The Shimmering Aurum Dragon: A Complete Guide

The Shimmering Aurum Dragon: A Complete Guide

The radiant Aurum Dragon glimmers like a treasure in DragonVale. When it was introduced in 2020, players were dazzled by its ornate metallic form and glowing animations. This Metal and Light element hybrid offers excellent gold earning rates while illuminating islands with its brilliance.

In this in-depth guide, we will shine a light on everything you need to know about the Aurum Dragon, from origins and breeding to profit optimization and habitat design. Metallic tables of data, dragon lore, and tips will equip you to harness the full potential of this dragon made of shining “aurum” (the Latin word for gold).

Overview of the Aurum Dragon

The Shimmering Aurum Dragon: A Complete Guide

The Aurum Dragon mesmerizes with its resplendent gold, silver, and platinum color scheme. Its key attributes include:

  • Radiant reflective metallic skin and wings
  • Intricate crystalline horns and spines
  • Gleaming jewel-like scales running down its back
  • Wise turquoise eyes that glow when empowered
  • Luxurious mane streaked with shimmering platinum

This dragon’s Metal and Light dual elements make it a formidable force. Aurum Dragons take 48 hours to incubate and generate up to 15 gold per minute at maximum level.

Acquiring an Aurum Dragon

Aurum Dragons are limited-time prize options in DragonVale. Here are the only ways to obtain one:


  • Not breedable – Can only get through other means

Eggs and Nests

  • Found in precious gemstone nests and nest vaults
  • Rewarded from rare golden egg chests

Events and Special Offers

  • Available during limited Aurum Dragon events
  • Offered in special gold-themed Dragon Draws
  • Purchasable for real money during sales

Goals and Upgrades

  • Complete certain gold earning goals
  • Awarded by upgrading Island Theme to Gold

Through luck and persistence, you can add the Aurum Dragon’s luster to your islands.

Crafting the Perfect Aurum Habitat

The Aurum thrives in habitats that channel its metallic energies:

Recommended Aurum Habitats

Habitat Description
Gemstone Island Sparkling crystals enhance the Aurum’s radiance
Treasure Island Gold coins and gems boost the dragon’s wealth generation
Monolith Habitat Majestic home mimics grandeur of ancient temples

Habitat Upgrades

  • Upgrade Gemstone/Treasure habitats to level 11
  • Upgrade Monoliths to level 10

Decor Recommendations

  • Crystalline rocks and gem clusters
  • Gilded platforms and glowing pools
  • Ornate treasure chests
  • Mystical floating crystals
  • Shimmering gold coin piles

These dazzling habitat designs will make your Aurum Dragons beam with delight.

Feeding Your Aurum Dragon a Nutritious Diet

The Aurum Dragon enjoys feasting on vibrant, crystalline foods:

Recommended Diet

Food Benefits
Star Shards Boosts aurum’s star-like glow
Silver Pellet Sacks Polishes metallic scales to a shine
Prism Crystals Provides essential minerals
Dawn Dust Contains nutrients for eye health

Feeding Tips

  • Always keep Aurum Dragons fully fed
  • Use feed boosts during 2x XP events
  • Enable the Twilight Tower for nighttime feedings
  • Remember to feed juveniles 2x more for faster growth

Proper nutrition ensures your Aurum grows into a large, healthy dragon.

Maximizing Gold Profits from the Aurum

At max level 20, the Aurum Dragon generates 15 gold per minute. Follow these tips to optimize its earning potential:

  • House Aurum Dragons in boosted Gold or Gemstone habitats
  • Fill habitats to full capacity with Aurum Dragons
  • Clear all distractions and decorations around habitats
  • Participate in gold earning contests and events
  • Upgrade Relic of Kairos for increased gold production

An empowered Aurum Dragon at level 20 earns over 21,000 gold per day! With time and effort, the Aurum will provide a major boost to your park’s wealth.

Special Abilities of the Aurum Dragon

The Aurum possesses unique traits thanks to its metallic origins:

Radiant Aura

The Aurum projects an aura that energizes nearby dragons, increasing the speed of their gold production by 8%.

Midas Touch

When empowered, the Aurum can grant the Midas Touch to habitats, turning coins into pure gold for 30 seconds and doubling gold production speed.

Crystal Bloom

Once a day, the Aurum can make crystals bloom around its habitat, releasing precious gemstone gifts, food, and other prizes.

With these powers, the Aurum Dragon is one of the most profitable in DragonVale!

Caring for Your Aurum Dragon

While hardy, Aurum Dragons require some specific care:

  • Frequently brush and polish their metallic scales
  • Provide a heated sunning rock for lounging
  • Ensure their habitat has areas of shade and sun
  • Supervise play time with crystalline toys
  • Give monthly Dawn Baths to nourish their glowing markings

Keep your Aurum clean, entertained, and comfortable for a long, healthy life.

Fun Facts About Aurum Dragons

The Aurum Dragon has an air of luxury and mystery. Here are some intriguing facts:

  • Aurum Dragons adorned the palaces of ancient kings and queens
  • Their crystalline spines can channel and amplify ambient light
  • Aurum means “gold” in Latin; the dragon is named for its golden sheen
  • Aurum eggs are flecked with veins of platinum but weigh as much as boulders
  • Aurums love sleeping atop piles of coins and gemstones

Learning the history of the Aurum provides insight into its regal legacy. The Aurum stands as a symbol of wealth and splendor in the world of DragonVale.

Using Your Aurum Dragon for Battles

With its Metal and Light elements, the Aurum Dragon can play a pivotal support role in battles:

Battle Strategies:

  • Use Flash to blind opponents and make them lose turns
  • Follow up with Metal attacks like Steel Slash to damage blinded enemies
  • Provide healing support with Soothing Lumina skill
  • Equip diamonds and luminous gems to boost dragon’s skills
  • Pair Aurum with other dragons to maximize blinding effects

The Aurum makes battles easier by paralyzing foes and fueling team abilities. Add one to your roster for an edge in fights.

Expanding Your Aurum Dragon Collection

The Aurum’s value makes acquiring additional ones worthwhile. Here are tips for getting more:

  • Upgrade Island Theme to Gold for a chance at free Aurum egg
  • Collect daily rewards for chances at special nests with eggs
  • Focus on completing gold-earning goals that may reward an Aurum
  • Check the market frequently for adults or eggs for gems/coins
  • Participate in gold-themed events and contests

With dedication, you can slowly amass a treasury of glorious Aurum Dragons!

Key Conclusions on the Aurum Dragon

In summary, key points about the radiant Aurum Dragon include:

  • Has a regal gold and platinum color scheme and crystal adornments
  • Dual Metal and Light elements make it a strong support dragon
  • Limited availability through goals, events, and special offers
  • Generates solid income at max level – up to 15 gold per minute
  • Special powers increase gold production and bestow gifts
  • Requires specific habitat environments and nutrition
  • Can blind and buff allies in battle with its flashing skills

The Aurum Dragon will reward dedicated dragon masters with increased wealth, battled might, and beautiful aesthetics. It stands as one of the most desirable and prestigious dragons one can acquire.

Final Summary

We hope this comprehensive guide empowers you to acquire, care for, and master the Aurum Dragon. Unlocking its potential takes time, but the payoff is immense. The Aurum’s metallic sheen and crystalline structures never fail to mesmerize. With an Aurum by your side, you will have an invaluable ally when battling enemies, generating dragoncash, or dazzling visitors. May your islands shine brightly with the Aurum Dragon’s radiance!

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