How to Breed the Salamander Dragon in DragonVale

How to Breed the Salamander Dragon in DragonVale

The Salamander dragon is a rare Fire/Earth dragon in DragonVale. Getting one requires some effort and luck, but it’s a worthwhile addition to showcase in your park once you manage it. Here is a complete guide on tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions to breed your own Salamander dragon.

Overview of the Salamander Dragon

Before we dive into the details of breeding the Salamander, let’s cover some background on this dazzling dragon:

  • Element combo: Fire and Earth
  • Breeding time: 30 hours
  • Earning rate: 18,000 coins per minute
  • Earning cap: 2 million coins
  • Unique traits: Flame details around its eyes and nose, bright fiery patterns across its back

The Salamander dragon has a muscular, armored appearance with predominantly red and orange colors. Small flames and lava-like cracks in its skin give it a powerful, heated look.

Once you get it, the Salamander dragon produces high earnings to boost your in-game currency. Its dual elemental mix also allows it to hold its own in a variety of dragon stadiums and battles.

Key Takeaway: The rare Salamander dragon has high earnings potential, a strong elemental mix, and an eye-catching visual design.

Breeding Requirements for the Salamander Dragon

Breeding a Salamander requires having access to certain dragons first as parents. Specifically, you need:

  • Fire dragon: This basic Fire dragon only takes a minute to breed so chances are you already have access from the start of your park.
  • Mud dragon: Another basic dragon that takes just 30 seconds to breed. If not, combine Earth and Water types to easily get one.
  • Equinox dragon: Slightly trickier to get but well worth the effort for a Salamander attempt. Requires dawn + dusk combo.
  • Dodo dragon: Also takes some luck with battled-based breeding but provides the Earth + Fire mix needed.

Without at least one of the above dragons to use in your breeding cave or Epic Breeding Island, getting a Salamander will not be possible. Most other Fire and Earth hybrid dragons can substitute as well but the ones listed offer the best odds overall based on their breeding times.

Step-By-Step Breeding Instructions

Salamander Dragon in DragonVale

Follow these steps for the best way to approach getting your own super rare Salamander dragon:

1. Choose Your Breeding Location

Opt to use your Epic Breeding Island if you have one available. This will double the breeding time to 60 hours but also nearly double the chances of success compared to using a basic Breeding Cave.

If you don’t have that upgraded yet, your main Breeding Cave will work but expect to make more attempts before getting lucky.

2. Select Your Breeding Dragon Pair

Here are the best parent pair recommendations:

  • Equinox + Mud: This Earth and Fire combo gives you the best odds overall for a Salamander. Just be prepared to retry a few times with the 30-hour breeding timer.
  • Dodo + Fire: Almost as ideal, using this identical elemental pairing gives you improved chances compared to more generic options.

You can also substitute any of your other Earth and Fire types but we strongly suggest using at least one limited dragon (Equinox or Dodo) to boost your luck.

3. Start the Breeding Process

Put your selected dragons into the Breeding Cave and wait for them to finish breeding. With ideal pairings chosen, there’s about a 1% chance of getting a Salamander each attempt.

If it fails, be sure to retry with the same pairing instead of switching it up. Consistency is key!

4. Keep Trying!

Even with optimized breeding pairs, a Salamander is never guaranteed within a certain number of tries. You may get lucky right away, or it might take 20+ failed attempts before success strikes.

The good news is that with the shortest breeding attempts (30 hours), you can fit in a lot of chances during certain in-game events. The longer 60-hour attempts from using the Epic Island also boost your probability enough that it counteracts the extra wait.

Bottom line: Be persistent and keep breeding the same ideal pairings until you finally land the elusive Salamander dragon! Then all that time and effort will pay off.

Key Takeaway: Using the right breeding pair of dragons on an Epic Breeding Island provides the only way to have a chance at getting the unique Salamander dragon.

What to Do After Getting Your Salamander Dragon

First, congratulate yourself on beating the challenging odds! Then, here’s what to do next once you finally have a Salamander to add to your park lineup:

  • Show it off! After so much effort, be sure to give your Salamander a prominent display area for all your park visitors to see and admire.
  • Level it to earn max coins. Feed your Salamander treats to increase its level and reach that 2 million coin per day earning cap as quickly as possible. This will provide a fantastic boost to your park’s currency generation.
  • Add it to your battle team. With two strong elements, the Salamander fits well into a lot of battle arenas and excels when there’s an elemental advantage. Maximize those wins!
  • Keep trying for a twin! Even with one Salamander, getting a twin version will double your earnings rate and battle power. And now that you have one already, your chances go way up. So dive back into breeding once your Salamander becomes available again!

Key Tips to Breeding a Salamander Dragon

If you’re taking on the challenge of getting an elusive Salamander dragon for your park, keep these pro tips in mind:

  • Partner it with Equinox or Dodo dragons for boosted breeding odds
  • Utilize the Epic Breeding Island to nearly double your chances
  • Stick with the same pairs instead of changing it up each try
  • Be patient and persistent! It may take many 30+ hour breeding attempts
  • Level up your Salamander ASAP once obtained to start generating more coins

With the right strategy, some perseverance, and a little luck, you’ll have a glorious Salamander dragon to show for it!

Key Takeaway: Leveraging the best pairings along with an Epic Breeding Island provides the most ideal setup, though obtaining a Salamander still comes down largely to chance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breeding Salamander Dragons

Still, have some lingering questions about obtaining this rare and dazzling dragon? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What types of dragons will NOT breed a Salamander?

Purely using the basic Fire and Earth dragons together has an extremely slim chance due to much longer base breeding times. Many other hybrids can technically produce a Salamander but shouldn’t be your first breeding choice either for efficiency.

Do I need to level up parent dragons to improve my odds?

No, a parent dragon’s level does not impact breeding odds in any way. But you’ll likely want to level them up anyway for other battle and gameplay benefits.

Does using the Epic Breeding Cave help over the Island?

No, the Epic Breeding Cave and Island provide the same breeding timer options and probabilities. Go with whichever you have currently upgraded already.

Can I use a Rainbow or Double Rainbow dragon?

You can try but Rainbow dragons don’t improve your chances since they don’t guarantee passing down either Earth or Fire traits specifically. Better to focus on targeted parents.

If one attempt fails can I switch breeding pairs?

You can try switching pairs after a failure but we strongly recommend sticking with one optimized combo for many attempts in a row rather than alternating. Consistency improves your overall probability.

Key Takeaway: Stick with pairing Equinox or Dodo with Mud or Fire dragons in the Epic Breeding Island for dozens of repeated tries to eventually land your Salamander dragon.

So there you have the complete guide to breeding strategies for a Salamander dragon! The tips provided here will give you the very best shot. Just remember success requires a healthy dose of luck no matter what. But putting these recommendations into practice should help beat the odds.

Best of luck breeding, and enjoy showing off your awesome Salamander dragon once you get it!

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