the breeding combos and requirements for each Galaxy Dragon:


  • Req: Galaxy habitat, invoke first
  • Combos: Penguin + Quake, Mountain + Blizzard


  • Req: Galaxy habitat
  • Combos: Laser + Blizzard, Blue Fire + Double Rainbow


  • Req: Galaxy habitat, daytime
  • Combos: 2 Sun Dragons, Sun + Meteor, Dawn + Delirium


  • Req: Galaxy habitat
  • Combos: Blue Moon + Double Rainbow


  • Req: Galaxy habitat, invoke first
  • Combos: Sun + Moon, Dawn + Dusk


  • Req: Singularity habitat
  • Combos: 2 Snowstorm, Snow + Snowflake


  • Req: Singularity habitat
  • Combos: Orchid + Lichen, Equinox + Delirium


  • Req: Singularity habitat
  • Combos: Lichen + Dodo, Equinox + Motley


  • Req: Singularity habitat
  • Combos: Numerous galaxy dragon combos


  • Req: Singularity habitat, invoke first
  • Combos: Multiple Galaxy dragon combos


  • Req: Constellation habitat
  • Combos: 2 Blue Fire, Frostfire + Blue Fire


  • Req: Constellation habitat
  • Combos: Solar Eclipse + Dawn


  • Req: Constellation habitat
  • Combos: Blue Moon + Rigel


  • Req: Constellation habitat
  • Combos: Solar Eclipse + Galaxy Dragon


  • Req: Constellation habitat
  • Combos: Blue Moon + Double Rainbow

Maximizing Income from Galaxy Dragons

Once you acquire some Galaxy Dragons, you’ll want to maximize the income you can earn from them. Some tips:

  • Place Galaxy Dragons in upgraded habitats for faster earnings rates
  • Galaxy habitats can hold up to 4 dragons each
  • Make sure to collect cash hourly from habitats
  • Different Galaxy Dragons earn at different rates
  • Prioritize the highest earners: Paradox, Neutrino, Helios
  • Participate in monthly Bring Em’ Back events for big boosts
  • Use boosts like Epic Dragon Treats for earnings bursts

With a few habitats filled with high-earning Galaxy Dragons, you can generate over 2 million dragoncash per day!

Fun Facts About Galaxy Dragons

Galaxy Dragons have some interesting hidden facts and details:

  • The Neutrino dragon description references the Higgs boson particle discovery.
  • Polaris and Andromedan are both named after galaxy systems visible from Earth.
  • Deliquent was the first traited Galaxy dragon added to the game.
  • Paradox shifts between different patterns when flying around your park.
  • Cataleptic was the winner of the 2013 DragonVale Create-A-Dragon contest.
  • Galaxy Dragons as a group contribute the most income per minute of any other hybrid type.


Galaxy Dragons are some of the rarest and most challenging dragons to acquire in DragonVale. But the journey to breed them is highly rewarding, both for their awesome designs and high in-game earning potential. Use this guide to master the breeding combinations and tips needed to add these astronomical dragons to your own park!

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