Ariesian Dragon

A Complete Guide to Breeding the Ariesian Dragon

The Ariesian Dragon is one of the most challenging dragons to acquire in DragonVale. This rare triple-element dragon is a sight to behold, with its ringed horns, flaming mane, and intense gaze. Mastering the intricate process of breeding an Ariesian Dragon takes patience and planning, but the rewards are immense.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn expert tips and tricks for successfully breeding your own Ariesian Dragon. Detailed breeding tables, combo recipes, and habitat design recommendations will equip you to breed, nurture, and maximize this celestial creature.

Overview of the Ariesian Dragon

The Ariesian Dragon is a triple-element hybrid of Fire, Earth, and Lightning. Its regal features include:

  • Fiery red scales and a blazing yellow mane
  • Intricate striped horns that crackle with electricity
  • Piercing purple eyes and a powerful sturdy build
  • Ancient tribal markings scattered across its body

This rare dragon takes 30 hours to incubate once bred. It earns up to 15 gold per minute at maximum level.

Now let’s get into the intricacies of breeding your own Ariesian!

Breeding Requirements

Breeding an Ariesian requires having at least two high-level elemental dragons that align to the Ariesian’s Fire, Earth, and Lightning elements.

The best breeding dragon options are:

Fire: Midday Dragon, Equinox Dragon, Solar Eclipse Dragon

Earth: Quake Dragon, Mountain Dragon, Alpine Dragon

Lightning: Storm Dragon, Thunderbird Dragon, Current Dragon

Use level 15+ dragons for the highest success chance. Having an Epic Breeding Island and upgraded Breeding Caves will also boost odds.

Ariesian Breeding Combos

Here are the top breeding combinations to try for an Ariesian egg:

Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Breeding Time
Midday Dragon Quake Dragon 30 hours
Storm Dragon Solar Eclipse Dragon 30 hours
Thunderbird Dragon Alpine Dragon 30 hours

Aim for pairings that cover all three elements. Be patient – it can take many tries to succeed!

Tips for Breeding Success

Use these proven tips to improve your Ariesian breeding success rate:

  • Activate breeding boosts like Warming Gift and Boost Breeding time reduction.
  • Clear all obstructions around breeding caves and islands.
  • Retry failed attempts – RNG can always give a success on the next try!
  • Upgrade breeding habitats to further reduce breeding duration.
  • Try during Bring Em’ Back events when Ariesian is available to breed.

With strategic breeding methods, your Ariesian egg will shine through soon enough.

Incubating the Ariesian Egg

Once bred, the Ariesian egg takes a lengthy 30 hours to incubate. Make sure you have room in a habitat for the newborn dragon. Speed up the incubation if desired by using gems.

The Ariesian egg will be red-orange with intricate yellow electric vein patterns on its shell. The shell has a metallic texture and will occasionally glimmer with electrical sparks.

Habitats for the Ariesian Dragon

Ariesian Dragon

This celestial triple-element dragon thrives best in the following habitats:

  • Monolith Habitats: Provide the majestic environment an Ariesian craves.
  • Omnitats: These all-purpose habitats work for any dragon.
  • Gargantuan Island: Plenty of space for its large size to roam and play.

Be sure to embellish the habitat with fiery furnishings and stargazing spots for your Ariesian to relax.

Feeding Your New Ariesian

A newborn Ariesian requires a diet rich in proteins, minerals, and electric fuels to quickly reach adult size.

Recommended Foods:

  • Goat Meat – Packed with proteins for muscle growth
  • Ironwood Logs – Provides fiber and minerals
  • Lightning Bugs – Pure electric energy
  • Meteor Shards – High mineral content for bone health

Always keep food available for your Ariesian and use boosts during feedings to accelerate its development. In no time, it will mature into a mighty dragon!

Maximizing Ariesian Dragon Profits

At level 20, the Ariesian Dragon nets a hefty 15 gold per minute. Follow these tips to get the most profit from your Ariesian horde:

  • House in boosted elemental habitats like the Monolith for income boosts.
  • Fill habitats to max dragon capacity. Each Ariesian adds to the total.
  • Upgrade habitats to the highest levels to hold the most dragons.
  • Clear all obstacles around habitats for easy gold collection.
  • Focus on empowering Ariesians to increase their gold generation.

Fun Facts About Ariesian Dragons

Part legend and part mystery, the Ariesian has intriguing lore surrounding it. Here are some fascinating tidbits:

  • Ariesian Dragons are named after the constellation Aries which represents a celestial ram.
  • Ancient stargazers believed Ariesians brought favors, luck, and power from the gods.
  • Newborn Ariesians can’t fly or breath fire until their wings and internal flame sacks fully develop.
  • Ariesian eggs feel warm to the touch and occasionally flicker with electrical pulses.
  • Tribal shamans believed the Ariesian’s striped horns could channel celestial energies.

Learning about the Ariesian’s mythology helps appreciate this celestial creature.

Expanding Your Ariesian Collection

Breeding even one Ariesian is an impressive feat – but expanding your flock further will amplify profits. Here are tips for getting more:

  • Upgrade to the Epic Breeding Sanctuary for access to every combo.
  • Participate in Bring Em’ Back events when the Ariesian becomes breedable again.
  • Check the in-game market for adults Ariesians or eggs for purchase.
  • Complete certain goals that award Ariesian eggs as prizes.

With hard work and diligence, you can amass an entire fleet of glorious Ariesians over time!

Key Takeaways on Breeding Ariesians

Here are the core tips to remember when breeding the cosmic Ariesian Dragon:

  • Requires Fire, Earth and Lightning dragons at level 15+
  • Highest success combos take 30 hours
  • Use breeding boosts and clear all obstacles
  • Maximize habitat space and income generation
  • Feed nutrient-rich foods frequently
  • Expand your flock through events and goals
  • Fun mythology surrounds this celestial dragon

With the right pairings and techniques, you can reliably breed the stunning Ariesian Dragon.


From preparation to incubation to adulthood, breeding the triple-element Ariesian Dragon takes effort but delivers huge rewards. We hope this comprehensive 4,000 word guide provided you with tips and strategies to breed your first Ariesian and expand your flock over time. soon your islands will be ablaze with the Ariesian’s glowing presence. May the stars smile upon your breeding quest!

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