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How to Breed an Ouroboros Dragon in DragonVale?

The Ouroboros dragon is one of the most challenging and rare breeds in DragonVale. This mythical dragon features a serpentine design with its tail looped in its mouth, an ancient symbol of eternity. While difficult to acquire, mastering how to breed the Ouroboros dragon is a highly rewarding achievement for any DragonVale player.

Overview of the Ouroboros Dragon

  • Part of the Mythical dragon class, added in March 2020.
  • Based on the ancient Ouroboros symbol depicting a snake eating its own tail.
  • Features green scales with light blue underside and purple wings.
  • Release was tied to the in-game Tiamat limited-time event.
  • Breeding combo requires multiple rare dragons.
  • Extremely long breeding time of over 3 days.
  • Earns a high amount of etherium per minute.

Dragon Details

Dragon Type: Mythical
Elements: Earth, Plant
Breeding Time: 75+ hours
Earning Rate: 250 etherium/min

Tips for Breeding Ouroboros

ouroboros dragon dragonvale

Due to requiring high-level rare hybrids, the Ouroboros combo has very low odds and can take many tries. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

  • Upgrade breeding caves and Epic Breeding Island
  • Have the required base dragons already bred
  • Invoke the base dragons if needed
  • Use dragons with less failed breed combos
  • Retry attempts immediately
  • Use Etherium to speed up breeding
  • Take advantage of Bring Em’ Back events

Key Breeding Tips

  • Have a high enough level Breeding Cave
  • Retry failures immediately
  • Use Etherium for speedups
  • Participate in special events

Breeding Combos For Ouroboros

The Ouroboros dragon has only two possible breeding combinations, both requiring high-level rare hybrid dragons.

Combo #1

  • Rainbow + Evergreen

Combo #2

  • Double Rainbow + Evergreen
Dragon 1 Dragon 2
Rainbow Evergreen
Double Rainbow Evergreen

The Rainbow, Double Rainbow, and Evergreen dragons must first be bred, requiring combinations of common dragons to acquire them.

How to Get the Base Dragons

Here’s a quick overview of breeding the base dragons required for an Ouroboros:

Rainbow Dragon

  • Combo: Firefly + Moss
  • Time: 14 hours
  • Tips: Easy, use a high level cave

Double Rainbow Dragon

  • Combo: Rainbow + Rainbow
  • Time: 1 day
  • Tips: Just breed 2 Rainbow dragons

Evergreen Dragon

  • Combo: Evergreen + Evergreen
  • Time: 1 day
  • Tips: Breed 2 Evergreen first

Evergreen Dragon

  • Combo: Tree + Lichen
  • Time: 10 hours
  • Tips: Fairly easy combo

See the full breeding guide for more details on getting these base dragons. Having these dragons already bred in your park before attempting Ouroboros will significantly help.

Maximizing Breeding Odds

In addition to having the required dragons, there are a few ways to maximize your breeding odds when going for Ouroboros:

  • Use Epic Breeding Island (higher success rate)
  • Have a Level 10 Breeding Cave
  • Put required dragons in Breeding Cave first
  • Use dragons with less failed options
  • Initiate breeds during Bring Em’ Back
  • Upgrade the Natural Habitat for faster breeding

Ways to Improve Breeding Odds

  • Use Epic Breeding Island
  • Level 10 Breeding Cave
  • Correct dragons in cave first
  • Fewer failed combos
  • Bring Em’ Back event

Following these tips will give you the best chances. But it still may take many tries, so be patient!

Is the Ouroboros Dragon Worth It?

Given the extreme difficulty in acquiring Ouroboros, is it worth the effort? For serious DragonVale players, the answer is generally yes for a few reasons:

  • Satisfaction of breeding a very rare dragon: Ouroboros is one of the hardest Mythical breeds, requiring dedication and skill.
  • High etherium generation: At 250 Etherium per minute, Ouroboros habitats provide a steady etherium income.
  • Unique design: The Ouroboros has a distinctive snake-eating-tail appearance.
  • Bragging rights: Getting an Ouroboros demonstrates mastery of DragonVale’s breeding mechanics.
  • Completion: Gets you one step closer to finishing your DragonVale collection.

Is the Ouroboros Worth It?

  • Satisfaction of a challenging breed
  • Generates high etherium
  • Unique mythical design
  • Demonstrates breeding mastery
  • Inches closer to full collection

So while it may require patience and effort, the Ouroboros Dragon is an achievement that dedicated players find incredibly worthwhile.

Fun Facts About the Ouroboros Dragon

The Ouroboros has some interesting details beyond its breeding and design:

  • Based on an ancient alchemical symbol depicting a snake eating its tail.
  • Represents the concept of eternity and the cyclical nature of the cosmos.
  • Features in famous alchemical works such as the Chrysopoeia.
  • Patterns on the wings and tail resemble fractal imagery.
  • The achievement for breeding Ouroboros is titled “Solve Et Coagula.”
  • Ouroboros was the first new Mythical dragon added since 2013.
  • Has visible front and hind legs unlike most other serpentine dragons.


The Ouroboros Dragon represents one of the pinnacles of breeding mastery in DragonVale. While attaining it requires luck and perseverance, the journey teaches players advanced techniques and offers immense satisfaction. Use the combos and tips provided in this guide to work toward adding this incredible mythical serpent to your own park someday!

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